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Covenant of the Phoenix has a new official Discord Channel!!!
By Throne


From the sister studio of Wildcard, makers of ARK: Survival Evolved...
ATLAS: The ultimate survival MMO of unprecedented scale with 40,000+ simultaneous players in the same world. Join an endless adventure of piracy & sailing, exploration & combat, roleplaying & progression, settlement & civilization-building, in one of the largest game worlds ever! Explore, Build, Conquer!
Early access, Thursday, December 13th  (Update:  delayed release to December 19th)

By Throne

Kenshi 1.0 Released

It is generally a rarity that finds a single player game a feature of CotP articles, however, over recent months this game has entered my personal top five games of all-time and has passed my hourly steam totals for Mount & Blade, Fallout 4 and Skyrim in the process.  What the....yeah, I know.
So many titles over the years have claimed that it allows its players to "win" the game "their way" in an "open sandbox" environment.  Well, we cannot get the time back that we spent realizing that those developers were still significantly limited in the scope of what any individual's personal definition of in-game "freedom" actually means.  For me, M&B and SWG came close.  Unfortunately, both those games (or their EMU reboot) are either approaching or have surpassed the ten year mark of their seemingly eternal impending latest release. Enter Kenshi.
Freedom is a fun word in Kenshi...yes, you have the freedom to stay solo, group up with a squad, make a vegetable farm, join a faction, enslave a faction, slay the champion, be the richest hermit, recruit an army of robots or build the great city....blah blah, boring.  Now, the freedom to fail in the most unique form possible...that is the true gem in this game.  I will give you just the one example:
My squad is epic, I will tame the badlands and establish a civilized trading outpost...plan = awesome.  Headed for the abandoned fishing outpost.  Acid rain, not fun...put up tent, survived.  Reached fishing village, it is not a fishing village.  Really freaky "skin" people pour out of all the village buildings.  We put up a good fight but were overwhelmed.  One by one, my squad members were....stolen.  Knocked out, picked up and taken to some of the village huts.  What is going on here?  Then the screams.  Agonizing screams from my captured squad members.  No idea.  I am the last one to go down.  KO'd, picked up, taken to a nearby hut....
I died from blood loss.....after I was put into a grinder that peeled my skin off.
Kenshi is a single player sandbox PC game set in a vast and atmospheric ‘Sword-Punk’ style open world. With a mix of RPG elements, squad-based control and city-building features, gameplay is completely free-roaming and open: enjoy the freedom and potential to do whatever you want.
Set in an unrelenting world of bloodthirsty cannibals, starving bandits, brutal slavers and wild beasts, survival alone is a grueling struggle… You are not the chosen one. You’re not great and powerful. You don’t have more ‘hitpoints’ than everyone else. You are not the center of the universe, and you are not special. Unless you work for it.
Character Customization 
Edit your characters, build up their strengths and watch them endure and grow. Train Your Skills in Robotics, Thievery, Engineering, Medicine, Weapon Smithing and more!
Squad-Based Control
Play with one character or control a whole team; an army, even. Combat is Real-Time Strategy style with a choice of ranged and melee fighting styles
Build Your Base
Create and run your own city, manage an empire or simply wander the lands as a lone drifter. Research upgrades such as industry tech, weaponry crafting and trade goods
Wounds Affect Gameplay
Complex medical system where injured characters limp, crawl, bleed to death or pass out from starvation. Stem blood loss to avoid predators and replace lost limbs with robotic prosthetics
Open-ended Gameplay
An original sandbox world. Lay siege as a warlord or make your riches as a trader… There are endless game style possibilities and the world will never stop moving
Train hard
There is no level-scaling, the world does not level up along with you. At the start of the game almost everyone will be stronger than you and you’ll have to use your cunning to survive
Escape capture from deadly slavers & cannibal prisons, rescue your squad mates from grisly death and get them all home alive
Start A Faction
Keep to yourself, form an alliance or oppose other factions and territories of the world… good or bad

By Throne

Drayvn ARK cluster updated with Extinction

The ARK: Extinction map has been added to Drayvn's Server Cluster.
The Goal:
Link multiple maps on one server so that players can truly enjoy everything the game offers. You can live on the Island and still explore the dungeons on Extinction while using the dragon you got from scorched and the spelunking tools you got from Aberration.
Note: This is a private server cluster created by Drayvn and is open to COTP members who are able to conduct themselves in a mature manner.  
Note II:  These servers are not modded in order to provide some difficulty to those who can handle it.
Maps currently in cluster:
The Island Scorched Earth Aberration Extinction Server Names:
Pheah Islands Pheah Scorched Pheah Aberration Pheah Extinction Forum Group Link: 
By Throne

Fallout 76 is Live

Fallout 76 is live right now. It wasn’t supposed to go live until midnight last night but it’s arrived early so a few of us started our journey through Bethesda’s post-apocalyptic MMORPG yesterday.
So far, it is playing more like a Fallout 4 co-op with a new ((much larger) map than the pvp mayhem some were expecting.
I did run into a few brave souls who wanted to tangle early on, but not much came of it as there are protocols that keep open pvp from being too deadly until after you reach level 5.
I crashed twice in 10 hours, and my 4 yr old system held up nicely on ultra graphics (I7 - RX 480 - 32GB Ram).
The base building is unique and interesting.  Pieces snap much more smoothly than I remember in FO4.  If you find a unique plan (blueprint) like a crafting station or furniture, you can help your team out by building it for them on their camp (base) and they'll get to keep it, even if they move their base around.
The S.P.E.C.I.A.L system has been revamped with cards you can use to customize your characters perks and abilities, e.g. Guild Wars.  I didn't see it as a minus or plus, just something new to figure out and maximize for the way I play the game.
The difficulty was typical of Fallout games, where it can be a challenge for moderate gamers and daunting for casual gamers new to the Fallout franchise.
Good times are always best shared, and this game is no exception....running around with a team is much more enjoyable, however the game does not diminish whatsoever when it comes to making progress solo.
So far, it has my endorsement.
Join us in discord https://discord.gg/ar8NGD or on the forums

By Elric

New Ark Expansion!

If you haven't already seen it, the new Ark expansion was released yesterday.  The new expansion, "Extinction", takes the players back to Earth to find a ravaged homeworld with all sorts of new creatures and challenges.  It seems like they've taken some popular mod content and created some massive "Titans" that function as world bosses throughout the new map. 
The new launch trailer: 
COTP does not have an "official" server right now.  Currently Cecil and I run a private server for any COTP members that want to join.  Hit me up via PM if you would like to give it a try!  We are working with our hosting company to get the new expansion server up today.
Here is the official content notes from the Steam page:
News Ticker
  • New Features are being added to forums. Stay tuned for updates.
  • Enjoy your summer everyone!
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Working project to create a brand new Tabletop Mecha Game.

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Blog Renamed and new purpose on doing the project

Ok so over the past week I have been having more speed bumps in my life yet again.  One being is my family in general is not in good health be it my father, couple of my uncles and also my one grandfather who I only have left of grandparents.  Also, finalizing my withdrawal medically from spring semester and patiently waiting for what they will do with my grades and change them to just Ws instead of WFs.  So, I have had a ton of stress of late and that being said I was giving though on the project that I am doing with some people.  I thought to myself that if we concentrate on 3 projects at once, it will raise the stress to a maximum and I do not want that for anyone, especially not me right now cause my stress is already through the roof. So, instead of doing 3 projects, we shrunk it down to just 1 project only.  We got rid of the comic book idea cause comic books are rarely read nowadays, even the new marvel comics and dc comics.  I will, however, still be doing a fan 3D art comic of Star Wars on my own time.  We also got rid of the video game idea because we do not have enough people interested in helping with the project and also we would need a good amount of people who are knowledgeable on coding and scripting a video game so that's out of the question.  We were left with one obvious choice:  a tabletop game. Now I talked to some of the people that are working with me on this project and they agree that a tabletop game maybe more feasible to get people interested than a comic and video game.  Also, me being a 3D modeler, I can see about down the road investing in a 3D printer to print minis out that maybe used in the game.  Be it a Tabletop Tactical Minis game or even a RPG. The genre we are doing is still going to be mecha, that hasn't changed.  The amount of games in general for mecha is few and far between.   We have decided that it will still be that genre. I look forward to posting updates on this in the future.  Again, if anyone has interest in wanting to help out with this project, it is totally volunteer, please get in touch with me via discord, forums or even email.  Thank you   Gohan




Tabletop RPG maybe temporarily out...for now.

Ok so my tries to getting people interested from other discords I used to be on has failed.  I was trying to get some people to help out with building the Tabletop RPG, however I found out those people turned out to be total assholes.  Literally. It's like when you leave for over a year from one server...the entire server turns into a cess pool of idiots. That being said the idea of doing a Tabletop RPG is out of the question for now.  I will try to find another means to get people interested, but for now the Tabletop RPG is on the back burner for good for now. Gohan

Concept Mind Map Finished

As you guys can see, I have done a lot of work so far with some people and by myself as well on this tremendous project.  The project is being called "Enmity of Creation" or another terminology would be "War of Creation".  Each project (RPG, Comic Book(s), Video Game) will have its own title but will be originating from this same working title.  They will also have pretty much the same storyline or stories intertwining with each other. If anyone doesn't know what this is...it's a Mind Map.  It's a better way to gather ideas and brainstorm for big projects.  You start from a focal idea, which in this case is the working title and idea, and branch off to sub ideas, and so on and so on, til you get down to the most finute idea. This is a very ambitious project, however, I intend to see it through to the end. Good or bad.  This will get finished. Gohan




Including now into the mix: Mecha Tabletop RPG

Well I had this idea running since last year and I thought to myself, "Now that I am working on a Comic Book/Video Game Project that is mecha, AND coinciding with each other...why not bring the RPG into the mix."  So that is what I intend to do.  Yes it is a TON of stuff on my plate...however, I need to do this in more ways than one.  One because I need to keep myself occupied and working on things because my life as a whole needs to change for the better.  Two, I need to learn how to multitask and do many things at once.  I am not really good at it most of the time and need to improve. Now, will this RPG be done before the others...possibly.  Comic Book will more than likely be the first of the three to be done.  RPG will be second cause of the complexity of it and Video Game will be rounding out the list.  Video Game will more than likely take the longest cause of many things that need to be made sure works and how much time it will take to make it. Fenix.




Brainstorming to Begin Soon

Well, I intend to be developing two different projects over the course of a certain time.  One being a Comic Book and another being a Video Game.  Both projects are a HUGE undertaking I might add, however, I am not afraid to do so.  Cool thing about this is...both projects will coincide with each other in story.  The genre I picked to develop both under is Sci-Fi Mecha.  Now the actual storyline is going to be made from the brainstorming, mind-mapping, and storyboarding that will be happening here very soon.  I already have come up with different ideas for what type of video game the video game project is going to be.  They are as follows: RTS First Person Shooter/Sim RTS/Sim FP/TP RPG Tactical/Turnbased I will be narrowing it down to at least three choices that I will have whoever is helping make the video game to choose from.  I already have some people in the works in helping do these projects.  We will come up with a game plan to be able to achieve our goals on a certain basis.  However, this is NOT mandatory work meaning this is all volunteer.  I am not going to be pressuring people into working on these projects 24/7.  No, that is one thing I will not do.  We will be working this at a certain pace and only when we are able to. My plan is this:  we will have it start as a project that is totally volunteer.  I can't do it as a paid project cause my finances are not as good as they should be.  So that being said it is going to stay volunteer...temporarily.  Now why is it only being temporarily volunteer?  I will clarify the reason why.  When we finish the brainstorming, mind-mapping and storyboarding phase of these projects and begin starting on the constructive phases (i.e. development phases), I will be starting up a patreon for the projects.  What money that is being given by patrons, will be distributed evenly to people in the project as a gift from myself for helping on the project.  I, however, will not be taking any of the incentive.  Then, when the development phases are at a certain stage in either the comic book development, video game development or both, we will start a kickstarter to see how many people are interested in seeing this done. I will remind everyone that this is not a video game made by a company like obsidian, valve, 2k, EA, etc.  It may not contain voice acting in it.  Unless of course I find a way to be able to get voice actors and a means to record the voice acting. To conclude, I intend to see these projects through to the end.  The Mecha genre of Video Games is as of late very stagnant.  There is a new battletech game launching April 24th and a new MW game in the works, however, I do believe people want to see something different than seeing Battletech and Mechwarrior quite a bit. I will keep everyone posted. Fenix



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