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    By Damis

    Valheim is hottest new survival and exploration game.

    Valheim is a game about exploring a huge fantasy world inspired by Norse mythology and Viking culture. You start your adventure at the relatively peaceful center of Valheim. The further from the center you travel, the more challenging the world becomes. But you will also find more valuable materials that you can use to craft deadlier weapons and sturdier armor. You will also build your own Viking strongholds and outposts all over the world. Eventually, you will build a mighty longship and sail the great oceans in search of exotic lands … but be wary of sailing too far...
    Key features:
    Huge procedurally-generated world - explore and inhabit mystical lands, from mysteriousforests to imposing snow-topped mountain ranges and stunning meadows, complete with their own creatures of legend to battle and wildlife to hunt. Co-op PvE (2-10 players) - - Whether you want to brave the lands alone or venture with trusted allies, Valheim supports independent, player-hosted servers and unlimited world creation. We recommend playing co-op with 3-5 players. Punishing dodge & block based combat system with a wide range of weapons Build & sail ships - from flimsy rafts to imposing warships, build legendary vessels to conquer the seas and discover new lands. Summon and defeat vengeful primordial bosses of myth and legend, and collect trophies to progress and craft new powerful items Flexible house and base building system - raise mead halls, farms, settlements outposts, castles and more. Intuitive item crafting - forge the finest weapons and armour, and craft food and mead. Dedicated server- for players who want to run a persistent server. https://store.steampowered.com/app/892970/Valheim/
    By Damis

    Crypt Space Commander(CSC) A Space Sandbox MMO

    CSC is an open-universe, sandbox-style space MMO with a player-owned economy. Command starships and earn digital items to buy, sell, or trade without limits both inside and outside of the game universe. Experience a free-market Play-to-Own Economy that provides true ownership & freedom.
    In CSC you, our Commander, can own and operate your very own starships. Starships come in all shapes and sizes and are specialized in either mining, combat, trade, or exploration. Starships in CSC can be endlessly customized with modules. Modules can add or upgrade existing ship functionality from shields and weapons to FTL drives.
    Almost everything in the CSC universe can be crafted from resources openly available in the universe. The smallest shield module up to a universe-wide jump gate network can all be made with the right materials. Create new technology and share it freely for the good of the federation or sell it for the right price.
    The crafting system is uncapped, allowing players to continually improve on the quality of their crafted items. Specialization is encouraged by the CSC crafting mechanic, rewarding players for focusing on specific items & allowing them to create truly unique and valuable starship weapons or other components.
    Rules are merely suggestions in some parts of space. Areas under GFI protection do exist, and are open to explore and mine to your heart’s content, but the best loot is out there in Fringes of Space. Beware, dangers of all kinds are in the fringe: creatures, pirates, rogue Commanders, and faction governments. Those brave enough to venture deep into Fringe Space however will find an abundance of rare resources, larger bounties, and more lucrative quests.
    The Current Game State
    CSC is a game in development while in Beta with core game features implemented. As a starship Commander you can command your ship, explore 40+ star systems, mine for resources that can be used in manufacturing/workshop, combat NPCs for loot and resources, and play along with other Commanders on our LIVE MMO server.
    By Damis


    Love Trove? Invite your friends to adventure by your side. You’ll earn fire-breathing rewards when they hit Mastery Rank 20 in-game!
    Each time one of your cubic recruits hits Mastery Rank 20, your Companion Level increases by one. Your very first Mastery 20 recruit grants an Elder Dragonling Ally, and the rewards grow in stature from there!

    Clink the link below for more information.
    By Damis

    Crowfall - Hunger Dome Mode

    An upcoming mode in Crowfall that allows 60 players to fight each others in a "Hunger Dome" style match. Todd describes it as a super condensed version of Crowfall on steroids and says it's really fun. It's a mix between a MMO, a MOBA and a Battle Royale (MMOBA).

    12 teams of 5 players teams start at the edge of the map ring that shrinks over time players can capture keeps, forts or castles players can die from the Hunger, monsters or players players can respawn if they own a structure team is eliminated when the last player dies players gain "ELO" players arrive on the map "naked", have to gear up up to 30 minutes per match restrictions on archetypes (not more than 2 tanks or supports per team) characters are clone version of players' characters, or available archetypes  
    By Damis

    Blackwood Prologue now available for all ESO players.

    Begin a journey that will take you to the upcoming Chapter and beyond with the Blackwood Prologue, now available for all ESO players!
    The Blackwood Prologue questline is now live for all platforms and is free for anybody with access to the ESO base game (note, this includes Free Play Event players). To get underway, simply pick up the quest starter from the in-game Crown Store (located under the Quest Starters category).

    Join Lyranth in her investigations
    Once the starter is activated, you receive the quest titled “A Mortal’s Touch” and begin your adventure. In the two unique quests, you’re joined by the Dremora Lyranth and Wood Elf Eveli Sharp-Arrow to investigate the operations of a sinister Daedric cult. What you discover during the two Blackwood Prologue quests sets up the adventures to come in the Blackwood Chapter and larger Gates of Oblivion year-long saga.
    Finally, complete the Blackwood Prologue and you receive the Daedric Unwarding Amulet memento as a keepsake. Keep it close—you never know when you might encounter some Daedric wards!
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    The Elder Scrolls Online - The Best MMO of 2014 That No One Wants to Pay For

    Liquid Wolf



    So I've been in a few of The Elder Scrolls Online Betas. Three before the February 7th Beta.


    I'll be honest... Those three didn't grab me. I created a character, hopped in, did a few quests... and logged out.


    My background on why.



    I had two EVE accounts I wasn't playing, a Guild Wars 2 character that I hadn't touched in a while, and even some F2P MMOs I never did more than install and glance at.


    My Necromancer in Guild Wars 2?

    Healed. DPS'd. Even Tanked sometimes.

    Plenty of puzzles and exploration I hadn't done. I was giving them $20 a month without concern.



    Two accounts... I had mastered Planetary Mangement, and was stealth inspecting Wormholes.

    Lots of PVP, Missions, and other things to do.

    I had characters that could do anything that I wanted, and the ISK to do it with. $30 a month no problem.


    F2P MMOs like Path of Exile, Spiral Knights, or SWtOR

    I gave them my money, could afford to give them more. They had plenty of options.

    Most of those I hadn't even looked too deeply at.


    Plenty of people to play with.


    So I was hesitant to give TESO my support.


    But you'll notice that it wasn't the game that was the issue. I was the problem. I really wasn't looking for an MMO. Not with so many available to me already, but I still couldn't play them.


    So January comes around, and Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn goes on sale for $18 on Amazon.

    I finally cave, buy TWO copies (because why not? $18), and proceed to play.


    With the help of some friends I push my way to level 15, talking about how I can do ANYTHING on one character. Tank, DPS, Heal, Craft... ANYTHING.

    This idea grabs me. No more alts, no restrictions... I have "unlimited" progression and can do whatever I want. No more gear grinds with a character that feels like it isn't changing till the next expansion.


    So... After a while the inevitable thought happens.

    Why couldn't I do ANYTHING in my other MMOs?


    I could... after all. I had.


    I stopped looking at the MMOs, and started looking at myself. I was enjoying the hell out of FFXIV. I hadn't even swapped to a different class yet with my same character. Getting the Dragoon merely required me to get to 15 with my Mauarader class, but that was me simply slaughtering creatures and doing Hunts.


    I was viewing FFXIV from a perspective I could, and should, be using on any game.

    What CAN I do, and what do I WANT to do?


    The games are more than willing to let me do anything. Everything. Some might require alts, but still... anything.


    TLDR: My perspective on MMOs had become such that I forgot I could do ANYTHING in these games, so was not playing them with the right mind.


    So the Feb 7th TESO beta comes around.


    Lets make a Templar. I'm going to go High Damage and Healing... in Heavy Armor.


    The game let me.


    I picked skills that looked promising. Massive Single target damage, and good Single Target/Multi-target heals.


    The game let me.


    I could swap between Two-handers for high damage, and sword and board for healing. Or staff... or anything.


    Tank, DPS, Heal, Explore, Dungeon, PVP, Solo, Story...

    I could do it.




    There were some problems...


    Four or five out of the fifty quests that I did were bugged. One wouldn't let me get around the bug.

    The beginning of the game is somewhat linear. First Area. Second Area... pretty much walking a path. I could see the problems with that.

    Getting to level 10 took FOREVER.


    I mean I was level 20 in FFXIV in the same amount of ti... Oh right. FFXIV has 19 classes to level up to 50 on one character.

    Have to remember that.


    And that linear area thing. It did guide me from one area to the next. Except I didn't have to do everything in the areas.

    I wasn't forced to run through every part of the zone, and learn about all the NPCs and events in the region.


    But I could.


    The areas were large... beautiful... populated. Hidden chests, Skyshards to get bonus Skill points, books to read, lore to discover, and resources to farm.

    Activities other players would have started and I could hop right in.

    Quests I had were completed simply because I helped someone who started it just before me.

    NPCs that would come find ME. (That was refreshing) Or served no other purpose than to just hint about some hidden away location or treasure. Which I could go find.


    Tons of things to loot, open, and pillage.


    Player A: "I'm getting little money from quests and mobs. How do they expect me to buy a horse?!"

    *I look up from my pillaging of crates, jars, and sacks*

    Me: "Clearly you have never played an Elder Scrolls game before. LOOT EVERYTHING. SELL EVERYTHING. If you can click it, take it."


    1500 Gold by the time I was at level 6. Still needed 17K for the horse, but I'd have that by 20.


    When I got to PvP?

    HUNDREDS of people were on my screen. Of course it was a laggy at times, but there were more people, and less lag, than I've seen in games with similar PvP. They'll hammer it out eventually too, so I'm not concerned. It is far beyond what I remember seeing in past games with similar features.


    Whipping a trebuchet or catapult out of my pocket, and breaking down keep walls? Great.

    Dungeons and PvE events in the middle of a PvP battleground? Excellent.

    Missions to stealth/explore enemy territory, and finding hidden paths through mountains and over them? With treasure? O-M-G.


    Worried that the faction on your server might not be the best... wait... there is only one server.




    I had heard that TESO was going to be bad, or that it wasn't a good game... But it really is a fine MMO.


    There isn't anything wrong with it at all.


    Let me say that a different way... From the guy that bought First Releases/Collector's Editions of Vanguard, Warhammer Online, Age of Conan and Star Wars the Old Republic.

    The guy who has seen poor releases, developments, and misinformation about games. Experienced it first-hand and knows what to look for.


    TESO is a perfectly fine game. It may not have the unlimited character development (Read: Grind) of FFXIV, but it is quite well done. Zenimax appears to be putting a great amount of attention and effort into this.


    Perhaps rightly so... They keep hearing about how people don't want to play it, or expect it to fail.


    But I haven't seen anything that would tell me the game is a flop. It appears to be content complete, and fully functional into end game. They even appear to have a hand on the leveling, exploration, and customization so people don't blow through the game in a month.


    The Best MMO of 2014? Certainly worth of the title "Next Big Thing" as some have called it.

    (Single Mega-Server?! You should really support it just for that. I'm tired of multiple servers that lose population, or disconnect friends and guilds.)


    The telling thing, for me, is this:

    Every nay-sayer says they will play the game when it goes Free to Play.

    Which means this is a game they want to play. Just not a game they want to pay for.


    And really... Why would a company want them as a customer if they can't put in $15 a month as it is now? No... it seems to be fear. People are afraid, and repeating the worries and fears of others.


    I can tell you that there really isn't a reason to be afraid. Nearly everything (content-wise and activity-wise) you can read about the game does appear to be true. They are not lying, and they appear to have worked hard to get it implemented and functioning. Will they need to make improvements? Yep. That is why you pay $15. New content, and improvements.


    The game has been developed really well, and the creators are putting a lot of effort into making this "The Next Big Thing".


    It might not be your thing, but that is something else altogether.



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    Liquid, again, hits the nail on the head squarely, but it will benice to enjoy the surge of people after launch for a change.

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