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Citadel Studios is inviting entire guilds to experience the beta version of Legends of Aria for a free three week trial.  In exchange for the trial,  Guild Beta Testers have to promise to report bugs, and submit feedback via the guild leader three times. Once a week for the duration of the test.
Citadel Studios wants groups of people, working together to earn their guild house, to establish new towns, to see what the possibilities of a sandbox might be with friends. And the best way to do that is to have people playing in…groups.
- ~ -
From Damis,
I think this is a great opportunity for our community to work with the developers to not only find bugs, but to provide feedback and suggestions on how to make the game better.  I think it is a good sign that Citadel Studios is seeking feedback from gaming communities.
I submitted our guild application and asked for 20 accounts which is the max that Citadel Studios will grant at this time. If we get more than 20 volunteers then I will ask for more trial accounts, otherwise we might have to share.  The funny thing is that I just purchased a founders package for Legends of Aria this past weekend, but haven't had time to try it out yet.  It looks like I will have some guild mates with me now to test the game.  
I am looking for volunteers to help test the game. Testers must log on at least twice a week and provide feedback.  I will post the requirements and other useful information in the Legends of Aria forum section located in our Chapters section.  Send me a PM or reply the Volunteer link if you are interested in helping.
Game info:  http://www.legendsofaria.com/
Volunteer Info: https://covenantofthephoenix.com/forums/topic/53370-legends-of-aria-guild-beta-rules/
Chapter page: https://covenantofthephoenix.com/gc/24-legends-of-aria/

Bless Online Chapter Created.

Covenant of the Phoenix establishes a new chapter in Bless Online on May 29, 2018.  The chapter is based on the North American server called Sforza under the banner of the the Hieron faction.  
Bless is set in a seamless fantasy world. The main story revolves around a decade-long war between two factions, the nation of Hieron and the nation of Unión. The game world is separated by different climatic zones. Players can choose their character's race and class, with race determining which faction they align with. Players can join PvP castle sieges, to advance their faction power. Winning sieges grants new quests, and resources. Faction, and race dependent role-playing scenarios are also available for players to advance their character progress
Members interested in joining the fun should visit us at : Bless Online Chapter Info.


When you find yourself in that position of decision maker, where the decision is required and you have less than all the information you want, you better be ready and willing to make that decision.  Some would say that the risk involved is not worth the potential negativity, loss or pain of failure.  I personally argue that a great failure through action will be remembered much more fondly than the status quo or mediocrity via inaction.  It is this fearlessness in decision making that is necessary to be a leader in this community.
Creating memories worth remembering is what we do here in the Covenant of the Phoenix, and this is one of the great responsibilities we task our leadership with on a daily basis.  Our leaders know that they will make a difference whether they like it or not and that leadership is a gift given not by our administration, but by the CotP membership who enjoy this community and wish to continue toward that eternal goal of good times and great fun.
These ideals are what drives this community as well as what constitutes some of the most important values that we require of our Sentinels, of which certainly includes the one being appointed here and now.
One of the honorable few who never set out to be a leader yet became one through the quality of their actions and the integrity of their intent; our newest Sentinel joined us in the Darkfall chapter in early 2009 and became a leader in the same chapter not long after.  They have clearly understood the mandate from our founders that everybody has a story, and if you do not know the story, you cannot lead effectively.  A multiple chapter leader, workforce member and chapter liaison, they have worked tirelessly at helping create an environment of progress through action, an environment that dares to fail greatly yet manages to achieve so much more. 
It is an honor and a privilege to announce the promotion of an individual who exemplifies the type of leader we desire in CotP. This individual clearly possesses the core leadership characteristics that we look for in a Sentinel.
Vessa, rise and be recognized today as a Sentinel of the Covenant of the Phoenix.

A new Templar rises!

Our community has many great leaders who are always willing to step up and take on the challenges of the day. Leaders who are always willing to help others by sharing ideas or experiences, by encouraging and pushing the limits of themselves the people around them and the community as a whole , or by simply being there when needed. Leaders willing to take on the tough or tedious jobs to ensure our Community has what it needs to not only survive but thrive. Any leader in this group from those who have only led a raid in a single chapter to those who have worked hard for years have all changed our Community by giving of themselves to make our Community the Great home it is!
Occasionally a leader comes along whose impact is so amazing and the difference they make on our community so wonderful that we must stop and recognize them for all they do for the rest of us.
Let me be the first to Thank Phyreblade for all the works she does with SWTOR Chapter, The Social Media Dept, The workforce and The Founders week Celebrations team, to name just  a few. Let me also be the first to Congratulate Phyreblade on becoming our newest Templar! Looking forward to seeing all the greatness she will bring to her new role.

A New Guardian Rises From The Ashes

There are four basic characteristics that great leaders possess.
The first trait is a will to lead. Leaders want to lead. And they embrace the opportunity to do so.
Second, great leaders are willing to make the difficult decisions, the tough decisions that no one else wants to make. Great leaders never pass the buck to a future generation. They confront the brutal realities. They meet them head on. They don't ignore them. They address them as best they can. It's a matter of honor.
Third, great leaders believe in something bigger than themselves. People want to follow those serving the greater good. If people see a leader focused on self-interest alone, they will not follow. At least they won't follow as far as they are being asked. They won't go the extra mile.
People search for someone who is willing to look at the bigger picture, to serve a transcendent good. And so, while it runs against the conventional wisdom, great leaders are also the greatest servants. Great leaders lead by serving because they believe in something greater than themselves.
And finally, great leaders have a sense of humility about themselves.  Ironically, those who accomplish the most are often the ones who brag the least.
It is an honor and a privilege to announce that Grim has been promoted to a Guardian.  Grim is a natural fit for the role, given his 9 year history with the guild and his experience in managing several guild chapters over the years as well as providing administrative support.  This experience has honed his focus on the long term picture of doing what is best for the Covenant of the Phoenix community - a focus that will be at the core of the many judgment calls he will make as a Guardian.
Please join me in congratulating Grim and wishing him the best of luck in his new position as a Guardian.
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  2. What game are you joining us in? Black Desert Online How did you hear about us? Saw an ad on the server Do you have family or friends already in CotP? N/A Do you agree to abide by the rules set forth in the Covenant of the Phoenix Charter and Chapter policies? Yes Tell us a little bit about yourself. I was in a couple rainbow six siege clans, play a ton of league of legends with friends, pubg, getting into black desert recently, favorite game of all time is witcher 3, studying to be aerospace engineer Game character name (for contact)? Paracosm(for Bdo family name is Hellike)
  3. Welcome to Covenant of the Phoenix Forums. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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    Looks like you need flea collars.
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  8. Cool LOA Pictures!

    Some of the CotP Members! Cheers Grim
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  10. A place for you to post your cool LoA pictures. Let's start with a pet DRAGON, woohoooo! Cheers Grim
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  14. Covenant of the Phoenix Forums would like to wish all members celebrating their birthday today a happy birthday. Ashka (31)Miryna (39)Safari --Ootini (43)RoninSPACER (33)Dornie --
  15. Crafting

    I posted in the jewelry crafting thread a few minutes ago, but I'd be happy to make any items that guildies need for research or to assist with crafted gear. Also happy to jump into voice chat and answer questions on crafting or gear sets in general Drop me a wish list and I can send them to you in game. @Lazumi - main account / crafter @Ahnyari - alt account, in guild
  16. Crafted sets change

    True Story!! Jewelry for crafted sets has been on the player wish list for a very long time, and it was probably the most well-received part of the Summerset expansion I'm not finished researching all of the traits yet, but I'm 6 on both rings and necks and will be 7 on rings in a couple of days. I'm 9 trait on everything else. I'd be happy to make guildies items for research (I may need someone to supply the trait stones for jewelry crafting and for nirnhoned weapons). Hit me up in game as @Lazumi (main) or @Ahnyari (in guild)
  17. @JagexSupport Why not?

  18. Player Guide and Tips.

    Map locations https://imgur.com/i8jxnhU
  19. I really want to make a Deck Building game in the form of Pokemon

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  21. We created the Beta Guild this morning. Our base of operations is the Eldeir Village. We still need to get everyone invited to the guild. I assigned 20 beta keys, but I am still waiting on folks to acknowledge that they are in the game.
  22. We have 20 keys assigned to guild testers now. We also have five people joining who already have a founders pack account, so that means we have a good number of members to start the beta guild. I am still waiting for members to acknowledge that they have the accounts setup and for them to log on and join the guild. Please use our forums linked below to ask questions or comments. https://covenantofthephoenix.com/forums/forum/596-legends-of-aria-public-forums/
  23. KROOS!! https://t.co/WspnGxIKa2

  24. Covenant of the Phoenix Forums would like to wish all members celebrating their birthday today a happy birthday. Beriana (14)Keysaki (30)Tirithael (32)Grumpinator --Sandrark (32)
  25. Week 1 Beta Team Review

    from the 3 hours i played. only thing right now i found that bugs me is the SMALL bag and when you hover over items it hard to read even with glasses. i also have a 65" TV as my monitor lol. also they should allow you to make ur interface bigger a little atleast. love the wisp the mining the fighting and using a rolled up map to get around. it feel just like UO. i also hope that we can steal off people venders like in UO... you go back see what you like and TAKE it xD i will update this when i have more to say. Edit: Found area where items are floating. added pic
  26. Beta Guild Info

    i started at the helm as a blacksmith. i will make it there as well.
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