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  1. Kings and Heroes on Sale

    The sale is over, but it's still a decent game for $20. A group of us stormed the Vampire Castle last night and slew the evil beast. It was fun times slaying the evil the creatures that lurked in that evil sanctuary while we explored the place in search of the master vampire. Last night's Vampire Slayers: Caire - Warrior Damis - Cleric Bakath - Rogue Grim - Rogue Trusin - Rogue
  2. Is there a NDA for the game? NDA's usually ends when the game goes public. As for the chapter leaders and officers, lets see who is interested and go from there.
  3. Kings and Heroes on Sale

    Bakath and I discovered this gem a day before it went on sale, and it is worth the full price in my opinion, and for $9.99, it's a real steal for this game. It is a good dungeon hacking/looting/exploring game and is really fun to play with friends. You can play it in 1st or 3rd person view. We explored one of the system generated dungeons this past Saturday in which we had the following grouped up. Damis Bakath Grim Trusin Friend of Trusin Hesh Cair The system generated dungeon was fun, but we look forward to exploring the other key dungeons, such as the Vampires Lair.
  4. Kings and Heroes on Sale

    Become the ultimate hero in this original Online Fantasy Action RPG. Explore a huge open world, raid dangerous dungeons and face powerful creatures. Quest, craft, explore, fight...wander the world solo or group with up to 7 other players...the world of Sundaria is yours for the taking! http://store.steampowered.com/app/436560/Kings_and_Heroes/
  5. Due to a server glitch, we had to roll the server back. Any new registrations, application or post since Sunday, 10 PM will be lost.
  6. Publish 9

    I have a lot of characters on Basilisk. So it would be easy if i restarted there. I have a master doctor, entertainer, weapon smith along with my master swordsman whom i used to farm credits and loot with. Before I stopped playing, i had started working on a commando and a bounty hunter. If I was to play again on this server then I would convert my commando to a Jedi. One of the updates on Basilisk killed group grinding which meant that people mostly had to solo level their characters which isn't fun. This why a bunch of us eventually lost interest in Basilisk. I fondly remember all the spin groups that we did in the past. Even though most of my characters are already masters, I probably won't go back to Basilisk unless they allow spin groups again. The Bloodfin server caught my interest for a variety of reasons. It's populated and they added the good stuff from CU and NGE such as faction armor. The server also has the Jedi Force Ranking System (FRS) system working. I just hope they still allow spin groups like the old days.
  7. New player

    Hi Ernie, we don't have an active corp in EVE anymore. I am not sure who is still playing.
  8. Publish 9

    I just logged on Basilisk last night. Our city has faded away, but the area is still open. I am thinking about starting the Jedi village grind. I think in the next few days that I am going to check out some of the other servers such as Bloodfin. The server usually has 700-800 online and incorporates game features from Pre cu, cu and NGE. http://www.bloodfin.net/forum/showthread.php?9-Want-information-about-Bloodfin-Why-should-you-play-here List of servers. https://www.reddit.com/r/swgemu/comments/3ak1wn/which_swgemu_server_should_i_join/csep8wy/?context=3
  9. Spacemann Member Application

    Unless someone can vouch for you then will need to tell us a little bit about yourself besides having fingers.
  10. Happy B-day Xugrel

    Happy Birthday!
  11. 17 Years of Awesome

    Congrats on 17 years! Cheers to you for getting back up, knocking the dust off and prodding along, otherwise I would have never been recruited into the guild by Ceraphim back in 2004 out of Mos Eisley. Long live the Empire! We used to say in Asheron's Call that it wasn't a good quest unless the party came back naked .
  12. Forum Update.

    Current paste Settings. Paste as rich text initially, but allow user to paste as plain text instead. When rich text is pasted, a bar will appear at the bottom of the editor with a button to convert the pasted content to plain text. Users can also paste as plain text by using Ctrl + Shift + V in Google Chrome on Windows, or ⌥⇧⌘V in any browser on a Mac. We can change that to: Always paste as plain text.Applies to both formatting (bold/italic, color, etc.) and schematic structure (links, headers, lists, etc.). Users can remove formatting only from any text in the editor using the Remove Format button if it is enabled in tbe toolbar.
  13. Forum Update.

    I removed the extra Topics block.
  14. Forum Update.

    Congrats on 5K!