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  1. PD's Broncos vs Throne's Troopers

    lol, well you won the league one year, so there has to be a win in there at some point
  2. Cluster Server Setup

    Aberration server info added.
  3. Ark Abberation Server

    Available: December 12 This game will unlock in approximately less than an hour
  4. Expansion team forming

    invites are on the crowfall forums https://community.crowfall.com/
  5. Expansion team forming

    Guild created, please reply with your user names for invites.
  6. Publish 9

  7. There were a lot of mixed reactions to the stream, but out of the CotP group, it was fairly positive. In any case, we will have a server up on day one and are definitely looking forward to exploring a new ARK.
  8. JohnnyDerpp Member Application

    Welcome to the family!
  9. Tyrelis Member Application

    Welcome to the family!
  10. Hux Member Application

    lol, so much for our secret way of identifying trouble-making rebel scum http://www.canadianfavourites.com/MacLaren_s_Imperial_Sharp_Cold_Pack_Cheddar_Cheese_p/maclarens001.htm
  11. New desert area on Ragnarok

    Feel free to take one of our spare wyverns if you want to go straight to looking for wyvern eggs.
  12. There's a couple really nice buildable caves and resource rich areas....definitely worth the exploration.
  13. 3rd Person?

    not sure, haven't played in 3P on the last several servers though
  14. new member

  15. Happy B-day Xugrel

    Hope you had a good one!