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  1. CotP Minecraft Member List

    Please add Jassid to the list =) Added - Grim
  2. Happy Birthday Elric!

    Happy Belated
  3. Happy Anniversary Damis!

    8 years good lord. Happy Anniversary ya old fogie
  4. Sardo's Castle Cleared!

    Awesome job CotP! You RoMers are kickin butt daily!
  5. Darlene "Dehr" Parker has passed away

    Life passes by much faster than you actually realize until you sit back and take a look at the big picture. I'm sad to hear about Dehr's passing. There will always be the "I wish I could have.." thoughts about Dehr in the heads of those who are still among us; I know I have them. She was a great woman and will be sorely missed; our thoughts are with her. I wanted to post the following poem for Dehr.
  6. Banned

    Haven't encountered Turbine in LOTRO. To tell you the truth, Turbine is one of the reasons I never tried out DDO and LOTRO. They let AC flop and pretty much run it now with maybe a handleful of Devs; pretty poor customer service. I do hope that they are able to help you with this as it was an innocent joke. It's too bad that one fella is too concerned with others than his own enjoyment in game. Best of luck and let us know how it turns out.
  7. Happy Birthday Throne !

    Hope you had a Great Birthday Josh
  8. Welcome Feely!

    Feely, Welcome to the CotP! Make yourself at home. Rift - Byriel Chapter
  9. Welcome Psychomuse!

    Psychomuse, Welcome to the CotP family! Make yourself at home. Rift - Byriel Chapter
  10. PD vs. Delmarh

    I think she'd be happy that the trout is not just collecting dust and is serving the forum community well. That and I guess if she'd mind, I'll get another trout smackin'
  11. Sleepy Monitor

    Tried some previous versions, hasn't done much to change anything. I just reupdated to the newest one as I wasn't seeing any changes. For anyone having this issue in the future, I've found that the other screen will come back up if I open the task manager lol
  12. Well I played like 15 years ago lol. Went to website to check it out but didn't want to have to pay just to register and try out a deck or so. I have a nephew who plays in tournaments and does quite well; his decks are crazy good. Maybe I could get one of his deck make ups. He doesn't play the digital version, so don't think he'd mind. Worth checking I guess.
  13. Congrats Vessa!!!! That's awesome
  14. PD vs. Delmarh

    Well, if I had anything to bet, I guess in light of the fact that PD would be outta the country, I'd say odds on PD are 17:1. Get your bets in while you still can!!! When you do deploy, stay safe PD. We'll be thinkin of ya. In the meantime; I'm not sure if you knew Kreep at all. She was one of the Council members in the Pre Rebirth period for CotP. She had a metaphorical trout she used to slap the nonsense out of people with; it was a thing of great power and wisdom; feared by all. PD, I officially bestow upon you, *GULP* The Trout of Kreep. *Cues the Light Aura* Oh and my moneys on Delmar Don't Trout me!!!!!
  15. Welcome Stricnyne

    Welcome to the CotP Stricnyne! We're glad to have you aboard Rift - Byriel Chapter