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  1. Mike "Skjoldr" Rodgers has passed away

    I'm so sad, Skjoldr was a guildmate that I really liked. He was a great person and a great player.
  2. My sinceres condolences.
  3. Windows 10 Watch

  4. Windows 10 Watch

    Hey guys ! I have a pc with xp ... Should I stay with xp, buy 8.2 or wait for 10 ?
  5. Strongholds Friday 11/14 4pm PST

    ok look at my son's account and it will be difficult to get a T6 .... currently he has 3 tier 5, but he has no premium and is making about 10k per battle, T6 cost 900M, plus the retrain etc ... And the tier 6 will be stck so need even more games ar eneeded. I would say in the 150-200 range which is alot. However I can participate in a elite T-34 (but without equipement)
  6. Strongholds Friday 11/14 4pm PST

    oh I missed it, how was it ? do you plan to re do it next week same time ?
  7. Best tier VI tanks?

    typical VI for stronghold I saw: KV-85 t-150 T-34-85 cromwell hellcat nashorn t37 generally: 1 scout/med 1 TD or replaced by a heavy rest: heavies basic tactic: 1. scout find enemies 2. all the team go to enemie direction;)
  8. Fury

    with 4-5 crew skill the fury is very effective ... most of tanks at this tier have crappy crew.
  9. Fury

    did not see the movie ... but your spoilers are funny;)
  10. Strongholds

    ah dang missed by 1 day, I applied;)
  11. Strongholds

    guys I can try to get a tier 6 on my son account to play with you;) Can I get an invite please ? Account name is: Tabbat thx !
  12. there are plenty of T6 stronghold teams and many are bad (red) / not full.
  13. Mechavoc Made Emperor

    grats !
  14. Alternative for Comcast?

    I replaced Comcast with Frontier and I'm happy (WA state)