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  1. Welcome Spacemann

    Welcome! —Leah
  2. Path of Fire

    Working on story with main character (ranger) but got distracted by altaholicism. Unlocked all the ranger pets and four mounts with raptor and springer at level 3; working on jackal.. Love the maps but frustrated when I run into obstacles caused by abilities i haven’t unlocked yet. Finished first map and started on Highlands. Went back to HoT to finish some elites before working on PoF elites or just to get HP points for PoF elites. i have started playing Soulbeast spec but jury is still out; it is fresh and new and still a challenge. Unlocked Mirage but working on her gear and HoT spec before attempting PoF build. Went broke updating gear on other classes so trying to save some gold for griffon mount. Too much to do which is awesome! —Leah
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  5. I'm focusing on main account so only play the extras for dailies. I still feel guilty if fighting JQ so turn off represent-- silly but ... I used to have them all on JQ but that was kinda boring so I moved them. --Leah
  6. Hard to answer. Officially Jade Quarry but it's full so I doubt you can create there. It only matters for WvW so I'd suggest picking a server thar looks active and isn't full from these sites: http://mos.millenium.org/na/matchups https://wvwintel.com/#1008 i have 3 accounts on 3 servers: JQ, Sanctum of Rall and Darkhaven. Fortunately they seldom fight each other since all are in CotP. You can transfer servers but again limited to not full at the time you attempt to transfer and it costs money. --Leah
  7. I'd recommend trying it for free to see if you like it. The chapter isn't active but we do have some people playing regularly. Since you are allowed 5 guilds people tend to represent other guilds while remaining in CotP so let me know if you want a guild invite. There are a lot of new and returning players checking out the new expansion, Path of Fire, so there are lots of people in the starter areas. The community is generally both friendly and supportive since the game itself encourages and rewards cooperation. World vs world is the only area affected by your server choice; if you're attracted to high powered team vs team then your choice of guild and server become more important. Again, check it out to see if you like it. As with the rest of the game, you can join in the battles whether in a guild or not. Personally I love WvW. Not saying I'm good at it but I can usually find something fun to do. --Leah
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