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  1. Account name

    Noland Darcy.8346 on Fort Aspenwod * There's a name that I haven't heard in awhile
  2. Just applied to Hammer of Light
  3. Current status?

    Do we still have a presence in EVE? I'm playing again, it seems XMark is dead.
  4. Are they gone?

    A lot of ppl wont know who I'm talking about here, I was poking about last night and thought I'd pop into HoB to see what they are up to. Couldn't find them. they don't turn up in web searches from what I can tell. get lots of results for blackrock ore in WoW and buying homes in Blackrock Ireland. I figure at the very least they took the webpage down. Its been 2-3 years since I was last there.
  5. Meeting Wed Jan 6th 9pm EST on Mumble

    Not possible for me, as I start work @ 5pm PST (8 eastern)
  6. Corporation Name

    Shows how much I've been playing EVE in the last 2-3 years. But my offer still stands I can reactivate CotP and hand it over to the current Corp CEO.
  7. Corporation Name

    Is XMark Initiative Still the Corp name ingame? Because I hold the Covenant of the Phoenix Corp name. CotP was active from 09/2008 to 06/2009 I'd be glad to reactivate the old corp and hand it over to the current guild leader and if you like the guild members could move to it.
  8. Moving Ships and equipment

    I still need about a week to use the industrial core + I have to pickup most of the ore compression BPO's this ship only came with arkonite and bistot. Also I've been having a helluva time finding a clone vat.
  9. Moving Ships and equipment

    I just bought a Rorqual and its sitting in Moclinamaud in the Placid region. Where is the Corp or Alliance strongest or where would this ship be best used for the Corp/Alliance?
  10. Mechwarrior Pilot Names

  11. Which role are you most interested in?

    I almost forgot the Whitworths, If your not familiar with some of these Mechs its because I've been playing this game since the board game versions came out in 1984 and started the RP a few years later. I've run units up to a reinforced Battlion in size (36+ Mechs ) with aerospace, armor, and infantry support.
  12. Which role are you most interested in?

    You missed the role of support. Usually a lance of mechs primarily armed with LRM's such as Trebuchets, Catapults, or Archers. (I love Archers) One support lance to a battalion, or if your a rich unit using reinforced companies. each with its own extra lance of support mechs.
  13. Shirt

    Found this at Snorg Tee's
  14. Something I found on the web

    Found this while wasting time surfin around the web. Its at Snorg Tee's
  15. Mechwarrior Online

    Mechwarrior Online is comming! See the article HERE