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  1. Path of Fire

    I somehow got through it on my warrior And I keep getting distracted by GW1... I want to get 50/50 for HoM there, so I can get the snazzy title in GW2. I'm still on my 2nd character going through the story Edit: So if you want to log into GW1 and just give me all your money and loot to sell, I promise to put it to a good cause. Just need to get more titles, a lot of which you can buy things to help you along. Check out my HoM Rewards Calculator
  2. Alienware Aurora

    Any Alienware Aurora users? Is it great or is it great?? Mine's coming soon Always exciting when it's upgrade time!
  3. Happy B-day Xugrel

    I'm late to the party, but hope you had a good day anyways
  4. Path of Fire

    So last night went back to mapping with the warrior... finished maps 3 and 4. Just finished map 5.
  5. Path of Fire

    You said it Leah... too much to do! Always have felt that way, even 5 years ago when this was new
  6. Path of Fire

    So how is everybody doing in PoF? I've completed the story on 1 character now. I've completed the masteries on 3 of the mounts, went out and got the Jackel, working through that mastery now. Started to do the griffon steps, but come to find out that all up it will cost you 250g, and I have 13 (having bought 2 of the things for 25g each, only 8 more to go). Dinked around with some of the mastery points, worked on map completions (finished 2 maps) but need to master the jackel to get some of the hero points on the other maps. I've also finished maxing the warriors new class, which I'm not overly impressed with in PvE. Seems to be more of a PvP type build, because you can strip boons etc. For now, I've started a 2nd guy (my necro) through the story, while I collect gold for the griffon.
  7. 17 Years of Awesome

    I've only shared in 12 years of the Awesomeness, But holy crap has it been Awesome! Mate, you've done well. Nothing shows leadership like making a bad call, but being able to pick yourself up, dust off, and just move on.
  8. Covenant Fantasy Football 2017

    didn't realise people actually did the pick em... lol Seems a just reward, if you have 3 people you want to keep.
  9. GW1 isn't what it used to be my friend. It's now over 10 years old. It's a bit outdated and clunky. Can get special titles and items in GW2 if you complete achievements in GW1. Check out the Hall of Monuments when you check out the Wikis
  10. Yes, definitely recommend the core game for free first There is plenty to do for free in this game, but plenty of neat trinkets and cosmetics if you want to pay for gems as well. In the Heart of Thorns expansion you get wings or gliders, so you can float down large cliffs without dying. In Path of Fire, just out, you get mounts for the first time in Guild Wars History. Did you play GW1 at all? You don't have to, but a lot of lore and ties into that game.
  11. how frustrating, seriously

    I thought I was an AI team... HAHAHAHA And I hear you Throne... it's been making the news here too.
  12. how frustrating, seriously

    The past couple years I have questioned why I continue to put myself through this... I don't even get to watch the games from here... half of them are over by the time I wake up.... hard to keep up with who's good, who's not.
  13. Forum Update.

    Good work boys
  14. how frustrating, seriously

    Anybody else already frustrated, even though we are only in week 3? For me, Murray doesn't even score 10 points combined for the first 2 weeks, so I bench him and he scores 22. COME ON! And another guy same thing, Gabriel, WR for the Falcons. 7 points through 2 weeks, on the bench he goes, only to bust out over 18 in week 3. COME ON! And thank you Defence for scoring -1 this week...and to my wonderful QB mr Rivers..... COME ON MAN! You managed 5.77??? Really?
  15. Forum Update.

    Cheers Ztuke... didn't see that one