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  1. Happy Wintersday

    Happy Wintersday! The annual festivities are upon us now! Always an exciting time of year in game
  2. PD's Broncos vs Throne's Troopers

    Well I'll be darned. The year I won, look who I beat in the Finals. Throne's Troopers. But I did lose in week 7 that year to you. So now you've got me looking at every year I've been in a league, so here it is: 2006: Beat Ceraphim's Troopers 2007: a loss then a win then another loss, this is the year we started the Covenant football league and we had 6 teams. 2007: in a basketball league with 6 of us, I had 4 losses to Throne's Troopers 2008: 6 team hockey league, I lost all 5 of our weekly matches, but won my revenge in a semifinals win. 2008: We still had 6 teams, I had a week 1 win and then 2 other losses. 2008: hey, we tried baseball, why not! 5 weekly losses and a loss to you in the Finals match up. 2008: we also did a NASCAR that year too, but it won't let me look at the match ups. I'm sure I lost those too. 2009: mentioned above, 1 loss and a win in the finals match up. 2010: look at this, only match up this year was a win! 2011: another loss 2012: another loss 2013: can we consider this a win... since I didn't play this year? 2014: a win! 2015: might consider this a win as well, we did not face each other 2016: loss 2017: loss So overall I am 7-24. But that's 7 more wins that I thought I had against you! Thanks mate, you sure know how to pick a guy up when he's down.
  3. Path of Fire

    I've already done that J I used that to buy the rest of the needed items to craft a legendary... a while back. I got impatient
  4. It does not matter how good or bad our teams our, I will never beat Throne in our battle. I seriously don't think I've beat you.
  5. Path of Fire

    Very nice, congrats!! I've not gone back for the griffon yet, as I don't have the cash Also working my first character through Daybreak, think I'm on the last mission of that one.
  6. Guild Hall and more

    @October I'm not going lie, some nights are bad enough where I can't play. One gets used to a little lag though.
  7. Path of Fire

    you like the shinies, I understand. Secretly you are a skritt
  8. Guild Hall and more

    yup yup, what they said, Megaserver. And no shame in playing from Australia
  9. Guild Hall and more

    Guild hall is an instance that only your guild has access to. You have to conquer the area together, then together you have to donate resources to build various features. As mentioned above there are special things that can be built, such as a vendor that will give you a buff and special crafting nodes that can be harvested once a day. Most days I find myself with not enough gaming time, so I don't go to the guild hall and get the crafting nodes, and I don't go to my home instance either... I should, it's free stuff once a day... Here's a wiki link to guild halls to check out. Guild Hall wiki page @Sparkal US server zone. Jade Quarry for life
  10. Path of Fire

    I was good on gold, but bought a legendary instead
  11. Guild Hall and more

    I've never done the event to secure a guild hall, but I've heard that it scales to the amount of people you have, much like other areas of the game. So can be done with a group.
  12. Daybreak November 28 - Living World Season 4

    Interesting point about Daybreak being opposite. We stopped Nightfall though, so we will also have to stop Daybreak I'm guessing, silly dragon. I haven't done fractals since they changed them (again?) for a 4th time... lol. And I have yet to do a raid as well, just don't have the time in game to spend on raiding, let alone the gear required and stats required to join a group raid. But I'm always excited for new FREE content.
  13. Guild Hall and more

    I agree as well, the boosts are nice when leveled up. However it does take a lot of resources to level things up, so will take us a very long time. I'm always willing to help, but my play time is not what your play time is.
  14. Path of Fire

    I've sort of paused PoF. What little game time I've had I've done other things. Finished mapping the 4 HoT maps with my warrior, and now doing the same with the Necro. I stopped working on the griffon because of the cost, currently I have less than 40 gold
  15. And this is why FF is dumb.

    A couple things stick out... Pd's Broncos would be 0-7 if they played the same schedule as Elric's Arksters It was a season-low point total for Elric's Arksters.