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  1. All good things...

    It's gone, completely. I really miss the game - it was fun for those weeks when work was overwhelming, and I really didn't want to work hard at my gaming too.
  2. Path of Fire

    My cash secret was mystic coins. I had 200 of them sitting in my bank. When I realized that I had 500 already in material storage, I figured that was more than enough for the future and sold the 200 coins for gold. With my wvw winnings (thing of the past, not that JQ is dead), I bought the griffin trophies.
  3. Path of Fire

    Finally...finished story, got my griffon. That was brutal: I'm not sure how you peeps did it so fast.
  4. Firefall Bites the Dust!

    I'm not much of an FPSer, but I loved the gameplay and aesthetics of this game. I miss it.
  5. I want to throw fire...

    I'm in the mood to throw fireballs. I don't want tons of options, I want to throw fire and watch things drop. So name that game, especially with the steam summer sale on! Oh, and story, thin or thick, doesn't matter so much. I want to cause wanton destruction with fire. :-) -Jeff
  6. Absolver - martial arts game

    I haven't watched a lot, but this looks interesting:
  7. Big Game Update is now live!

    Passed the cosmic trial with Thor! :-)
  8. Big Game Update is now live!

    My Mister Fantastic was and still is the same way. The ultimate nullifier and the doomsaw, just because! I will say this - if the boss doesn't move or CC you, it MELTS. Recently, though, I've been working with Thor using a godly smite build from the forums. It really gets me the vibe that I always wanted to Thor; lightning everywhere, and big smacks. -Jeff
  9. Big Game Update is now live!

    All damage numbers were tuned downwards. Red & Cosmic are very obviously more difficult than they were before. I'm playing a gunner rocket, but haven't tried anything serious with him. I took Reed & War Machine to cosmic kurse, and really got a run for my money, but I did it and would do better with practice. I think a good player would crush with Reed - I'm doing outrageous damage with Positron beam, but I need to work on my timing so I don't get CC'ed in the middle of it. -Jeff
  10. Big Game Update is now live!

    https://forums.marvelheroes.com/discussion/307554/first-patch-hero-attribute-adjustments/p1 Just in case you're trying to gear up, they will be changing a bunch of them soon. For me, Rocket and War Machine are new favorites, and I just found out I need to re-gear them. :-(
  11. Big Game Update is now live!

    I am excited for the changes right now; it really feels like a new game. That's an instant reaction, haven't had time to digest. I think a lot of the people on the forums are following the old patterns of high-crit, damage damage damage!!!! Defense matters now, I think. I think the infinity system is certainly easier to digest than omegas, but it's more bland. I think the omega system could have been made more approachable instead with a better UI. That's a small nit for me, not a "this suxorz!" -Jeff
  12. Free Hero today!

    Don't forget to login for you free hero - I got Ghost Rider! :-)
  13. Thanks for the one-bar Doc. I got his 1602 costume, so I finished leveling him to 60 and played around a bit to gear him up. He's pretty fun this way, and I had lots of extra mental artifacts to get him up to speed.
  14. Cosmic

    I decided to put the effort in and win with deadpool. It took several times, but I refined my build for ever more DPS and finally beat it. This was a really good exercise - forced me to use my brain and look at what I was doing very critically. -Jeff
  15. GW2 accomplishment

    The only part of the game that interests me is WvW. I was always good at positioning and backline play, but horrendously bad in anything approaching single-combat. I recently decided to force myself to learn a few roaming builds, and now I often don't embarrass myself dying to others, and occasionally even do OK. :-)