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  1. Howdy Folks!

    I met up with phyre in mumble and she took care of me, thanks for the replies.
  2. Howdy Folks!

    Thanks for the info. I was on imp side, but I will take your advice
  3. Howdy Folks!

    Guess ill need a time/day that's good for folks to be on, tried multiple times over the weekend but no replies in the cotp channel. A recruiter/officer that I could whisper could also be a good thing. Thanks
  4. Howdy Folks!

    I was running around Star Forge the other day and what to my wondering eyes should appear but a COTP tag. I am looking for an active chapter, pve, pvp, ops, doesn't matter. I would like to know who to contact and when is a good time. Sythas P.S. For those who don't know me, I was with the guild since SWG days and was in the POT5 chapter in SWTOR.
  5. New Donation from sythas

    You are all welcome happy to help support this fine guild
  6. Are we limiting ourselves?

    I have to vote yes on this. I also find it interesting that the no votes all appear to be coming from those who no longer play the game. Just some observations from someone who does. 1. MASC is dying a slow horrible death, the leadership has changed and folks are leaving that guild. In the time that I have been with COTP, we have never worked with any other guild, things change. 2. If someone gets upset that a guildie tagged them in a pvp area, in a game where you lose absolutely NOTHING when you die, I think there is a larger problem there. 3. Currently COTP is the largest guild on bloodfin, on paper, its interesting then that on any given day we have no more than 6 or 7 players ATK. The primary thing I think we need to consider is the person behind the toon, not the faction of the toon. All of this is coming from someone who in 5 years has never been a reb.
  7. Hello Folks

    Hi all, joined the guild in AoC but no need to say how that game has worked out. Decided to come back to SWG and have moved 2 of my toons to Bloodfin from Lowca. It is in process but my friend Elark says you all are a great bunch and I would enjoy meeting/joining you all for some fun. My toons are Sythas (elder jedi), and Polonious (medic) I will be bringing one more over in the near future. Thanks!