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  1. 10 day free trial

    I always wanted to try warhammer, but i when AOC and warhammer was in front og my face at best buy, i did the mistake to buy AOC and after 2 weeks, i quit aoc because i didnt like the pvp system. I didnt think about buying war after that, but now that we have a free trilal i will finally try it for my 1st time and check how good it is. After my 10 days, i might buy it to continue. I like to pvp all days and it seem like i can do it in war hammer and there is also a kind of risk vs reward. You win the realm with your team or you lose it. I dont know what other kind of risk vs reward we have, but the RVR is enough to make me enjoy the game I left wow early because 1st, pvp have to risk at all and the BG'S ruined it all. Also, being a savage horde, we dont get see as savage ppl or something so it had been done really bad. for me.
  2. Your First Impressions.

    If you press L or P, its not a bug that your mouse dont appear. You just have to press Z yourself because its not like the gui mode in DF and to be honnest, i like it way better that way because if you are in a fight, you could open your item menu and when ever you think you have time while you fight, you just press Z and active any item you need the fastest way possible. I did the same thing. Decreased my size before logging in. I dont know if being tall can add advantage, maybe its on the weight like carring more stuff because if i remember, when i put 160 cm, i losed some weight. So i think the balance is still here if you want to create the tallest character. What would be lame is if all players take 160cm at the end of the production.
  3. Your First Impressions.

    A bad 1st impression for me, but its still a beta that look like an alpha so i can still keep my high hope teal the final release. Its way too easy to get lost in that game. I finally find the starter city to talk to the crafter npc and get my starting stuff, but thats it. I dont know how to harvest and if i have to get a pickaxe or woodaxe before, i dont know where to get them in the starter city. So what i do after getting my dual 1 h starter axe and cloth, exploring around the world and kill what i can kill excluding players at the moment, but i did kill one player and PKing is what i like in a mmorpg and i like the way you can feel that you achieved something when you PK. Combat need work because its really really slow, i enderstand that its should in no way be a spam fest, but its so slow that for the pro gamers, it would be way too easy. after some amount of players played a long time in a pk mmorpg, they all get use to the combat system, but MO is so slow that everything will be predictable. Fast like age of chilvary would be perfect or maybe M&B. Graphic is perfect, but for me, its impossible to toggle on the shadows. Beside that, there is nothing else to say. Its just a beta so you get drop in the world of MO with nothing to do then raising yourself without any quests or even basic quest to learn how to play. I like the way they made it realistic, the stamina system is what i was looking for so its perfect, you die fast like in a fast paced game so its really great. At the end of the development, i can see this game being the best sanbox mmorpg in the world and no other will surpace it.
  4. Matts Explanation on the Nudity

    The different is that in the DF forum, when i started, i didnt even want to post like a troll. I just wanted to ask questions and participate in discussions normally. Then, everytime i tried to make a good post, (you know how the DF communoty are and was before DF launched) They all jumped on me so i was forced to step up even more to be listened instead of getting all the GTFO or useless reply. It was annoying. Accidentally, i got known in that forum and its not like i did want that. After a while, many members wanted to be my friend because some admited that they liked my post and i had a lot of friends at the end. Many wanted me in their guilds too. My bad english made me known too. The classic is when i use to say Mi instead of My. Its kind of like Athenewins and his accent you know? But only when i write Now that i changed my name on the real MO forum, i can make many thread and post and if someone have to quote me, he will say something good and when they reply on my thread its an other attempt to have a good discussion. Even if my english is not that good, they dont ask me to learn it or whatever, they all ignore it because i think they enderstand that i try and they can read anyway.
  5. Matts Explanation on the Nudity

    Lol, i mean in the real MO official forum. Anyway, if a spy get in and make a thread about it, il just face it i wont care anyway.
  6. Matts Explanation on the Nudity

    I didnt read his post yet, but i just want to say that it was the most ridiculous discussion i saw from the MO forum. What made me loled the most is that i saw many ppl who wanted a filter for that, but that many ppl was just an illusion because when someone made a poll name: To toggle or not to toggle, poll like :Will you toggle on nudity or off? In either of these thread, at the end of these days, there had never been more then 20 members saying that they will toggle it off. After that, there was a girl gamer who wanted a gore filter. This thread was so funny. When many agreed with her by saying that they should add a filter for ppl like that woman, i was in the thread saying NO, they should not. After a while, i asked that girl to make a thread with these poll options: If there is a gore filter, will you toggle it on or off? No more then 20 members wanted to toggle it off. Pwned and i never saw an other post of that girl since that day. If i remember, his avatar was a little red hair girl with a tail and she is sitting. A white background stand behind her. My name in the MO forum BTW is BigStackOfBeef. I didnt want to take RBD22. It started to get annoying. Dont yell in the MO forum that im BSOB now please.
  7. Anyone want to use my account in beta?

    I thank you to leave it to me. Reddir If you do that, you will make me be the most happy and lucky man seriously. Yesterday, i even found a new job. I now work 8 hours every days excluding weekends and before the school start, i will gain like over + 1500$. It wont even stop me from playing the beta every days for 6 hours. Once i get back home, i workout my body like jugging around my house, do other stuff like set ups and after that, i get bore on the computer teal its time to sleep. I'm also tired to play the mmorpg's we have at this moment and other multilayer games. Multilayer games like COD, Enemy fortress or battlefield 2 are really fun games, but not after like 1 to 2 hours. MO is the only game left that could keep me playing or should i say testing for 5-6 hours. I used google to see what it was and it seem to be a good stuff. I will show it to my friend and he might think about buying it.
  8. Anyone want to use my account in beta?

    One of my friend also have an health issue, but its on one of his foot finger.(I dont know how to name foot finger in english so i name it that way). At each one hour or something, when we play game, or when he drive, or what ever he do, he have to stop for a minute and mass his foot finger. Then, i ask him to go see a doctor, but he reply no. I wonder why he dont want to see a doctor. Maybe because he know that he will cut his foot finger off and maybe thats what he fear him. So what ever is your health problem, i hope everything will be ok for you and dont do the same mistake as my friend. About the account, if you want to send it to me, im ready to play everydays. Believe it or not, but im not the kind who will take it and keep it once you come back. Im ready to play everydays after work and thats mean 6 hours every days. The only reason why i didnt preorder yet is because i spended my money on other stuff and before the shcool start, i will have to spend even more money and my shcool restart after 1 month.
  9. Interested, but...

    I suggest you to not let pvp stop you from playing the game and craft like you want to do. If you want some protection, you can call some of us anyway. Il be glad to cover you if the server turn out to get too many red who hunt blue players. Since you can do anything you want in the game, its less annoying to start crafting from day one rather then leveling up for months and then, start to craft stuff.
  10. A Call For Pioneers!

    I will focus on Combat melee. I will also try to focus on crafting weapons. (1h weapons) My play style, pvp everydays none stop once i am ready to face anyone.
  11. Race poll.

    http://www.mortalonline.com/races Since this is the last update about races before we will be able to preorder and play, i decide to make a race poll. When the game start You can change your vote when ever you want. Me, i will take a sidioain. The reason is because every time i play a game where i can create a character, i like to make them look just like me or almost. Since i am black in real life, it make it more easy to start with that race for me. We dont know their lore yet, but i believe they are like the afrikan tribe just like The Zulus army and the leader Shaka.
  12. Anybody going to Pre-order June 29

    I was suppose to preorder it, but it will take some time because i lost so much money those days, i buy my 1st car after i payed for my liscense to drive, my boss fired me because he wanted someone that could work all day long and me, i go to shcool so i can only work like 4 hours. Plus, i have to pay not only for the internet, but for the tv, the phone. I just need to try to get an other job and hope that i will get the money before 29 juin or before all the 10 000 key's are sold. But anyway, i plan to play MO for ever. This time, i believe its the good one.
  13. Mortal Online Timeline

    I am also trying to stay active in their forum when i get the time to raise my chance to get in beta. Members there are very cool and respectful. I guest its because of the rules, but every time i try to make suggestions in the feature forum, no one flame like the DF forum, but they post constructive post and many agree with my idea's rather then just replying NO!
  14. PVE: FPV: Block and auto block: Gameplay trailer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yt5k1lATQ6w Part 2 beta leaked If you want to see more, you should check the MO website and download powerpoint. You will know all about all the confirmed feature of MO. The feature that attracked me the most is that we will have over 140 000 crafting recipe. You can mix a staff with an axe for exemple.
  15. Interest Gauge

    All of us from the DF forum, we all said that MO will be our back up. Darkfall is not a failure because i saw some video on youtube and playing with a communoty vs other players is fun, but me personally, i didnt enjoy darkfall online because this game have too many problem like the stamina, naked vs full ekwip and the worst part, it take too long to kill one player. When i saw some vids on youtube, the player that i followed never die even if he always rush. What he do, rush in, drink pots, lose mana to stamina or hp and other stuff that can make you stay alive for the whole war. Now, im waiting for mortal online because when i saw the trailer video, i saw that we finally die fast in that game in a realistic way. Thats mean, no button macher, you need to dodge or parry a lot, 10 hit box, this time, striking someone unguard will be very effecting because not only i heard that we could parry our self, but i heard that you can also auto block just like reflecs in real life, but to auto parry, i think you will need skills and look at the strike line just like in starwars jedi knight jedi academy. This game will be very fun i believe, and i will play with you guys on it.