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  1. Creeps!

    oh.... my I better not let Skabb see them, he loves green, he loves stale Peeps and I can imagine that these would be amusing to microwave, to stage mini wars with other Peeps and to explode. I want soooommmmmeee! but not at $5 for four of the lil suckers :S ~ skwerl
  2. The guild

    Don't know if you caught my note in the other thread about chest contents, Pos, but I went ahead and moved the stuff out of the two I *think* you don't have access to (or didn't a few months ago). The blacksmith chest that had rares is now stuffed into the regular mats chest and the gems chest. The outfitter rare hides chest was put into the ragular hides chest and some of the stacks of regular hides were put into the rare hides chest, there simply wasn't room otherwise. If you can check them out and make sure that Posibility can get to everything now, that would be great and one less thing to wonder about. :] ~skwerl ps maybe this free to play thing is going to be good and not a terrible terrible mess (faith in SOE regarding anything Vanguard? LOLOLOL) we'll just have to ride it out and see how it goes, as Grim has said in Mumble, it should be a nice breath of fresh air into the guild when it happens, and Damis posted he can forsee the chapter taking off again YAY
  3. Start a leveling group

    well it did and it didn't, b0rg and nanuu and dagnus had a small core of middle low players that they have now levelled up to I think their 40s? possibly 50 now, I also know that at least dag and nanu have some high 20s that were plat farming about five days ago, theyna, who started the thread, has some real life issues so he's not been on since Feb as far as a scheduled night for this, no it didn't happen they just were on and playing those characters all the time in Feb and Mar if you would want to get that going, certainly feel free, I have a 10 warrior, 27 sorc and 26 druid that can run around, just not on Friday nights or Saturday or Sunday at all, I've made other time commitments then, plus I saw Karsley log in on an alt last night but I forget what kind and what level so there's still a few people that check in :\ skwerl
  4. Wiki Help

    yes yes and if it's all gibberish to you, I've helped people build their nether portals to link to their specific overworld portal several times before, let mee know if you want or need help ~skwerl
  5. Minecraft: Founders Week Event

    grats everyone! and I should read the posts a little bit more often, didn't even know about this until today ahah aha but I hope y'all had fun and it seems very creative to scavenger hunt like that skwerl
  6. Server Mods

    Is there a current list of what mods are already on the server? Or did apples get coded into trees? And yeah, I agree, I think non-game changing mods could be fun as long as my vanilla game is still my vanilla game and I can play as intended. Something that expands what's currently there like the more foods to plant and farm or whatever sounds ok but if it brings in something that isn't similar to what is existing, I'll either choose not to use it or avoid areas that have it in use. Thanks! ~skwerl
  7. CotP Minecraft Member List

    skwerl12 G0n3 <-- that's a zero not an o (plus it's Skabb ) thank you! was gonna play a bit today but "kicked by admin" and on mumble they said some reset had happened, came to forums and WOW why do people have to be griefers? ahh well, maybe next time I can get in :] ~skwerl You and Zero not an o can get in at your leisure, Added - Grim :laugh1: :laugh1: lol thank Grim! dunno HOW often we'll play but every once in a while we shall come poke around, I like to diggy diggy dig
  8. Patch 1.2 released!

    Just for future, usually what happens with new biomes and area things is they don't affect or update in current mapped areas but will be in any newly generated chunks. So if your map isn't too huge and unwieldy then have people just explore farther out and make more new-map and save all of the old-map and construction. That's how a lot of people did it back when it was beta and half-priced and who wanted to maintain things people had built. But on the other hand, I've also been on a server that would do a brand new map any time there was a major update. It was fun and encouraged people to create new things. It made the world not feel stale after everyone completed their projects. You'd know you had roughly a month or two months at most to build and dig and create and then get a blank canvas to do it all again. They offered a download of the old map to the players each time it was changed. Hope to be in sometime soon to poke around again! Found two dungeons pretty close to each other last time. ~ skwerl
  9. My attendance

    awww dam, posibility, hope everything goes ok and we see you back soon ~skwerl
  10. Re-Introducing Myself

    well welcome back! it's good to see people returning again and hopefully they will release that new content for all of us to play!
  11. Start a leveling group

    saw a bunch of you guys grouped up and tearing through Tomb of Lord Tsang last night! woot woot! I have a level 23 sorc and a level 26 druid that are both in the CIS area, so hit mee up if you want either of them ~skwerl
  12. vg down and so are forums

    Well according to Sony's support staff, they thought it may be a problem on my end at first as well... during my first phone call to them. Asked for tracerts and other stuff but when I got that prepared and then couldn't log into their support website to update my ticket with the file, I called again. 'Lo and behold! "Yeah we have identified that there's a problem on our end so we don't need your info, we're working on getting a fix for it and no ETA but you're welcome to try and spam login if it makes you happy!" Around 11pm I logged in for the first time yesterday. Hours and hours and hours to fix something? Meh. But I got to play some Minecraft
  13. Sorry guys

    yeah I had heard from Dagnus and Crippled that you said you weren't going to be around for at least a few weeks, hope everything goes ok and gets better :] ~skwerl
  14. vg down and so are forums

    it's all been up and down all day, I haven't been able to log into the game the entire day, vgplayers comes and goes, so does the forum and the support page? HAHA HAHAHA down all the time -_- ~slightly annoyed skwerl
  15. Serious Epic Challenge

    -0.4 metres! I fell over on my butt do I win for most negative?