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  1. Tera For PS4/Xbox Coming soon

    be on the look out for this in your Email !!!! We're hosting a technical test for TERA on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One! To complete your application to participate in the test, please complete the following survey consisting of three questions. It will only take a few minutes of your time. It's essential that we get active and engaged players to participate in this upcoming technical test. Your participation and the feedback you provide during the test will help us to make the console version of TERA the best it can be! For this reason, when we send out game codes to access the test, we will prioritize players who completed this survey. We will only be accepting survey responses until 12/10 at 11:45 p.m. PST, so don't delay!
  2. Hello to all

    hey and welcome to the forums !!
  3. Raid Training

    look forward to learning my class better and raiding !
  4. Once PA starts we have to sign a NDA form and they want a year of PA before they move to Alpha,beta's etc. so, i thought best we have a private area for that kind of talk. i would be down for chap leader cause this game going to be my next long one like EQ was. but i will leave that up to you guys to choose who you want to run it. ?Also does anyone else have a PA acct for pantheon?
  5. Destiny 2 Free Trial

    is this also for PC?
  6. just wondering if we should make a sub form for PA so that we can keep NDA out of the main area? Also, who going to be leading this chapter. i would like to help do that because i'm making this my main for years to come and not much going on and i want to try and get people to join us etc !
  7. United Forces Rewards

    oh, thanks for clearing that up !
  8. United Forces Rewards

    so you need all 9 chapters of ET done in order to do this event?
  9. Pre-Alpha

    with the new breaking over twitch-con with PA coming before the holidays. Who here excited to finally get in game ! it been long 3 years waiting and watching this game come a long. this all the info i can post about this because of NDA coming soon !
  10. COTP Discord Server

    Loving this ! Glad we have finally made this = )
  11. Tree of Life on sale at Steam.

    i will buy it on tuesday
  12. Expansion coming

    good post Leah, TY !
  13. Expansion coming

    i hope heart of thorns price drops a lot after they announce this epack... cause 80$ is still alot
  14. Status Update?

    i kinda want to build a COTP guild, and just add to it. rather then joining another that i have No idea who they're. if no one minds that is.
  15. First Seven Days:

    LOL good read xD