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  1. Happy B-day Xugrel

    Happy card selling day! Hopefully only recycled wood was used and nothing new had to be sacrificed.
  2. Forum structure changes

    Agree. Or, can we at least have it greatly shrink/disappear after seeing the content once until it has new content.
  3. Forum Update.

    Life is too short not to.
  4. Forum Update.

    Looking good. Dark theme is perfect.
  5. This months newsletter covers alot of the current progress towards Beta 1 and is a good read. This month in the forums boils down to one main topic that has generated a whole lot of interest / posts / questions / concerns and in general just about everything under the sun. This topic is CU's planned Grouping and Social Systems. They plan on having 5 types of groups, Solo player, Warband [party], Battlegroup [raid], Order [guild] and Campaign. You can read about this grouping and social system in its current form in the BETA 1 DOC, starting with page 34. Link to Beta 1 Doc. You can find this months newsletter here LINK
  6. Forum Update.

    I am resistant to change but will come around in time... especially after we get a dark theme.
  7. how frustrating, seriously

    We can always have AI teams to follow and bet on.
  8. Forum Update.

  9. CU Newsletter #37 - August 2017

    Reading about things to come is great. What I am really looking forward too is to start testing some of the things they talk about in the document. Especially the mines and the resource gathering system. It is one thing to have a world surface that you do not fall through, a mine with tunnels and walls is quite another.
  10. There is a smell in the air. I think CU Alpha is starting to smell done. Things a changing fast and there is now a glimpse of a light at the end of the tunnel. The Beta 1 document is growing weekly and many exciting elements of the game are starting to come into focus. To view this months newsletter, you can find it here LINK
  11. Congrats to our new Sentry Knife!

  12. Tree of Life on sale at Steam.

    Will give it a try. UI, will be the determining factor in how long I stay.
  13. Beta 1 Goals

    People with IT access are helping CSE write the document at the moment [proofing more or less]. Once the actual document and its outline are complete it will be made public to everyone. Mark wants to be able to work on it without infinite input from the horde.
  14. A quick snippet from this months newsletter.. "Over two thousand PC clients running around in a small space!" As you can see both the clients and the servers are really coming together. New elements are added weekly like individual inventories and still the game runs very well. From my perspective, beta is steadily coming into better focus each and very week. To see this months newsletter you can get it here. LINK
  15. New Donation Mekong Peacemaker