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  1. We now can pick up the scent of the upcoming beta in the winds. The Saturday Night Siege concepts are rolling out weekly and they all point to two things. We are testing beta elements right now and they are truly fun as we get to kill each other. After years of mostly behind the scenes tech and engine building CU is finally building the game elements that people can see and touch. At least those in internal testing and some with beta access. Soon Beta 1 will be on the horizon. You can find this months newsletter here. LINK
  2. New player

    Lets just say that as a new player you are low on the food chain and you should remain in high security space.
  3. New player

    You are the "Bunny Rabbit". If you leave high sec and are killed by a far superior ship do not fret, for you may have just saved a real life. Your virtual sacrifice may just have satisfied the cravings of a imbalanced mind. Just my thoughts on some of the pvp in that game.
  4. This month we continue on the long march to beta. Some of the notable topics of the month newsletter are "The Dragon Circle" and "Dragon Challenges" both of witch are what we can expect once beta 1 starts. The concept is to make beta testing fun for the community at the same time test required elements of the tech. So expect alot of fun testing of actual planned game mechanics from siege warfare to group on group battles. For now this is all still in development and there is no official start date. But beta testing looks to be actually very fun once it does start. You can find this months newsletter here. LINK
  5. Thanks. Keep these important tips coming.
  6. And this is why FF is dumb.

    Its like gambling the only one that really wins is the folks taking in the money or get you to see one of their ad's.
  7. Happy B-day Xugrel

    Happy card selling day! Hopefully only recycled wood was used and nothing new had to be sacrificed.
  8. Forum structure changes

    Agree. Or, can we at least have it greatly shrink/disappear after seeing the content once until it has new content.
  9. Forum Update.

    Life is too short not to.
  10. Forum Update.

    Looking good. Dark theme is perfect.
  11. This months newsletter covers alot of the current progress towards Beta 1 and is a good read. This month in the forums boils down to one main topic that has generated a whole lot of interest / posts / questions / concerns and in general just about everything under the sun. This topic is CU's planned Grouping and Social Systems. They plan on having 5 types of groups, Solo player, Warband [party], Battlegroup [raid], Order [guild] and Campaign. You can read about this grouping and social system in its current form in the BETA 1 DOC, starting with page 34. Link to Beta 1 Doc. You can find this months newsletter here LINK
  12. Forum Update.

    I am resistant to change but will come around in time... especially after we get a dark theme.