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  1. OS difficulties

    Well, a side by side error is a C++ error. Something about the program not being able to find files it needs to run. Apparently C++ runtime actually goes and finds and moves the files for it. Installer stoopid, C++ smart! And the VG crashes? Upon reflection, the crashes on the original SP3 install were probably caused by memory incompatibility issues. I had two double-sided DIMMs and one single-sided one installed. The new DIMM is the exact same model as the other two and seemed to pass Memtest. The crashes after that might have been caused by certain windows updates or almost anything, really. I would only be able to narrow it down if it started happening again, and I haven't gotten device-related crashes since I finished installing all my drivers. C++ Runtime might have even somehow fixed things for VG as well as for station launcher. Maybe it's like a software superhero.
  2. OS difficulties

    I loaded the game...and it isn't crashing. It isn't crashing? It isn't crashing! Looks like I'm back.
  3. OS difficulties

    It turns out that the SxS error gets fixed by installing C++ runtime from Microsoft. Apparently the installer didn't know what to do otherwise. I am now downloading the game and will soon either be in-game (if the gods permit) or proceeding to the next phase of troubleshooting. Either way I'm somewhat elated just to be back to square 1.
  4. OS difficulties

    Did that. I'm getting a SxS error that says StationLauncher can't run because it isn't configured properly. Might have to do another wipe. The only info I can find is that usually this happens because some .dll files are messed up somewhere, or there is a conflict with another installed program. EDIT: Tried another fresh OS install. I ran windows update till SP3 installed, and otherwise only installed DirectX and my display driver. Same error. It actually appears that it isn't installing correctly. I'll be filing a support ticket as soon as I figure out where and how to do so. This is not a problem google knows how to handle.
  5. OS difficulties

    I appreciate the sentiment, though I may end up changing video cards if this is what my issue turns out to be. Different versions of my card's driver didn't seem to change much before, but who knows now? I'm hoping that it was some non-essential component of windows or even my virus software that was causing problems. For now I can't be sure because I can't seem to get station launcher to run, and Vanguard's free trial (one of the methods I have used to install the game before) doesn't seem to be available either. Is anyone else able to get into the game?
  6. OS difficulties

    Current Status: Since the game seemed to be up, I tried getting it to run, but it seems that I accidentally screwed up directx so it won't install properly. I tried system restore, and it screwed things up even more (system would no longer boot). Recovery console doesn't help when the files you need aren't windows files, so I'm starting over again. Hard disk reformat, fresh OS install. I hope the game is running for everyone. I have several things to do, including retesting my memory (I found another DIMM). I will be filing a customer support ticket as soon as I can get to the point where I have a game-related BSOD and have again ruled out hard disk errors and memory errors. There is also a chance that the game will run for me like it did before if I try it right after upgrading to SP3, though I would be surprised (and delighted) if it does. If software isn't the issue, I'm afraid it may be a while before I can get back in-game. If I only have to replace or upgrade one component (GPU, CPU, or memory) it might be possible to be back by next month or sooner. So, fingers crossed that things will be ok. Not happy about the idea of missing a whole week of double exp, but I deal. I am playing DFO for the time being, though I can run EQII if I need a 3D MMO fix. RoM won't launch for me, but then again I don't meet its minimum system requirements. Not that I'm really that disappointed. Any game is going to be less good than VG at this stage. I will post pertinent updates here. Windows and I may not get along great, but I have always won in the end. Hardware is another story, but it can always be replaced.
  7. Free Games To Play While We Wait For SOE

    I've actually been playing DFO to get a bit of an action fix in, since it runs great even on my fallback rig. After a couple weeks without an MMORPG, though, I'm going nuts. So I'm downloading RoM now. I know a bunch of people there, and I like some of the class combinations. I might end up on RoM for the time being until SOE is back and I can get Vanguard running again on my pc. Already tried WoW and EQ2 free trials, but I'm not going to spend money on something that isn't VG.
  8. Sony takes a big hit

    Not sure if they're doing much for VG in particular, but at least everyone who's missing out now will get a free month. I'm a little mad about the rumors I've been hearing that the attack stemmed from a community of hackers who were up in arms about Sony not wanting to let them use the PS3 to pirate software. Is it silly to expect them to be all like "Oh well, I'll just go back to using my computer to do illegal crap" or something like that? Apparently.
  9. OS difficulties

    Hmm. I've never heard of using 'run as' in WinXP, at least not while already logged in as an administrator. Does it make a difference? I don't have an admin account even set up on this installation. Currently the blue screen happens with a minute or two of logging into a character. I can go to the character selection screen and change settings without any problems. Reinstalling drivers and repatching the game cache directory seems to make it last a bit longer before crashing, as does turning down the graphics settings. Nothing else has made a noticeable difference. I will be creating a ticket with SOE customer service as soon as soe.com is back up, just in case they can come up with something. I've already done everything suggested in the performance support forum.
  10. OS difficulties

    Still trying to get things to work, and still getting the same crash. I posted in the official tech support forum, so hopefully there will be a solution there. I'm now out of ideas. I would try to uninstall any security updates I didn't have before, but I can't find them in add/remove programs anymore. Did one of those updates remove my ability to remove them? Bleah...
  11. OS difficulties

    Things are up and running again...but it seems that soe.com and station.com are down for some reason. Will re-install the game as soon as I can. EDIT: Game installed, but I get a device/driver related crash every time I load the game. It happens just after the UI appears. I will continue working on the issue.
  12. OS difficulties

    In the course of trying to fix whatever was causing frequent blue screens while running the game, I ended up repairing my OS installation. Now windows xp seems to be resisting updating itself in every way possible. The service packs have never been a problem for me before, either, but this time around they just won't install. I will keep doing what google says, but I may end up just wiping my HDD for a clean install to save time. Hopefully I will be able to participate in fundraiser night, but I may not be able to get back in game until tomorrow. I will definitely be around for double exp weekend no matter the cost. Curse you, the-company-that-shall-not-be-named! The good news is that my memory passed testing. The bad news is that I'm not entirely sure the problem will be fixed if I manage to re-update windows. I can at least narrow down the causes a bit more if the crashes keep happening.
  13. Crafted Item Showcase

    This thread is to immortalize the amazing items that our expert crafters have made. I'll start with The Twins: Artisan Posibility has an even greater presence now, with dozens of server firsts including that incredible shortsword! I can't wait until I'm rich enough to buy those costly T5 crystals. Then we'll see what a masterwork is like. Our new up-and-coming carpenter Diakoneo has been making some amazing bows lately: I can't wait until my ranger is high enough for one of those! Have an amazing crafted item that you want to show off? Don't just talk about it, post it here!
  14. Poor Slappy....

    The worst part for poor 'ol Slappy was getting his official record mangled by Ashenheart. Imagine going 2 and 3 with a mere ranger!
  15. Congratulations Astrayu