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    I've narrowed everything down to three games.
    1. Shroud of the Avatar - It could be another 8 year long addition like EQ2 was.
    2. Conan Exiles - 450 hrs and counting. I am an addict, there I said it.
    3. Star Citizen - Recently With ships flyable its been worth playing. Racing against VanceVarkin has helped build up the REC in game for future rentals.
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    United States
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    Star Citizen
  1. Three of us kept Eastreach Gap safe while travelers ran through Eastreach Gap Last night. We were able to open 2 of the doors in the buildings surrounding the control point before we realized that we were at our limit. The three of us literally lit the control point up with fire and meteor showers. Between Mekong and his handed DPS and Spexs with his archery precision we were able to acquire some great experience and a few items of worth from the fallen bodies. Hopefully in the future we will be able to put the control point under our protection once again so the innocent traveler can pass through Eastreach Gap safely and unharmed. Also even though we realized had reached our limit we did clean up our mess and killed all the remaining orange mobs out of the zone. Spry
  2. Hello all, Please check your emails if you are a subscriber or concierge. They have started sending them out Wednesday night. I received notice tonight from RSI to transfer my account info to the live PTU download and once its completed I will have access to 3.0. Not sure how long it will take but I hope its soon. Finally something to do besides repair comstations!
  3. Any areas you still feel challenged?

    Kkruull comes to mind.
  4. Meetings and Events: Good and Bad Times

    For me probably weekends would be best. Since I dont get home from work until 10 est most weeknights .
  5. Star Citizen Keynote Address

    I can only say it in one word "Awesome"!
  6. What Happened to the MMO?

    Not sure if you have seen it Grim but there is another UO clone out there named Legends of Aria. I havent tried it because I am commited to SoTA but there are a number of players who have left SoTA to play it. It is developed by 2 or 3 of the people who worked on UO. Spry
  7. Recruitment and Chapter direction

    I was wondering if one aspect might be that every so often hunt a boss mob then take the head or other trophy piecce that drops off the head and we present it to the "true avatar" that lies inside the crypt. This would bring us a group through dangerous territory and establish a tie to our history. I'm sure more could be added at some point but I was thinking this might give us an honorable tradition. For the guild.
  8. Avatar Crafting Disciplines

    Hello all, I have been mostly working on carpentry and smithing. Some tailoring but its mostly textiles for rugs. As far as mastercrafting in carpentry probably decor. Smithing I think chainmail since that is what I have found myself working with. But the thing I always say is do something you like. Dont stop because someone else is doing the same. If you like something you will continue with it.
  9. Hello all, I was asked if we had a thread that described what crafting tree we were going to aspire to Mastercraft and I thought we did so... We have one now :). See we have one Inseril :). Spry
  10. new member

    Welcome to CoTP NNyan. I hope you enjoy the WoW chapter, they are a great bunch of people :). Spryone
  11. Planetside Landings in 1 month

    Evocati Have 3.0! Getting close to planetside landings
  12. What Happened to the MMO?

    What a great post Bakath :). There is alot of UO that I miss but there is alot that I dont. I do want to thank you for allowing me to tag along with you and Grim on the shard when you were still playing there and I was getting tired of Star Wars or GW2. Hopefully you both are finding a new home in which ever game you are playing now. Spry
  13. Release 46

    Just thought I would ask what everyone thinks about this Release. So far I truely like what they have done. Loadtimes actually are faster and I havent been getting the lag in zones that I used to. Im almost reliable as a healer ;). Just ask Mekong he only died 10 times last night instead of the usual 20. Anything else that folks have seen improved? Spry
  14. Deck Question

    Inseril, I think I have 66 cards with 5 locked slots. I still am tweeking as I learn more how to play and use the deck when I am soloing. In a group I use the same deck but stay out of combat if the group is more than 2 of us normally to heal. Spry
  15. Planetside Landings in 1 month

    Oh make jealous . Its great to hear someone from CoTP was able to get 15 min. Flight time. I hope u didnt wait too long. Spryone