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  1. Galactic Datacron Master

    Matrix shards are also required to get the achievement, you can find out what your missing in your achievements page under legacy > achievements > X planet > exploration and looking to see if you got the datacron master achievement for that planet
  2. KotET Info and Megathread [Spoilers]

    cause half his face looks like he had an accident at a cheese grater factory
  3. KotET Info and Megathread [Spoilers]

    yes and no, its not ACTUALLY him, but someone pretending
  4. KotET Info and Megathread [Spoilers]

    yes, depends if you let him go, and let him heal up, but you arent gonna wanna romance him lel
  5. Runescape

    You can now pay for membership using ingame currency by buying a bond, but they arent cheap, its like 3M a bond, however earning cash ingame as a member can be easy, but I'd rather just pay the sub fee so I don't have to worry about it, the bonds only last 14 days however. I haven't really been playing much anymore, I revisited, was able to get a bond thanks to a kind stranger, and I just didn't really feel like grinding much anymore. I just lost its vibe for me. The end game 'PVM' stuff is pretty brutal, trying to get rare drops that are like 1/15000, people can also steal your kills too and render your time useless, dubbed 'crashing' They are adding P2P skilling bosses though, the first one being Wintertodt, which gives a Shinazzy TON of firemaking XP, and some flecthing/con XP, but its been only nerfed since its release. They do plan on adding others though, I think they are making a Runecrafting boss next, so at least alternatives are being added. So with these nice QOL changes coming, it might be a few years before I get interested in it again, but im still kinda dedicated to SWTOR, and even IF i decide to quit swtor, i got a few other MMOS on my list that I've wanted to dip into. So yeah, no clan or anything, the hype kinda died for me, RS3 has a better clan system IMO (plays out more like guilds really) but again, not very interested anymore
  6. Death to the imperialist guilds! Our glorious leader! KIM JONG HITLER SHALL LEAD US TO VICTORY!
  7. I can't even find their guild website, assuming they actually own one, but I found a recruitment post that says lvl 30+ only, posted on 1/16/16 on the swtor forums. I guess 'link tri-force' is one of those 'elite' players thats been around 'since the start of the game', the kind that blames his entire team when they get shutout in pvp, and calls the opposing team hackers, a person that clearly doesn't play or follow SWTOR actively since he lacks DOK, and clearly is insecure about his position as a GM, and probably the same IRL, probably because he wants people to think hes a boss, but knows hes not, nor ever will be. He's so special that its cute! Can I keep him!?!
  8. Leave of Absence

    Bring back some wine!
  9. KotET Info and Megathread [Spoilers]

    The reaction from the 80% of the player base I think. I'm kinda hoping its one of those mechanics that was in RIFT, ESO, and with the latest WoW expansion, where those bosses (or invasions in legion) spawn into the world and you kill em, IMO procedural generated stuff does good to expand the life of a game.
  10. DVL Ends Nov 29th!

  11. DVL Ends Nov 29th!

    OK APPARENTLY IT ENDS DEC 2nd now https://twitter.com/SWTOR/status/787354140359876610
  12. DVL Ends Nov 29th!

    http://www.swtor.com/community/showpost.php?p=9074957&postcount=13 Also, all 9 chapters to be released at once, and then focusing back on group content!
  13. KotET Info and Megathread [Spoilers]

    Datamined, contains spoilers: https://torcommunity.com/database/update-previews/1706-5-0-pts-1-5-mined
  14. Happy Birthday Phyreblade!

    Happy birthday! Coming Soon....