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  1. Chargngoz Member Application

    Hey Chargngoz, Welcome to the guild and the chapter!
  2. new member

    They there Nnyan, Welcome to the guild! October is right, the WoW chapter does not use the forums much (for for lack of trying). Discord is the best place to get in touch with us. We have been on the Ysera server group, but we are about to move to Dalaran Alliance side to find new blood. We would love to have you in the chapter and look forward to meeting you ingame.
  3. Superman

    Not seen one
  4. Superman

    Was looking around the forums the other day and came across this guy. Amazing xmog, lol http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/arthas/Jahronie/advanced
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  6. CotP Discord

    I was under the impression that the one Azog made is also one of the BDO ones, and was used almost exclusively by the BDO chapter. I personally think a guild wide discord is redundant sense we have the forums and mumble. A can see a value in individual chapters, such as FFX, like you said. But if the wow player base want to use one, I don't see why we could not set one up.
  7. CotP Discord

    CotP as a guild does not have one for the whole guild, but I know of at least one other chapter that uses Discord for text comms. The voice side is disabled. If there is enough interest, it's something we can look at setting up.
  8. Welcome Carrot!

    Welcome too the guild Yo!
  9. Please join me in congratulating Sentry Lethargys, our newest officer in the World of Warcraft Chapter!
  10. Reminder: Go vote!

    Agreed. Go vote. Now.
  11. Halloween Screenshot Poll

    Kinda wish I could vote twice, because this was a tough choice
  12. Civ 6 First Impressions

    OH you'r farther than I am, I'm still in the industrial era
  13. Civ 6 First Impressions

    I have not had that problem, the opposite in fact. Most of my cities run out of things to build and I have too do the project stuff at the bottom of the list. Only built the industrial zone in one city, so it could pump out military units in a pinch if I had too.