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  1. It was pretty good, but as always didn't really reveal anything. They are always very good about that.
  2. Server Merges Announced

    New Cotp website looks amazing. Scary times for Swtor, no? Hi everyone
  3. Anthem -- Bioware's newest live-action co-op IP

    So, I've been watching this game as well. I, very much like October, would normally buy this for my PS4 because of the style. I probably would not play this game unless with a controller, but we'll see. I know that Steam has recently updated to be able to use PS4 controllers so maybe I could look at adding a controller to my computer system. I'm interested in what others think. Gameplay looks pretty good, but I've never played Destiny so I can't compare. Maybe that's why I think it looks great. It does look a little bit like Zero Dawn Horizon though. But because of the potential group aspect I would want to try to get on same platform as others, and lets face it across multi platform isn't going to happen.
  4. Yeah my confidence in this game keeps steadily dropping. I don't know.
  5. Balance Sage rotation?

    It's up Up down down left right left right b a start.
  6. I checked my smuggler and I am indeed in that Guild. I will have to leave it next time I think about it
  7. Sciclex the last sentence where it talks about democracy should either be your campaign add or your super hero slogan. I can't decide which
  8. Sciclex you are such a noob! You don't know squat about Swtor! I actually think I have a character in that Guild. I was leveling a gunslinger. Interesting
  9. The really sad thing is nothing is screaming hey come play me! Talking about a grind earlier is fine but it's still all old content I'm not worried about not having comms for gear. Pretty sure I could finish Kotfe in the gear you get at level 1. Even this new difficulty Sm they are boasting won't be that hard.
  10. That's not your fault. He should have been more clear in his directions
  11. I can see benefits for subs but I don't want to continue to run old content. What I mean by that is old ops and flash points. I have no problem getting back into conquest but still..... Have they actually said what the "uprisings" really are?
  12. I want to let the Butt hurt flow.....
  13. Free Loot for top 25 DPS in Guild!

    I hope if we do it again we have a better turn out is all I'm saying.