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  1. Back to Dragon Age: Origins

    You know those places no one wants to visit? Let alone live there, mind you. Your friends and family, when they hear you say, "Come down for the weekend," they all start making excuses why they simply can't make it. That's what I mean, a place like that. The military introduced me to many of those places, actually. Gaming became the best escape - the chance to gather with others stuck in the same dire mess of a situation and usually wearing the same uniform, too. Something to do together while the kids ran around in the yard outside or haggled over which toys to play with, and we adults all rolled dice in mad rushes across the table-top and cheered on every troll and goblin and giant spider that we made dead. And hey! Someone tell me why there is always a giant spider! Ick! But suddenly and eventually we would get orders again and stand to lose the precious people who made our days and weeks seem so much more fantastical and adventurous than we would have thought going along. Society seems to appreciate how tough it is on the Army brats. I can definitely swear it's pretty rough on the Army grown-ups, too. So when one of my bestest buddies ever came up to me and handed me this boxy, little hard-drive one day, I was hard-pressed not to burst into tears. He one said, "Here, take this. When you get there, you call me up and tell me how much you loved this game. That way, we're still playing together." I think of him every time I fire up Origins all these years later, too. So confession time, here. When I first ventured into the world of Dragon Age: Origins, I didn't like it. No, no ... I know it sounds purely strange to hear me say that, considering the number of times someone's called me a "Bioware fanboy" these past few years. Like I take them seriously, even. Sheesh! But truly. My initial steps into Thedas left me feeling just ... lost. I couldn't understand half what was going on, and I felt so much confused. I spent most of the time bugging my nearby husband with questions: "What's the Fade? Why does this guy glow? How did I even get into this blasted dream sequence, by touching some water? And what's with the fellow pretending to be a rat?" My husband became frustrated with me along the same time I became frustrated with the game and set my rig off to the side. So he gruffly told me, "Why not try playing a different character? You might like playing a warrior better than a mage." Mind you, there are some words a wife never says aloud. "He was right" in that order are three of them. I figure I can type them into this little blurb here and you will all keep my secret safe, though. Thank you. That's how I ended up first creating my first-ever Cousland. That's when Thedas came alive, for me. Seriously, though. I'll never be a "fanboy"! Stop calling me that! I'm a geeky nerd of a woman who spends her time exploring fantasy worlds where the difference between a mage, a warrior, and a rogue are my paramount concerns, dangit. In Origins, the player character is "The Warden" - a raw, new Grey Warden recruit who's suddenly tasked with ... well, with saving the world, basically. There is a Blight impending, anyway. The Blight is a veritable horde of evil, vicious, and flesh-consuming monsters that burst out from underground like the fastest-moving Zombies you've ever seen. Hey, the Walking Dead has nothing like these dudes! And all of them are determined to sweep across the countryside killing every man, woman, and child they come across. Oh, and there's magic, elves and dwarves, and even a couple dragons to make the story even more fantastical, too. Yes, it's definitely my kind of story. With a few truly impressive differences to make it all the more interesting. My very first playthrough of Origins became my personal "canon" take on the story, interestingly enough. That particular Warden of mine was everything I might have wanted a hero to be, anyway. Heck, not only did she steal my own heart, she stormed right across the camp to steal the heart of the king-to-be, too. He gave her a rose and they stormed the castle together. Yea, that's me ... sappily pleased. And oh, by the way. My husband still hates Alistair with a passion. I did manage to complete several more playthroughs of the game, though. All right, all right! More than several, even! But I was determined to explore the story from different perspectives and varied angles. The most difficult playthrough for me to complete involved my Dalish elf. My own Mahariel was the most arrogant piece-of-work of a character I ever created for any playthrough of the game. She was caustic, rude, and outright bigoted against anyone who wasn't Dalish. I didn't like her, so it's not a surprise she never successfully romanced one of the companion characters. She was too busy mourning for her lost friend and lover, and Tamlen's tragic fate consumed her in bitterness. In the end, I decided to sacrifice her atop Fort Drakon. Rest in peace, Mahariel. I completed a couple of mage playthroughs, as well. Playing as a mage in Dragon Age: Origins is actually a bit of a task, mind you. I generally advise my friends exploring Origins for the first time to avoid the mage class when they initially play the game. The Fade can be daunting, first off. And then the combat in Origins tends to be clunky and rough. For a mage, it's a lot of standing off to the side and singing, "Magic missile, magic missile" over and over again. Yea, yea, yea. I know ... Wrong game. So yea, back to Origins. My mage is invariably and always a Surana. That is, they're elves. I've tried making human mages, but they never seemed to feel correct to me and I always failed to progress past the prologue with them. So I stuck to the notion my mage in Origins is a pretty and quietly skilled elf girl and I adore her. I try not to think of her true fate, given that my "canon" take on the story has a Cousland warden rather than a Surana. Rest in peace, Surana. Gradually, though, my own Warden took shape. The more I played, the more clear my picture of the character turned. Like I knew her ... like we were the best of friends, even. I knew the Warden was utterly capable. She was sharply smart, like a whip. Educated and knowledgeable. She was diplomatic, too. But that doesn't mean she was any sort of goody two-shoes, either. Diplomacy, as I see it, is a game of caution, rather. It's seeing the lies and manipulations clearly enough to navigate one's way through the messy mire that politics can be, really. And even using those same tactics to play right along. So my Warden was a pragmatist. She refused to be misused and remained determined to control her own fate. And as a member of a noble, aristocratic family - a family second only to the King's, even - my Warden was keenly aware of her own place in the world and the obligations it demanded. Like any other Cousland, she was defined more than anything by the most incredible loyalty. To her family, to those she cared for, and to the people who counted on her. For her, nobility was no sort of entitlement. It was a responsibility, in fact. People depended on her and she refused to fail them. Eventually, I knew so much who the Warden was, that I simply couldn't fathom seeing her any other way. Every playthrough started feeling so much the same. I was glad the second and third installments of Dragon Age introduced new heroes, even. The story needed to be fleshed out from all those other varied angles, too. And then my husband tossed a challenge at me. He said, "What if your Warden wasn't a woman? What then?" Okay, so yea. It wasn't until he pointed it out, that I realized I had never played Origins as a male character. Which isn't to say I only ever play as a female in any game I play, either. I once had a DM try to poke at my sensibilities during a particular run of Dungeons and Dragons, by tossing a cursed ring at me that changed my gender. He stuttered when I shrugged and took to happily playing a character-suddenly-turned-guy, then. But my Origins characters have always been female. No real reason for it. It only felt correct, to me. Which might be why my husband was adamant, that challenging my "canon" so much as that was beyond me. I think he was really bashing on my ever-lasting adoration of the Theirin bastard-king, actually. It didn't keep me from thinking on the story and what shape it would take if I only made such a simple and complete twist. As turning my gal Warden into a guy Warden. ... And hey! None of you pay attention to those plot wheels slowly gaining speed inside my head, either!
  2. You may not see me for a while... or ever....

    I am never 'far away' and always willing to provide a supportive ear and an easy cyber-hug! Just don't hesitate to touch base with us as you're able! Some of the guys can tell you I've slogged my way through terrible computer hiccups and even worse! You should see my videos of those days, even! It does sound easy to say 'things will get better' and I know it may seem nigh impossible when it's YOUR rig. But keep your chin up! It was slow-going for me but I got there .. you can too! And when you're able, pop back in and let us know you're doing okay. We're here and ready to cheer you on!
  3. It's Halloween! And may the Boo be with you! Halloween is as good a day as any, to gather together for some fall-over Drunken Revelry for our members in-game! Starting with the Eternity Vault operation, we will be moving through each one of the Operations and sipping whatever favorite alcoholic beverage you most prefer as we go along! Until we’re falling down over our keyboards in inebriated enjoyment, of course! We rarely make it to Scum & Villainy, if that gives you any idea how long we go at it, hehe. BASICALLY: We each take a sip for each piece of trash we kill; groups of 3-4 are 3-4 sips, etc. A dead Boss kill is a full shot. Some additional challenges this year, too: Every time Phyre successfully dodges a dance ball attack, the offender has to drink. You zerg, you drink. You fall over the side of ANYTHING and, yea .. you drink. WHERE: We will gather together in the Cantina Mumble channel before we hit off the opening salvos of our attacks. WHEN: We’ll start up at 9pm EDT, on Saturday night 28 October. Not Halloween itself, no ... Some of us have to go actually OUTSIDE to do some trick-or-treating with the kiddies on Halloween, lol. WHO: A few of our officers will refrain from drinking, enough to monitor who comes into the Cantina channel in Mumble. (Although we’ve proven in the past, that even drunk beyond the word we’re still coherent enough to keep from inviting inappropriately-named characters to the Guild, too) Just please remember, you must be of age to drink in order to participate in this event.
  4. It's time for a Guild Party! This year, we will be celebrating the Halloween holiday with a Guild-wide celebration! Everyone wearing the Covenant of the Phoenix tags (and any friends they'd like to invite, too) is welcome to attend! There will be a huge costume contest, there will be trick-or-treating (i.e. we'll be tossing a lot of door prizes around lol), and then we'll talk Merge details to boot! WHEN: October 30th at 8pm EST, with invites starting up at least a half hour in advance. This event will replace our regularly scheduled Guild Night time! WHERE: This event will be hosted by one of our own Guild members, in their personal stronghold! There are achievements aplenty for the players who host particular numbers of characters in their stronghold at any one time, mind you. So we'll enjoy a little contest for the Hosting rights: Make sure that you MAIL via the forums here the picture of the room in your stronghold where we can gather our guild members together, all decked out in party-themed décor worthy of cheers and applause. DO NOT POST THE PICTURES HERE IN THIS THREAD! On Friday, 27 October, Phyreblade will post a poll with pictures of the possible Party venues and our own Community will have the chance to VOTE and determine where we will be hanging out! The results of the Poll will be announced on the forums by Monday morning, 30 October! Check out the possible venues from last year's celebration for decorating ideas: GAMES: There will be a Costume Contest during our Party Event! Put together an appropriately Halloween-themed costume, something spooky or ghoulishly clever, and line up for appropriate judgment. Last year's contest looked a little like this: We always have fun during these events, so don't hesitate to join us! Lets have a spooky celebration this year! And Happy Halloween!
  5. Starting on Midnight EST of Monday, October 16 and ending at Midnight EST of Friday, 27 October, we're going to have a Halloween Screenpic Contest! The overall Winner of the Contest will be announced on Halloween day, 31 October! It's simple enough. The SWTOR Galaxy is your canvas! Visit any world, any venue or stronghold, anywhere! So long as your SWTOR Character is somewhere in the world of SWTOR! Create a Poster straight from some Halloween or horror movie, using scenes and characters from the SWTOR galaxy! Ghouls or goblins galore, scary trees and emotes and toys, smoke and mayhem – be creative! Classic tales of movie monsters - ghosts, vampires, or even Mike Meyers - the trick is to be creative and above all HALLOWEEN! Here are some of our entries from last year, to give you ideas: Sooooo.... Once you have your screen picture, message it to Phyreblade, via the forums, here. Phyreblade will offer up the entries for review to THIS THREAD, for preview ONLY. Then, Phyreblade will post a poll on Saturday, 28 October, with voting to occur through Midnight EST of 30 October. The winner will be announced and receive their prize during Guild Night celebrations at 8pm EST on Monday 30 October. Prizes (because we all love prizes!): - 1 MANDALORE THE INDOMITABLE armor set AND 1 dye AND 1 color crystal (chosen by winner from our Guild Bank stash) AND 5 million credits to the BEST screen picture. - 1 CLASSIC TRAILBLAZERS armor set AND 1 dye AND 1 color crystal (chosen AFTER 1st Place winner picks from our Guild Bank stash) AND 2 million CREDITS to the SECOND BEST screen picture. - 1 BALANCED COMBATANT armor set AND 1 dye AND 1 color crystal (chosen AFTER 2nd Place winner picks from our Guild Bank stash) AND 1 million CREDITS to the THIRD BEST screen picture. - Every player who participates by submitting a screen picture will receive a vehicle and weapon from the Guild Bank sent through in-game mail and chosen randomly by Phyreblade. For every contest, there are some basic rules you need to follow. Please be fair: No character level limit is applied. Yes, you can create a brand new character, take a screen picture, and then delete the character. Totally up to you. Editing of screenpic(s) is permitted so long as the picture is obviously a screenpic of individual SWTOR characters involved in a SWTOR setting! Free editing software is available online and easy to use: HERE. NO duo or group will divide the prize. Even if multiple characters participate in the screen picture image, only the Member who submits the picture will or may win a prize. The screen picture image MUST obviously involve a character and/or scene from Star Wars: The Old Republic; do NOT edit non-SWTOR characters or scenes into your submission. Do NOT include your images in replies to this thread, so that the voting remains completely open and fair to every participant. Send all entries to Phyreblade through a private message here on forums. Phyreblade will NOT identify the entry participants in any preview entry. There is no limit on entries! Submit as many pictures as you want and see what rewards you can earn! Poll for Overall Winner will open Saturday, 28 October, and voting will close Midnight EST 30 October. Winner will be announced during Guild Night on 30 October. If you have questions, please pst to Phyreblade here on the Forums. Or in game, with Gaibriel on Pub-side or Khyriel on Imp-side. And have fun!
  6. I have a whole Legacy over there, called Hood. My characters are called Robbin and Scarlit and Marian etc .. lol.
  7. Both my Mains will be getting their wives back, and I'm happy-dancing.
  8. I sent it to @SWTOR and linked you, Erudius. Hugs and thanks for all your help, too!
  9. Server Merges Announced

    Well, this is exciting. I'll still have toons on two separate servers, actually. But I'm mostly concerned to save the names of my five primary toons on what will become my Star Forge legacy. I suppose we'll see if I can save or regain my names on The Hot Prospect, too. Regardless, we'll do our best to guide the Guild through this upcoming merge. Keep in mind, wherever you're playing, our intention will be to support our members. Please shoot your questions and concerns to our guild's officers, as we're working as a team to get clarification and information quickly to help everyone get their characters and legacies situated. Hugs, COTP .. this isn't our first Merge. We'll get this done!
  10. “I’m just a simple man trying to make my way in the universe.” — Jango Fett

  11. Thanks for the heads-up, Damis. I'll make sure my chapter is aware of the changes incoming.
  12. Welcome Mumro!

    The Black Desert Online chapter is glad to welcome you!
  13. It's great to welcome you to the leadership team in the SWTOR chapter, Knife! Thanks!
  14. Welcome Malcolmmn!

    The SWTOR chapter is glad to welcome you!