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  1. The SWTOR chapter will be glad to put Knife to even more work, now!
  2. Welcome Rhylea!

    Welcome to the SWTOR chapter! We're a HOOT!
  3. Rhylea Member Application

    Hey Rhylea! I approved your application! If you need an in-game invite with any one of your characters, just look for one of our officers or recruiters in our custom chat channel (type /cjoin cotp) and let them know your forums handle for your in-game member note. Thanks!
  4. Welcome Chaseryan!

    Welcome to the mad FUN we have in the SWTOR chapter!
  5. ChaseRyan Member Application

    Hello, Chaseryan! I've approved your application! If you need an in-game invite, please look for one of our officers or recruiters in our custom chat channel (type '/cjoin cotp'). Thanks much!
  6. Welcome SilentSith!

    Welcome to the madness and FUN of our SWTOR chapter!
  7. SilentSith Member Application

    I've approved your application, SilentSith! If you need an in-game invite, please look for one of our officers or recruiters in our custom chat channel (type '/cjoin cotp'). Thanks much!
  8. Happy Life Day 2017!! Because the planet of Kashyyk is where the celebration of Life Day first appeared. Even if we all want to forget that “holiday special” … Hey, we’ll still enjoy some pure fun this season! If you're interested in playing, please include a brief reply, here, to this thread, no later than 20 December midnight EST. Make sure to include your in-game character name in your reply, here, as well as specify whether that character is Pub-side or Imp-side! That way, your name will be added to the Wookiee Claus list. All names (by faction) will be written down and put into a hat, for a random drawing that pairs everyone up. The person(s) doing the drawing will include one of Phyreblade’s 3 daughters; and Phyreblade will be in Mumble as they work at it. (It's part of their holiday celebrations by now, trust me)Starting 21 December and running no later than 22 December, you'll get an in-game mail message from either Gaibriel Duncan (pub-side) or Khyriel Phyre (Imp-side) with the name of your Secret Wookiee, that you need to send a gift(s) via in-game mail. It can be something you've crafted or something you've found on the GTN, maybe. Totally up to you!Value of the gift(s) you send your Secret Wookiee should be a minimum of 500,000 credits. Nothing wrong with multiple gifts! Pets, emotes, pretty armors – try to appeal to your Secret Wookiee with something they've been hunting. (but keep it all under wraps and secret-like, shhhh!) Hey, if there's something in particular that you'd like, make sure to include that in your reply message, here. Some brief note, like, "I love dance emotes for my characters," maybe. Although it's totally up to you if you just want to be surprised!Please make sure, if you're playing, to mail your Secret Wookiee their gift(s) in-game no later than 25 December midnight EST. Saves you from getting flammable coal in your armored boot on Life Day!And have a warm Life Day holiday!Note: letters to Wookiee Claus are optional.Note: Wookiee Claus is a fictional character made up in the mad brain of Phyreblade, so any letters you send to him/her will disappear into some Force-like ether, of sorts.
  9. Welcome Beastmodenine!

    Welcome to the insanity that enlivens those of us in the SWTOR chapter, Beastmodenine!
  10. BeastModeNine Member Application

    If you know Rashin, I'm sure he's already told you how to get your characters into guild in-game! Hit me up whenever you have questions or concerns about the SWTOR chapter, though, and thanks for posting an application! You're now good to go!
  11. Welcome Madman!

    Welcome to the madness of the SWTOR chapter, Madman!
  12. Madman Member Application

    It's about time we made it official, at least! Application's approved, Madman! If you need to yell at us, you know we usually hang out in the cantina!
  13. Welcome Rey!

    You're stuck with those of us nutty enough to play SWTOR, now! Welcome to COTP!
  14. Rey Member Application

    Hey Rey! Love the handle, too! Your application is approved! If you have any questions about how to get your characters into guild in-game, please join our custom chat channel (type /cjoin cotp) and ask for an officer or recruiter in that channel to invite you. And don't hesitate to ask any of our officers about the guild! Thanks!
  15. Hello to all

    Knife already said the good stuff! You can find our Mumble info on the in-game guild description, too. And hey! Glad to meet you!