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  1. So as the Topic point out What happened i have been on for like 3 days haven't see`n anyone from cotp going around nor azog i know ppl take brake and so on just haven't seen a single person going around with are guild name i know there is a post from azog saying the guild is up but i haven't found anyone who is in it i hope we can get this fixed guy`s its was a rl blast in closed and Open beta playing with azog top dogie and lawful right know i know lawfull has been looking fo rthe guild but cant find anyone in it atm or azog on any how ill be on for the next 24-48hrs on mumble here and in game cant miss me XD have a huge Bill bored over my head saying looking for cotp Union and Azog Bloodcaw XD really hope we get this sorted out guys look foreword to playing with you all agen in Wizardry
  2. Where is Everyone

    So where is Everyone XD been on have a week know haven't seen anyone on to get a invit to the Guild/Union if anyone get on Wizzy my name is Demon Neko in game
  3. Guild is up

    cant seem to find ya bro
  4. Back from Beeing ill

    Sup Guys i am back from being really sick i cam down with ammonia or what ever it called i am not 100% beta but i am well anoth to start playing agen ill be on to morrow or to day depending when you guy read this ill be on mummble same name in game demon neko missed ya guys
  5. Wizardry Going Down For 5Hr Maint

    so as of this post time guys Wizy is going down for 5hrs for maintenance so its going down at 4:42 pm here in the uk no clue what time it is in the usa now so yea 5hrs form now servers will be back up see you all later on mumble guna take a nap
  6. Game is now Live !

    well i am donwloaded are you guy on mumble and stuff and didanyone else peches a members thing for the bonuses or was it jsut me ^^"
  7. Who will be active?

    hay aczog get your ass on mumble XD i am in game
  8. Who will be active?

    so whos guna be on to night since it the 29th XD ill be on Mumble all night Guys so ill see you all on here or on the game ^-^
  9. Who will be active?

    Well me ^^ i have been relaxing and playing Devil may cry Games and few other games like path of exile and firefall planet side 2 arma 2 so on just been relaxing ill probably be on mumble all of 29 ready for the 30 lolz
  10. Launch Delayed

    lol you beat me to it azog bro XD was just about to post on this when i saw you put on up XD
  11. So as The Topic Seas Guy Full Game is Out Jan 16 So get your Rest becouse its guna be a fun time Rember all rest well and may the Covenant of the Phoenix Wach over you in battel
  12. Ok so if anyone is interested on Friday Night On The 4th would be nice for all of us wizardry guild`s` to Meetup On Mumble So We can talk about are plans for the Full relies of the game thoughts interests The Hole Group set up and plans for leveling the guild the content and thing that would be nice to improve for the in game guild to help each other and new members joining the Guild and the Cotp Forms and getting into Mumble so thing can go smother and faster in your all interested in coming and talk you more then welcome to hope in and join us ^-^ Pls fell free to come in or post here and drop me a line Happy New Years you All ^-^
  13. Sup Guy`s As most peep`s Know Wizardry Will be in Full Release Soon i wanted to know if anyone would be interested in Teaming up on day/night of the full release for fast leveling up to get past chapter one along with grind money and soul rank along with armor and weapons in between and of cores leveling are Guild up joining a team wont mean you will be force to wait for them if you wish to continue grinding while where offline sleeping at work that`s fine as you could help them level when they get on or grind and help them throw the dungeon.As the game Party System only has 4 players per group ill post a list of group 1 2 3 4 5 Groups just reply with your name in the group you wish to join or lead on full release of game.May The Phoenix Flame Light your Path to Glory In Battle Group 1 1. Azog - Role Priest / ? 2. Neko X - Role Tank Fighter / Traper Theif 3. Poetent - Role of either DPS Fighter/ Trap-drop rate Theif 4.Lady Grim - support priest Group 2 1.Ninja - Fighter 2. 3. 4. Group 3 1. 2. 3. 4. Group 4 1. 2. 3. 4. Group 5 1. 2. 3. 4.
  14. Thanks for the Info Damis and Whacknut just wanted to ask and glad to see he will be making a return ^^ stay safe all and a marry x mass to all. May the Flame of the Phoenix Guide you to Glory
  15. Hay`a Guy as you all Know Character wipe is coming 13 Jan and full game on its way Azog has been missing the past week or 2 now not sure if anyone knows where he has vanished to. I know its X mass and there all visiting friend`s family enjoying this winter time of the year Just in case Azog is still missing with the games Full Release are we Still allowed to make a chapter in Wizardry Despite those of us not being a hire`r member Of Covenant of the Phoenix Just Asking in the event of Azog still being Missing. Merry X mass all and any info from are hire up`s would be help full as would reply`s and so May the Flame of the Phoenix Guide you to Glory ^--^