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  1. The ESO(Elder Scrolls Online) Chat

    There already is a thread on this, So I will redirect you there http://www.covenantofthephoenix.com/forums/topic/27128-elder-scrolls-online/
  2. Elder Scrolls Online

    I just started a thread about this b/c I was unable to find one, So i guess an admin should delete that thread or something so i will post the information i had there on here. Being a huge ES fan i have read several books and played pretty much all the games from Daggerfell- Skyrim, and agree they actually have gotten worse as they have advanced in next gen consoles and pc games. ALso never been a fan of them taking forever to fix glitches and bugs that come out at launch. But.... After watching this actual Alpha Review and hearing what this guy says about it my thoughts are changing, and I am beginning to believe that this is going to be a kick ass game. Check out the vid and tell me what ya think Enjoy Kitty
  3. I am KittyCOW hear me MEWUU

    Thank you guys, I also appreciate you actually reading the intro. I look forward to growing with the guild!
  4. Pre Ordered hope to play with all you all.
  5. Any of you heard of Cockatrice? I played on MTGO for a while, but it got quite costly with the standard meta changing so much and drastically, i found a way to play what ever deck i wanted with whatever i wanted for free. For example playing some control decks which are in the meta are mostly RUW, with lots of PW's especially Jace, Architect of Thought can get quite expensive so why not build a deck and play against friends for free. I play on there quite regularly when im not leveling or playing with my toons in WoW or Swtor, so if you are down reply here or message me and I would love to get some matches going on there, they also do tournaments, with no real prizes but bragging rights but it really is quite fun. Enjoy, Kitty
  6. The Halo Universe

    After browsing through all of the threads and topics here i was very dissapointed to see there was none dedicated to Halo. Either way I will take the initiative. If you are playing H4 out there post a GT and come february when i start to pick it up again, if you are interested maybe we can start some ranked stuff. Anyways hope to hear from some of you that are still into the console gaming. GT- KittyCOW SR- 130 Waiting for More serious and competitive playlists to come out. Enjoy, Kitty
  7. D&D 3.5

    I know this is pretty much a set forum for 4.0 but i saw some A D&D threads so figured I would start up a 3.5 version. Solely b/c my experience with 4.0 was not a very good one, we dedicated 4 months to it, all of us being veteran players ranging from 3 years - 25+ years of experience, and we decided to definitely go back to 3.5. We may try out D&D Next, but after playing from 2nd ed-3.5 I find no other comparison to the creativity, and openness to 3.5. YEah maybe the learning curve is more then 4.0 but I think that is what makes it that much better. But anyways, just figured I would start this thread up and see where it goes. Any thoughts or discussions?
  8. The ESO(Elder Scrolls Online) Chat

    Wanna check out some news from the Alpha test for ESO. Here is a 20m video I think it will address alot of the curiosity. Enjoy, Kitty
  9. I didnt see one for this yet so figured why not i will go ahead and post some things, and hope there are other CotP members out there as excited about myself for this. Scheduled for Release sometime in 2013 glad we made it this far, Feel free to post anything thoughts videos etc involving ESO. I would love to see it, if i have not already. Enjoy, Kitty
  10. Welcome Forlornone

  11. CotP Mentoring Application

    Master/Padawan: Padawan Forum Name: KittyCOW Character Name: Monajoy Advanced Class: Sage Spec: Balance Area of Interest: PvE/PvP
  12. I am KittyCOW hear me MEWUU

    Why hello members of CotP! I just recently got approved by Mr. Grim, and figured I would shoot a little intro here. I enjoy talking so if this ends up being to long to read please post it in the replies. For starters I currently reside in Eastern North Carolina. I recently finished up my schooling at the University of North Carolina @ Wilmington, studying middle-grade Education. I enjoyed it thouroghly attending a small public university on the coast is an amazing adventure even if it was just for the girls that would wear swimsuits to class. I went on to teach for a couple years but found out that it was not all it was cracked out to be, like many other teachers that burn out shortly after they start. So i went out to find a summer job in between my teaching jobs. Found a job at a marketing corporation and I have been very successful working there for the past 2 years. I recently got laid off there and now am part of the many unemployed. :-( no worries I have plenty set up for me in the new year of 2013. So a little more on stuff that you all may care about, Been a gamer since i could hold a controller started out with the old SNES and strategy and RPGs. Then moved over the PS1 and played it casually around my HS sports and GF. Xbox launched and I fell in love with a little game called Halo. Put alot of time into that game and all renditions of it albeit pc or later on to the 360, did some competitive gaming as well in MLG when H2 got big, had to stop when college came around and i started playing college sports. After a career ending injury I was held up and started my gaming again, with WoW. This was a big switch for me to PC gaming, I mean keybinding and moving with a mouse what is that?! (still trying master it even now) After WoW ate my soul for 2 years i started playing Halo: Reach. Once that got old quickly I started in on MTGO where i started competing in tournaments and such did very well even after never playing paper magic from 2nd editon up to ISD. Then Halo 4 came out I maxed that out and am now just waiting until February when they actually come out with the ranked stuff. So here I am now, playing SWTOR on Shadowlands trying to get to End Game conent, and maybe even some Ranked PvP, which I enjoyed thouroghly in WoW. I am a consistent gamer with a very open mind and open for criticisims to perfect my game, But am also very research oriented and will probably try several different methods specs and alterations until i find something that fits my play style, as opposed to just going with whats in the Metagame at that time. I am a progressive end game player, that understands wipes happen and lots of frustration sets in, but that is all part of building a team and family, and the reward is so much more rewarding. I will never forget downing the Lich King in WoW we were one of the last guilds to do it on the server, but still we were just as excited after wiping on him every single time we got there due to bad communication and raid leader getting upset and placing blame. But hey we finally did it, after that I retired b/c i did not see cata gaining my intersts. So If i am chosen to advance with you all here and I get the help i may need to gear up properly I would love to share those experiences with you. And if any of you actually read this whole thing +1 to you. I look forward to hearing from you in the chat or vent/mumble w/e the group uses here. Best of luck to all and May the force be with you! -Sean
  13. Welcome KittyCOW

    Thank you for the quick reply and post. Does this mean anything specific, or just a notification of me registering on the site?