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  1. Introductions

    Hello, I'm Oort. I've been with CotP since March, 2013, starting in SWToR, then going to Rift, Skyforge, back to Rift, WoW, back to Rift, and now Destiny 2 (with a few games here or there thrown in along the way). I'm currently way too busy to play much, but do hope to have time towards the end of the year to finish the story and start the gear grind. Maybe even to PvP badly.
  2. "Main" and Preferred Roles

    While we're getting to know each other, how about posting your preferred class/role. For someone like me, who so far only has one toon, it's a bit obvious. But since there are folks out there with multiples, knowing who has what and likes to do what may help in pulling together teams. I'll start: My main is a Titan. While I'm mostly Sunbreaker for the story, my long-term goal is Sentinel tanking (once I know the content enough to tank it).
  3. Destiny 2 Guild Interest

    Is the plan to use the clan conversation stream to coordinate or to try to get a forum set up here?
  4. Destiny 2 Guild Interest

    Release week was probably the last time I'll see any real playtime till Thanksgiving. I've got too many projects that have to get done before late November.
  5. Expansion team forming

    After working my way through some patching bugs, I finally loaded into Crowfall again for the first time in a few months. Where should I be looking for the invite? I didn't see anything pop out at me.
  6. Destiny 2 Guild Interest

    I've been using this: http://www.gamesradar.com/destiny-2-guide-walkthrough/ But I'll check out the Dulfy guide. I'm sure I'm still using my Sentinel Super inefficiently. Need to find a good source on explaining that.
  7. Destiny 2 Guild Interest

    Ran around Trostland church for 3 hours killing stuff and doing events. Got to 10. Definitely more fun with a group -- ended up fighting along side a stranger for most of it and it was grand.
  8. Destiny 2 Guild Interest

    Ran across it by accident -- had been looking for a sci-fi MMO to relieve stress in. Fortunate timing.
  9. The Secret World Legends

    I picked TSW/SWL up again tonight to poke around. Alas, cut scene audio is inaudible, so I'm losing many of the story elements. Combat doesn't seem quite as boring as it was in TSW. I play MMOs maybe 2-3 hours a month these days, though, so it was mostly curiosity. Good luck, MB.
  10. ...give it a look. It's changed a lot. Framerates are much better, too.
  11. No games!

    You could always return to Rift.
  12. Been away a long time

    When the latest expansion was released, it came with 2 dungeons plus a third retuning of an old-world (vanilla) dungeon. Both Storm Legion and Nightmare Tide had many more dungeons. Also, the dungeons are undertuned, so got "easy" quickly. I recall folks getting the Conqueror achievements in SL and NT after a year, and now they're being gotten after a month. Trion also didn't release a raid with the expansion, and it's still not out. Even the group content that did exist was sometimes offline to fix it or kill exploits. It just feels like an unfinished and half-baked expansion. A lot of people are biding time hoping the raid is good enough to be engaging. Right now, it's hard to say really how active the chapter is. I think we have maybe 5 people on in ET evenings, but this week with the holidays is a mixed bag. There are folks who stay on till 1am ET. We're a relatively small guild, though, with perhaps a dozen active members. You're not going to find 10 people on at once very often. You're welcome to come join us, if you think we're a good fit for you. The power-leveling trick in CC was removed when SFP was released, so that option is gone. If you want to level up, you'll have to do it through leveling up. It could be that there are folks, especially in the current drought of content, who are leveling up alts, and you'll be able to group with guildies. Speaking only for myself, all my active toons finished NT at level 65, so I'm not going to be exploring NT content for a 6th time. Which really gets to the crux of the matter: What's new to you is, for folks who played the last expansion, stuff they've been in for two years. We had a couple of members join in the Fall who took NT off, but they did the leveling burst to get to 65 before the expansion. I don't know how much population you're going to see leveling up. Best to ask Fires, who is leveling through NT these days. It may be that you'll find folks to group with, or it may be that you'll end up doing it alone. It could be that if you need help on a fight, someone will be able to swing by and do that. But most of the Rift Chapter is level 70 now, so aside from alts, you're probably not going to find many folks leveling through the NT content. As I said, though, I've not had reason to look. It could be that NT zones are populated. Mumble can be active. There's social interaction there, even if you're out in the world on your own. But that may not be what you're looking for. Personally, I end up soloing every game, every expansion, because it's hard for me to dedicate X hours to sitting in the chair, and I need to be able to get up and do stuff on short notice. That's not really conducive to groups. You need to do what you enjoy as a way to spend your time. In some respects, all these games are tedious, without the group aspect, and without beating the challenges that require a group, and can't be done alone. I think that's why raiding is so important (and why the lack of it right now is putting Rift into the doldrums). We have good people in the chapter. If anyone asks for help, they get help. But let's be clear here, if everyone who is online and level 70 and you're level 60, you're not going to get folks to come run NT content with you. If you've done a quest chain and need someone to help with close a rift or do an end boss, you'll likely get that. Maybe you'll make a friend and inspire someone to run an alt with you. But the social aspect here is like it is anywhere else, something with give and take and mutual benefit. MMOs are really just social clubs: Like any other social club, folks with shared interests get together to explore those shared interests together. But right now you are behind the curve. You can make the effort to catch up to SFP, and then find people to group with in the new content. Maybe you'll find folks to group with on the way from 60 to 65. I don't know. But I think you need to look to yourself. Phrases like "imposition on them" and "knows what they're getting into" sound like you're looking for a guild to cater to you. That's not how it works, at least not here. We'll welcome you, and support you, and work with you to be the best you you can be, but at the end of the day, you need to stand up yourself and find your own enjoyment. If this says to you that you don't want to come join us, I understand. We're not going to ask you to join our ranks. Joining is your choice. You are welcome to join this group of fine people, if you want to, and see if perhaps it works out for you.
  13. Been away a long time

    Yes! You're allowed to play more than one game with CotP. In fact, it's encouraged. As you'll see in my forum avatar, I'm involved with both the Rift and WoW chapters, for example. You're welcome to come to join us in Rift. It's a bit quiet these days, due to some decisions Trion made for the new release, but if you've been gone a while, there's plenty of content out there for you (on the other hand, if you're topped off on level, there's not so much -- which is part of the problem). If you want to PM me with any questions, I've been pretty active in Rift for the last several years, so may be able to answer. Or you could post here for the others who visit to see and comment. Or, if Mumble is easier for you, we can arrange a time via PM.
  14. HI

    Welcome back.