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  1. I followed all the direction, I can't find the download section that Leah referenced. I get a "Service not available" every time the game loads through the portal. Any ideas/recomendations would be greatly apprecaited. Thanks, Dryaad
  2. Account name

    Hey folks, I am wondering how many of you are still relatively active on GW2? Where do you folks sit on content and level gaps? My highest is early-30's, focusing on hunter mostly. I don't have Thorns expansion but I debating if I am going to get it depending on the frequency of players. Thanks, Dryaad.7681
  3. Transfer to Arkenstone

    Hey folks, I am wondering how many of you are still relatively active on LOTRO? I could transfer over folks, but it may just be more cost effective for me just to start over. Where do you folks sit on content and level gaps? My highest is mid-30's, focusing on Lore-Master and Captain mostly. I am preferred and have quest packs up till 85 or so. I am currently on Gladstone as that's where they dumped me, but it will cost me about 27.5k points to move everything I have so...yeah, debating what/how I am going to do this currently, depending on the frequency of players. Thanks, Dryaad.
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  5. CotP Legion

    CoTP, Hey folks. I wanted to see if we could join forces, if you will, and get together for your mythic/group/raid nights that you are currently running. I have sent most of the folks I know from other CoTP chapters (mostly those in this post/pm) that play WoW a battle.net friend request (dryaad#1905) so that we can get communication going. Many folks did the burn and go routine for legion, but we have a solid five man group left that does mythic dungeons, but have not being having good luck doing raids or LFR via community and time constraints. So we were wondering about joining you folks and getting back to having some good old fashioned fun. We have a blood dk, resto druid, ele shaman and two shadow priests all above ilvl 850. So please let me know if this is something that we could think is plausible and see what we can do as it will have to be over battle.net and forums for communication, we tend to use discord and have our own channel setup. Dryaad (Drysdruid/Wetmonk)
  6. CotP Legion

    COTP, Small addition, we could join your guild raids via cross realm, we have a solid six folks that could join if applicable, just let me know what nights you guys raid and we can join you via cross realm. We just want to group up and have fun with the content. We are also currently recruiting. Thanks, Dryaad (Dryaad / Dryswar / Drysshammie / Dryspriest / Dryspallie)
  7. CotP Legion

    CoTP, This is the first time I have scene COTP in WoW. That being said, I have a friends and family guild called Tilted Kilts, Allicance, Silvermoon server. I am looking to see if your chapter is interested in a cross realm raiding, sort of like what SWTOR has, via their own channel and say "we need 3 dps, anyone interested", type thing. We have enough to fill 10 man's usually and are currently going through MoP content to get back into the swing of things. We just did the first of the Normal WoD raids and are going to attempt the second one either next week or week after prior to legion starting. We are by no means hardcore, but we strive to achieve things together. We are a casual guild that does raiding (group content) on Tuesday/Thursday nights at 9:30pm EST/6:30pm PST, with Monday being a backup day, same time. Please let me know if this is something that anyone is interested in (cross realming), as we have all used our tokens and are committed ourselves to where we are, we just want to have more than the 10 of us to play with . PM me, or see my character names below. Any and all are appreciated and welcome to join. Thanks, Dryaad (Dryaad / Dryswar / Drysshammie / Dryspriest / Dryspallie)
  8. Looking for an invite ingame?

    COTP, Well I entered all the names on the friends list and none of them worked. I will/should be online most of the night tonight, until my 7 days are up (sometime early next week), however, I am more focused on gathering/crafting currently as combat for me is a tad tricky, so a CotD invite would be appreacted considering I hear/read that two CotP guilds are filled. Nice going on the War node by the way, saw the message in the system chat...man those are horribly annoying. I even turned them off (or thought I did) and keep getting them. Look forward to an invite. Thanks folks for everything again Dryaad
  9. Looking for an invite ingame?

    COTP, If I made a character on Edan Med #1 vs Med #2 server, that's a bad thing right? I have to make it on the same #'d server that you guys are on correct? Thanks, Dryaad
  10. Xbox one eso

    The wife and I have it on PC and XB1 for other's in her family, let me know what covenant your going to and we will be more than willing to make a toon.
  11. ESO Status Check

    Awesome, I already have some toons on all sides as well. V1 templar and wife is V1 nightblade, so we will see what we can do to play with you guys. Looking forward to it.
  12. ESO Status Check

    Hey all, where are most of you playing now? The wife and I are mostly playing ebonpact mostly. However, we have ventured across all three and have the majority of all the crafting taken care of. Just wanted to put a feeler out there. @dryaad/@ninliz
  13. Request Invite

    I am in the game now, Dry Mac. My friend Mnita Haln (Cujh on the forums, just submitted application) both transfered from another server and would like to get access, we are both currently in game. I appreciate it, Thanks, Dryaad
  14. Request Invite

    CotP FF14 Chapter, I have recently come back to FF14 and would like to received an invite in to the free company. Name: Dryaad Akeyroe / Dry Mac Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks, Dryaad.
  15. Imperial City Update/DLC

    Cant wait. How many folks do we have in the guild on this chapter?