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  1. Chapter Infomation

    Chapter Lead: Lifedragn (Arnaeus Moonglow) Officer(s): Inseril (Inseril Moonbow), Spryone (Spryone DeRonin), Mekong (Mekong Phoenix) Server: Single Server Game. Game Website: https://www.shroudoftheavatar.com/
  2. Recruitment and Chapter direction

    This is also a discussion I felt we should start having. Guild recruitment and structure can be difficult to hash out without really defining what our guild is. First I will speak as a member, not an officer, so take this bit as personal opinion. I would love for us to define a lore-friendly context within the game. Being that the game lore very explicitly includes Outlanders from modern time, this becomes fairly flexible. The challenge, I feel, is more in part to unified purpose. Why exactly have we come together under one banner? What goals do we share? How do we enable one another and work together? What specific appeal does this provide that another guild may lack? I personally adore the idea of trying to focus in on a settlement and trying to make it a noteworthy and famed settlement in the game. Sadly, much of what helps with this gets locked behind paywalls with settlement size and item limits. Findupre is certainly larger, allowing for more properties and items, than Covenant of the Phoenix and Mekong has an excellent initial setup (even if some of the path misalignment makes me feel OCD). Organizing properties and pulling more deco out of the public space and pushing it to the private space could help beautify the settlement and space out the public deco and lighting more. Building up our crafters and stocking our vendors to provide inexpensive quality goods when browsing and offering commissioned works on request would provide very strong incentive for folks to come to our town if we advertise it properly. More combat oriented goals could be to provide something more akin to PvE mercenary services, helping folks explore, defeat bosses, and achieve goals. Or offering PvP zone escorts to players wanting to check out open PvP areas at reduced risk of being attacked. I kind of want to avoid the... "We're a friendly social group that largely does our own things but sometimes parties up together." It does offer a lot of freedom for everyone to just play as they as want, but it also is basically the premise of the majority of guilds I come across in games. A lot of guilds go that more open path because it feels more inclusive and allows for quicker growth, but the quality of the experience just feels lacking to me. However, the above aspects are purely my opinion. Do not feel afraid to express desires for exactly the opposite of what I have said. If you dig through my history in PFO you will see that I am rather democratically oriented when serving as a chapter lead, even when preferences may not align with my own. Now, donning my Officer Hat, I will quote the Charter. Whatever recruitment method we take should be strongly rooted in this. At a glance, it really does support a guild aligned to the Virtue system in Shroud. However, we need not make that a core tenant if folks really want to do anti-virtue. But even then we'd still expect membership to act largely in honorable fashion. As for Structure: I think I would prefer a simple membership and officer structure that mirrors that of the Covenant. And to that end I will likely be approaching some folks to make some things more official once I locate some of the resources I have lost track of given the navigation changes to the site. I'll work on getting that all located and set up this week.
  3. Avatar Crafting Disciplines

    I am dabbling in many crafts, but my focus is primarily tailoring. I am GM Tailoring if anyone wishes to apprentice it, and working on the Mastercrafting portions when I have time for silver runs. But that's taking a while, as its 20 ore per attempt. Tialessa probably won't be in forums, but is working on Agriculture, Cooking, and Alchemy/Enchanting.
  4. What tier is everyone

    Just a lowly Founder package.
  5. Become a Phoenix

    Wooo... I know they modelled that off of WoW's cost but that's still pretty hefty for what is probably a single field update in a db.
  6. Become a Phoenix

    Is that something that can be done without cost?
  7. Release 46

    I could also tell the load times were much better. The game didn't crash on exit. I actually went into Solace Bridge Outskirts for the first time last night. Not at all a challenge at my level, but was well put together.
  8. Deck Question

    I'm Hybrid. I've got Ice Fist, Ice Arrow, Searing Ray on 1,2,3,4 with Discharge on 3,4 as well. 5 I have Ice Shield, Douse, Blind, Healing Touch. Locked: 6 - Dodge 7 - Evasion 8 - Deflect 9 - Defensive Stance 10 - Soothing Rain I haven't updated since the heat system was added, but it certainly helps power up those defensive ones I only need once and a while.
  9. Guild Inn Rooms

    Still out of town, but checking forums I saw this post: https://www.shroudoftheavatar.com/forum/index.php?threads/free-housing-for-new-players.99733/#post-875756 Could be a good idea for recruitment to offer something similar.
  10. Stagnant - Players returning?

    Going to be out of contact for a few days. Evacuating ahead of Irma.
  11. Discord in Shroud

    Looks like movement is being made towards an official CotP discord now. I'm all for moving Guild stuff to that. We can keep the PoT one separate as people can live in the PoT but not be in the guild and could be in the guild but not live in the PoT. As Mekong said, it is easy enough for us to be in both simultaneously if desired.
  12. Discord in Shroud

    I've been using the one linked by Spry. And I concur, the lack of official discord for CotP is a little disconcerting. We have one we use. I think BDO has their own... possibly had two separate ones at one point? I'm sure other chapters have similar things going on. Mumble is quickly falling out of favor across the gaming community as Discord rises, so it's definitely something CotP as a whole should build a gameplan for.
  13. Stagnant - Players returning?

    Silver is an annoyance because every craft seems to need it outside of alchemy. If each tree had its own things to go get, that would be both more immersive and allow more communal activity. I've been pretty focused on tailoring, and been doing base carpentry (no mastworking). Now that Drothar's back in, I'll probably see him next time I need a shield or sword. Tialessa, who finally caved and joined the guild, is interested in alchemy/enchantment long term so I'd probably take those items to her unless we have other skilled enchanters. I get more than enough metals for whatever bindings I need in tailoring, so I'm more than fine dropping copper and iron into a communal chest. As for Mass Appeal development, I understand it. I really do. They need customers to earn cash to keep developing. At the current pace, they just won't make enough to keep all of the staff paid. And if they start having to cut staff, development slows, which reduces how much people give them financially and a huge downward spirals kills it in the end. I am really concerned about the game's long term prospects. But I am enjoying it for now, and will take advantage of the run while it lasts. Maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised and they'll manage to build a larger player base. I don't see it though.
  14. Discord in Shroud

    A topic like this should probably include the current non-integrated discord that folks in the guild are using.
  15. Guild Inn Rooms

    Alright, cool! Wonder if there is a way we can get sotamap updated. Still uses the old map where it's by Xenos