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  1. Release 26 and our PoT!!!

    I believe our discord is also checked more frequently than our forum. I try to pop in and check here, but folks are in and out of discord all the time.
  2. Release 26 and our PoT!!!

    Shouldn't have. Which topics? And how can we help?
  3. What are some of the typically difficult area you guys will not tread without a group? Are there any of those left?
  4. Want to get an idea of folks availability for chapter functions. Post your general availability here. I am generally available Weeknights after 7 EST, most Sundays during the day EST, and every other Saturday.
  5. CotP Buildings in Findupre and their purpose

    If we get recruiting pretty good, it starts making sense to get those remote chapter houses operating. A training dojo would be cool if we could get some practice targets and dummies. It would fit with the trophy deco Spry has started in there.
  6. CotP Buildings in Findupre and their purpose

    As for other Findupre community buildings, the crafting pavilion and tavern are good. They serve solid purpose. I do like the idea of the Lord Marshal building layout used for a huge tavern, but I don't know if the game will ever have the player base to justify that let alone our little town!
  7. Looking to gather other opinions on this too, as ultimately I own zero of the lots being publicly used. But I feel we are getting a smattering of buildings diluted purpose. Helps the town look full, but also looks like we are throwing things down without planning. Two Inns: Actually makes some sense to me. One Inn to use for Findupre newcomers not joining CotP. One Inn to use for CotP members without property. * I believe a CotP Inn could serve as Chapter House / Headquarters. I like the Inn Building Design for it, especially the notion of a first floor gathering space with member rooms above. The addition of a basement with community resources and crafting stations beneath is also rather nice (Noting how Spry has the arena basement beneath Phoenician East). I could really see it being a Main Building for the Chapter in Findupre. * Phoenician West, still marked as Chapter Housing has a significant issue with approaching internal item limit. If we actually let people use those rooms they would have to be very spartan with their deco. Kindred House: Could easily be wrapped into HQ Building. As above or below. Lord Marshall Chapter House: Could be an HQ. But I am wondering what functionality it would serve beyond a vanity display? No real rooms to cordon off space for specific functions. Large, open communal area. We could do the Kindred House idea in it. But I rather feel it would be inferior to the Inn. We can keep them all. And it is great that so much contribution is being offered. I am just thinking we can look more organized if we optimized it. And you guys would have more lots for other things.
  8. Going to spin off a new thread on building/lot allocations
  9. I'll wander down to Saint Dupree lake to take a peak at the lord marshal home shortly. You and Spry are our big landlords in town it seems. XD
  10. That could work... I tend to lack optimism in the game growing to the point where we could fill a single inn with new members let along two. Haha. I was thinking a row plot could be saved by moving the Kindred lot into the Main Offices
  11. What are your character(s)'s SMART goals?

    Haven't touched this in a while, hah. 70/75 Tailoring Masterwork Proficiency. 41 / 50 Cloth 23 / 50 Leather (now that I have people to make some for) Also striving to get 60 in all sun skills, and 80 in all water skills.
  12. CotP Community Offerings

    I am personally considering to begin making "care packages" of baseline Cloth and Leather armors as free give-away items for newer players. I sure do make a lot of +0s when seeking +1s even at 100 skill so I get plenty. Thought I would open that up to public discourse as it could be beneficial for positive community PR if others wanted to do similar things for metal armors or weapons. Make it more of a guild thing if anyone has interest in contributing to it. I am also thinking that perhaps we should offer some free rooms in one of the inns. This is a thing other groups are presently doing, and that will make it hard to Rent for Gold. Being that I own zero Inns, I am not making a mandate, but wanting to open it up for consideration as a recruitment effort. Thoughts on either of these?
  13. I've noticed a Moonglow vendor in front of a Row Building I am co-owner of in town. Am I to take those as a sign of usability? Have we determined usage for the CotP Main Offices? Should I decorate a personal office space in one of the rooms?
  14. Recruitment and Chapter direction

    I like how you put the charter into book form, very nice.
  15. Recruitment and Chapter direction

    Are books able to be left editable? Last attempt I made seemed to have finalized the book and I couldn't change it anymore.