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  1. Expansion team forming

  2. Got a Kickstarter Account from a friend

    ;-) make sure to tell me when you are going in. Would like to team up. I had some trials alone, but there is only so much you can do alone.
  3. Got a Kickstarter Account from a friend

    Hi Cheatle. To play you need to Check if your account has early access, that is still a requirement atm. If you have ea yoz can Download the game and play. i Think you'll have some Parcels, you will be given some more and some buildings for testing purposes. I recommend creating a small personal kingdom to get the basics snd craft your starter equipment. Then dive in to the campaign World. their you have zo choose a faction atm. order, chaos or balance.
  4. Group activities in alpha

    Some things definedly can not be done by one person alone. There are bigger ressource nods across the maps, that require 2 persons to mine them at the same time. These are the only ways to get Minerals and gems, which you need to craft soulsstones, and alchemical components for necromantic body building :-D
  5. Group activities in alpha

    True to some extend. For PvP/PvE - testing pursoses, you need some gathering runestones and basic equipment, the materials for them can be gathered in your personel kingdom. Basic armor has the best defences at the moment(will be changed in the future), so there is no reason to try and craft better then basic armor at the moment, unless, you want to look into the process. Weapons on the other hand... some many nice bonuses you can add to them...which would require higjher tiered materials though, which can only be found in the campaign worlds...
  6. Well deserved. Congrats!
  7. Well deserved. Congrats!
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  12. Congratulations Knight Casvelyn

    hip hip hooray.
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