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  1. Our Discord server requires those connected to the voice channels to use Push-to-Talk in order to speak. This prevents excessive hotmiccing and picking up unnecessary background noise. In order to use Push-to-Talk while in a game, you must run the Discord program as an admin, similar to what you would do in Mumble. Below is a short guide on how to do that. Step 1: Find the application or shortcut on your desktop, in your Start list, your files, your task bar. Right click the application to select its properties. If it is pinned to your Task Bar, simply right-click the application, then right-click Discord and select Properties. Step 2: Enable Admin Compatibility under Shortcut by clicking Advanced and selecting Run as Administrator. Click OK. Step 3: Switch to the Compatibility tab, and enable the option to Run this program as an administrator. Apply changes or click OK. And hurrah! Your Discord will now prompt you to be ran as Admin each time you open it, allowing you to use Push-to-Talk while outside of the Discord window.
  2. Can I play on IPad?

    Technically, yes, if you use TeamViewer or Google Remote Desktop, but it has to run on a PC. It isn’t an iPad mobile app.
  3. I’m ready for retirement.  Only 41 more years!

  4. Forum structure changes

    Yeah, they increase with post count, was just wondering what all ranks there were
  5. Forum structure changes

    Haha, with two different chapters talking about server changes, looks like things got mixed up on the forums. The description for the SWTOR now reads as follows: Alliance Server would be for WOW. As for Shadowlands, the server will be renamed to Star Forge next month, but it will have both Republic and Empire guilds on it. Additional guilds for the West Coast will be made on the Satele Shan server. Also, just curious but what all are the ranks now? I see my post count has given me the rank of Viceroy.
  6. new member

    Welcome to the guild! And the WoW chapter most definitely is active, though not so much on the forums. You can keep up with them in our Discord server, as well as request an invite into the in game guild.
  7. Star Wars Ep 8 Trailer tomorrow!

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Carrie!!!!!!
  8. COTP Discord Server

    The #rules channel definitely looks like something we should incorporate, as it seems as though many people connecting are and getting lost already. Nicknames should be done by chapter leaders and officers and should reflect their name within our community, rather than game specific nicknames. Giving members the option to nickname themselves grants troublemakers permission to attempt to possibly impersonate others and maybe gain access that they otherwise shouldn’t have. When a member connects, they just need to reach out to a chapter officer/leader or server mod/admin to help get them set up, but otherwise, the naming convention is the same as we have it in Mumble. Keep in mind that because we are a community with many active chapters, many members play in different games with different names in each. To keep with consistency, that is why we identify one another by their CotP name rather than a single game’s character name.
  9. The trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi will debut tomorrow night during ESPN football. If it's like episode 7's trailer, it'll happen during the halftime show. During episode 7's trailer, many of us were gathered in the main channel, not caring about football but eagerly awaiting the halftime for it to arrive, talking until then, and then complete silence as we nerdgasmed to the awesomeness of the trailer. Let's hope the same thing happens tomorrow!
  10. happy birthday chey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Forum structure changes

    I don't believe Announcements can be dismissed in ipb4.
  12. Forum structure changes

    I think we may have gone overboard with the blocks lol. The top content posters and top posters do not seem overly relevant, or the top bloggers since the blog tracker is there, too. There are some forums, mostly the game server ones, which appear as locked groups, maybe invite only? Perhaps those can be regulated to the clubs feature.
  13. Forum Update.

    Can we get permission to remove our own Calendar entries?
  14. Forum Update.

    I feel as though this may be just because of the WISYWIG editor, but is there a way to prevent the automatic highlighting? It makes things wonky to read depending on the theme you're running. Example here for light theme Also, there are now two blocks for 'Topics' on the front page with what looks like the same criteria in both
  15. Server Merges Announced

    My longest played character is Sorcerer Supreme, has been subbed for the majority since early access. I’m just hoping no one else has a higher playtime, I haven’t checked on the other servers... Haha, there were too many servers at launch and I was playing on a shitty laptop, I just made October on about two or three.