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  1. Congrats, Sentry Demagogue!

    Our chapter's success can be attributed almost entirely to @Demagogue's efforts at organizing and leading numerous events throughout the game's content. Please join me in recognizing his contributions by granting him Sentry status!
  2. Please join me in congratulating the community's newest sentry, Demagogue, for his continuous efforts and contributions in our Destiny 2 chapter's direction and success!
  3. Welcome Morningstar

    Are you a fan of the comics or show, @Morningstar? Welcome to the community!
  4. Destiny 2 Free Trial

    It can take a while to finish absolutely everything, including finding all the lore and such, depending on your playstyle I suppose. But once you reach endgame, it is a continuous grind until you reach your max Light (power) level, then you just play to get cosmetic rewards, I suppose. Can't really comment on much end-game activity since I've barely been able to scratch it since it released on consoles, rip. But endgame is definitely where the story and content begins. My favorites are mostly PvE group activities. Very satisfying downing difficult bosses and passing challenging obstacles and then dancing in triumph. The DLC won't fix everything. The tradition is that Bungie says something, the community gains Hype™, the game comes out and the community enjoys it but after a month when there isn't enough new content to satisfy them they begin to bicker and complain about all of the game's shortcomings, until the next expansion. It's been this way since D1, and probably could've been made better if D2 was just an expansion of the first one, but I digress. Right now, Bungie's just said that going forward, they plan on communicating better with everyone, which they've said since the first issues of D1 so what can ya do. Still, this game is very enjoyable if you play it casually or if you play it more hard core with raids and stuff. You'll only be disappointed if you let yourself, imo. Also, Rahool will disappoint you, too.
  5. Tera For PS4/Xbox Coming soon

    Whoa, this looks interesting. Thanks for sharing, will check my spam folder now!
  6. Xur Inventory

    Xur has new wares! I think I want Sweet Business.
  7. Destiny 2 Free Trial

    Yes, it is available on any console. You can play for free until level 7, and if you choose to purchase, you will be able to continue your progress.
  8. Jerry720 membership

    Hey, buddy. You were receiving that error because you're already a member. If you need an invite back into the SWTOR chapter, simply type in your chat box "/cjoin cotp" and ask for an invite. Alternatively, feel free to join the Discord server to ask an officer, or hop on Mumble.
  9. Whoa happy birthday, mate. Miss raiding with ya. Hope you're well, pal!

  10. Howdy Folks!

    Hey, pal, welcome back to the community and game. You can request an invite via our custom chat channel of /cotp. Simply type "/cjoin cotp" to join. This channel is active on both factions. The chapter mostly uses Mumble for VoiP, but feel free to join our the Discord server to keep in touch with SWTOR and the community at large.
  11. Xur Inventory

    Dec 1-4, 2017
  12. Guild Hall and more

    Perfectd, how do you even manage to game with the terrible Internet in Australia?
  13. Happy birthday, Lee!

  14. Guild Hall and more

    So how does the guild hall -- and the guild itself -- work if we are on different servers? It's my understanding that we still might be able to play together if we're on different servers, for the WvW stuff, but can I still be in the Jade Quarry CotP guild even if I'm not on Jade Quarry?
  15. Guild Hall and more

    I want to commit to this game and help you guys further the guild's goals in it, but I absolutely don't have the time until next year. Still, guild hall, is that like SWTOR's guild ships?