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  1. Introductions

    Welcome NoFaceSage! We are mostly based out of Hammerfall in the South. After you have your legs under you head down that way and we can get you kitted out. Remember, the game is 100xp per hour whether you are logged in or not, so keep checking back for your extra xp to spend I don't normally make it up to Thornkeep (the starting city) but Casevelyn and Glinder sometimes do (they are our current leaders). Ask for them in game. Weekday evenings from 7pm - 11pm est is when we are most active (and any time on the weekends) Cheers!
  2. Congratulations Knight Casvelyn

  3. Congratulations Knight Glinder

  4. Am thinking about trying this game - hope to see fellow CoTP members in game. Does anyone use our Mumble Server to play? What are normal play times? Cheers!
  5. Congratulations Sentry Midnitearrow

  6. Conratulations Sentry Glinder

  7. Congatulations Sentry Casvelyn

  8. Open message to Lisa

    Lisa hasn't logged into the CoTP site in just over a month. Not sure if she has been in game during that time either, but maybe Jasc could speak to that better.
  9. Congratulation Knight Drogon

    Congrats and well deserved Drogon! Thanks for everything you do for our alliance in PFO!!!
  10. Strongly disagree. It is not just about the poisons they put on in and in the food it is also about the whole mind-set, belief system and approach to growing food and the kind of relationship you have to the planet. By all means eat what you want, but please don't dismiss a whole food movement that encompasses a lot more than simply whether they are spraying poisons on your food and into the environment or not!
  11. Introductions

    Glad to have you more active! Just an FYI - they took out friendly fire, so you are free to fire at will when we group up for escalations! Also, Fiery is getting ready to jump-start the AH so you will hopefully have an easier time finding a market for your wares. What level & type is/are your gatherer(s)?
  12. Interesting! May check this out this summer when I have much more play time.
  13. Mumble access for outsiders

    I think it is a good idea to give someone else who plays regularly the ability to pull visitors down into other channels. However, giving a Sentry that ability may be unprecedented for CoTP, I do not really know. Maybe it is time to nominate Drogon for promotion to Knight?
  14. Pathfinder RPG Books in Humble Bundle

    The SRD is such an awesome resource - the guy who built and maintains that deserves some decent compensation.