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  1. New to FFXIV and looking for a friendly guild :-)

    If you let us know your in game name we can try to invite you. Are you on Leviathan?
  2. Merry Christmas!!!

    I hope everyone had a wonderful day yesterday, and made it to and from their destinations safe and sound. I got to spend some time with some great people, it was a lot of fun!
  3. Congratulations Sentry Skiye!!

    Yay!!! Congratulations
  4. FC Secret Santa!!!!

    I'm in!
  5. November Raffle Starting Now Until End of Month!!

    WINNERS!!!!!! 1st place: Kyrin 2nd Place: Renzu 3rd Place: Zez 4th Place Neir I was able to get with two of you in game. The other two I sent you mail. Get with me ASAP so I can get what you won!
  6. Jakk and I are Bonding. Hope you can come!

    I'm gonna check my schedule and see if I'm able to make it. It sounds like a lot of fun
  7. Minion Giveaway! And Poll!

    I'll be there I get off fairly early....well I'll be home by 6 anyway.
  8. Minion Giveaway! And Poll!

    Adding in a few primal minions to the mix. They will be of the winner's choice.
  9. Glamour Thread

    I have not posted here for a while. Obvious since it was like 3 pages in! There is some glamours that I've done recently
  10. Welcome Bassett

    Welcome to Covenant of the Phoenix! Please, make yourself at home in the Final Fantasy XVI chapter!
  11. November Raffle Starting Now Until End of Month!!

    Updated to show prizes!
  12. Trivia Night!

    Woo Hoo I loved the Trivia NIght it was a lot of fun!
  13. November Raffle Starting Now Until End of Month!!

    I never saw you put it in the bank. BTW..... Still waiting to put your tickets on the doc