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  1. Chapter still open?

    We are still open. We use a personal discord server for our chapter. stop by the discord using this link :https://discord.gg/bNf6DRj We are on the server Leviathan in the primal data center.
  2. New to FFXIV and looking for a friendly guild :-)

    Hello Dragonwraith! Our COTP Free Company (guild) is on the Leviathan server. There is usually someone at the house; which is in Mist ward 4 plot 5 currently(or the market board nearby); which can give you an invite into the FC. Or you can try to find someone with the <CotP> tag to put in an application.
  3. Raiding ARR

    The old raids have the ability to be synced-forcing you to run them at the level intended; however, they also have the ability to run them unsynced so they can be cleared as the cap. Old raids will usually be done unsynced, since few want to plunge through progression with old content when they're overgeared at their cap anyway. Running old content, however, does happen. There is a book WT/Wondrous Tales (weekly quest) that has you run through various content, PF or FC is a good way to get small groups for it (as unsynced doesn't really need full parties on most things). There is also what the FC calls "Bridge Night"-- This is when people help clear older/less current content for other--unsynced is normal but synced stuff too. While the night hasn't had a specific time of when the FC runs it; if you ask and there is enough people on that are able/not raiding at the time, it usually happens. If not, most will try to help you out soon as they can. As to Focus on story before raiding. the SB raid will likely be gated behind the completion of the 4.0 storyline; as I know ARR's was and think HW was. So clearing story asap will help a great deal and start preparing you for raiding. if you've more questions ask me on this topic or on discord; will do what I can to answer
  4. not recovering quick enough

    Get well Trent, the rest can come when it is able to. Wishing you the best for your recovery!
  5. Rename Airship #2

    Yeah I'm more of the Keep it the Same/Similar myself. Blame Arsenix Redux Arsenix Reborn
  6. 3.5 prelim notes

    \o/ The hotbar changes will likely see me spending a week tinkering with my bars. I missed being able to do that when I played wow. Party Finder changes should be nice too
  7. Merry Christmas!!!

    Merry Christmas Neo! Everyone. Hope everyone has a great holiday!
  8. Congratulations Sentry Skiye!!

    Congrats Skiye!!!
  9. FC Secret Santa!!!!

    Jakk and Ahmira are in for sure. Zae (my alt) can if you need someone else for a pair.
  10. Jakk and my Bonding Video

    Thank you. it was on the 3rd. We tried to make sure everyone knew between an earlier post on the forums with the date and commenting a few times that day about it. ;( Sorry
  11. Jakk and my Bonding Video

    For those who couldn't join us for whichever reason; I got the video uploaded at last >.> Jakk went back to being a Male Miqo'te for the ceremony, then returned to being a female Elezen.
  12. Jakk and I are Bonding. Hope you can come!

    Awe Sorry Skiye!
  13. Jakk and I are Bonding. Hope you can come!

    Hope you can Rain! we chose 6 our time because 8 is the time events were usually held on fri and sat (so figured it would be the most likely time for it to have available for more people)
  14. Jakk and I are getting hitched on December 3rd. at 6pm Mountain Standard. We mailed invitations to who we could but there are several people we couldn't invite specifically and many who may still like to join us. You can reply here or catch either of us in-game for an invite; or on Sat 3rd, We'll do a few mentions in FC chat. Hope you can join us!
  15. Happy Turkey Day ya'll

    Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving Nyx.