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  1. Back up around 10pm PDT.
  2. All the servers are showing up as being down. I suspect the 273.55 ... 273.58 updates have broken the auto-update process. Zot
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  4. Reset Server?

    Vraith, sorry, I like you, but no. I'd rather get some of the bickering out in the open. Elric, in no way shape or form am I criticizing this poll. Doing a poll over the course of a week is an appropriate way to decide whether to reset the server. The time we did not do this is what I am critical about, and as I understand it, that was run by Cecil and not you. Melkor, are you completely nuts? I did admin tasks for months on this server, and the many hours I spent doing those things were completely voluntary on my part. I stopped volunteering my time when I realized that the only other people playing on the server were you and Cecil. You were, at the time, being a complete ass to me, and Cecil was barely ever there and can do his own admin tasks anyway. I am not going to volunteer my time to help out a person who is being an ass to me. You should have thanked me when I was doing admin stuff rather being an ass, and criticizing me for stopping is simply silly. I'm not obligated to spend a couple hours a week keeping the game up to date for you. Furthermore, I don't recall Elric asking me for any help with anything, but if he did and I refused then I was probably busy with real life problems. I've no idea what your issue is with server resets, the only one I've been involved in was because of an upgrade problem. No one was on the server at the time, and the reset didn't wind up fixing the issue anyway. The issue in question was the because the ark advanced author split out some of the things in the Ark Advance package into a different package, which resulted in the things that were split out simply disappearing from the game. Resetting the data to just before the upgrade didn't fix it, and we did not reset again when we added the new package back in. All other server resets were different admins.
  5. Reset Server?

    Wow, Melkor, that's a remarkably misleading rant. And you are an admin now? That explains much about the crap that is going on with the server. Melkor should never, ever have admin privileges on a group server. Neither, IMO, should Cecil. Regarding your whining about the other server: meh. What servers other people have is none of your business. Regarding the previous unadvertised server wipe that I 'told you off' about: Posting a thread on the boards and taking a vote over a period of days is a reasonable warning. Getting together with your buds in mumble and deciding to do a wipe that same night is not. Furthermore, you didn't just wipe, you first attacked and destroyed our base. You did not destroy any other bases, only ours. So when I logged on that night, my buildings were destroyed, my minions were killed, and your base was still undamaged. I was quite specific in mumble when I 'told you off' that both of those actions were not cool. Your reaction to my saying that it wasn't cool was completely over the top. Regarding your administrating the server now, that explains much. A while ago a giga suddenly appeared and destroyed my outpost. The next day a giga appeared right next to my main base. The next day, a new giga appeared next to my base again. Including the one at the outpost, this happened six days in a row. Every one of them but the sixth one was destroyed. And on the sixth day of that I decided to leave the CotP server. The odds of that happening and it >not< being an admin canoodling with me are astronomically low. One giga appearing next to a base is coincidence, six in a row is someone abusing admin privileges. I just logged on again for the first time in weeks and I see that there are currently two gigas next to my base. *shrug* I figured it was probably Cecil canoodling with me, but that was because I assumed folks would not ever give Melkor admin. At this point it really doesn't matter to me if the server gets wiped. There are two groups of people I enjoyed playing ark with. One of the groups is now playing BDO, the other is playing on their own server. When I have time in my life for lots more gaming, I'll probably play with one of those two groups. I may pick up a new game. I definitely won't play with you.
  6. Server Down

    Yeah, so there were both ark and mod updates, and they were updated. Zot
  7. Server Wipe Voting

    Here is a summary of a bunch of opinions: This is a wrong time to do a restart, as we are guaranteed to have a minimal group next week and for a couple weeks after. The right time to do a restart seems like around 3 weeks from now. If we do a restart now, we should do another restart in a month. Regardless, we should drop the Jurassic Ark mod. The way the dinoOverhaul changes were sprung on the community was poorly done, but the changes the author is making will be very fun to play. When we restart, we should include dinoOverhaul at difficulty 1 as a possible option. Zot
  8. Server Wipe Voting

    I'm of the opinion that we should do this at a future date. We're about to lose much of our player base to other game releases. Waiting a few weeks will catch the bounce-back.
  9. Server Wipe Voting

    Regarding mods, the Jurassic Ark mod is a buggy POS. No one uses it, and we should drop it from the list.
  10. GateMod

    I'm not usually in favor of adding mods. I'm in favor of adding this mod.
  11. Current Server Mods

    Yeah, sure, let's nuke the world and start over. Ditch AkuShima and the castle mod. The above list sounds good.
  12. I don't see a "meh" button. I'm fine either way.
  13. Last night in mumble (Hiwin)

    I can confirm. I was wearing a blue suit.
  14. Welcome Zot