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  1. I strip in the swamp on occasion. In UTM at present.
  2. Congratulations Knight Casvelyn

    Thank you all. I will never forget this. I can't wait for my sword and little pin and to meet the Queen.
  3. Congratulations Knight Glinder

  4. Congratulations Sentry Midnitearrow

    Gjerb. Congrats.
  5. Congatulations Sentry Casvelyn

    Thanks Zax! Glad to see you back!
  6. Conratulations Sentry Glinder

    Three cheers for Sentry Glinder!
  7. Stuff To Do Together: Project Gorgon (early review)

    I might grab this tonight. If I do play, I might even spell my character's name correctly this time, you know for kicks n stuff.
  8. Congratulations Sentry Casvelyn

    Thank you! I will do my best to be vigilant.
  9. PFO, official time of death?

    Notta - HF level was dropped due to low resources. We are going to be muling over more resources this week to fix that. Meanwhile training level is back up today, I believe. If you need something, let me know.
  10. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Founders Week is here again and its time to vote for those you feel represent your chapter the best in the following categories. Please make sure to participate in the Founders Week 2016 event starting. Please copy and paste the following into your replies and write the name of who you are voting for in each category next to the category: Paladin of the Year: Knight of the Year: Sentry of the Year: Training Media of the Year: Healer of the Year: Tank of the Year: DPS of the Year: Videographer of the Year: Warlord (PvP Player) of the Year: Crafter of the Year: Photographer of the Year: For your reference, the following lists are those that have been active within the last year at each of the ranks being voted on here: Paladin: Amanda, Arlan, ArsenixTG, Arus, Azareah, Azog, Baentir, Bakath, Bandoid, CeciltheHoly, Chebar, Chemosabe, Darkfalcon, Eendiwena, Faradii, Firedancer, Jaada, Jayvyn, Jeffrobodean, Kamen, Kuvasz, Liquid Wolf, Litewave, Meander, Montagu, Multipas, peanut gallery, Perfectd, Phyreblade, Rav, Rouhet, Sevitoth, Smokin Warclaw, wingz, Zenobia, Ztuke Knight: Aoann, arrjayzor, Aztos, b0rg, Bendarek, bpipe, Byntar, Cair, Chard, Cheatle, Codarr, Cross X, Dansker, Doomsdealer, Drekken, Elark, EmyLightsaber, FalconsFury, Fierywind, Garinol, Gedichtewicht, Govic, grimjack, Jakari, Jalec, Jilbeb, Jing, JonDM, Kaelandros, Kaeros, Kanami, Tigalily, kirin1623, Kristos, Laughingwolf, Lifedragn, Lobo, Lucifer Renolds, Maakia, MadBlue, Manny Llanno, Mcmanus, Mellod, Mike Vandenberg, Mikielle Bellange, Morg, Nicco, October, Opus, OrionsByte, Pheegle, Phelix, Pino, PopsSciclex, Rugar, Ryptide, Sagishi, ShadowRed, Shae, Siddalee, Silver, Skabb, Skywise, Solaera, Spaky, Steelcamp, Stormgaleb, Taladir, Troodo, Trusin, Twisted, tzindal, Vegihan, wapofoc, whacknut, Whitmire, xanoric Sentry: Aeryx, Alexander Damocles, Alexander-Irok, Araevin, Armali, Asukai, Boshu, BrianLee, Caediyen, Chimaeros, christApher, cornellbrooks, Davidus, Delmia, Devinity, Dra, Dreskoss, Drogon, Ernie, Erudius, FataliaMor, Gammon, Gynia, Hoffman, Inseril, Ixiolander, Jaqen HGar, Kero, Kibal, Krius, Lorwalker, Minflexzel, Nanulak, Proudmoorn, Rain Epocan, Red, Relaed, Ryanplex, schola, Soulless, Starkindred, Tarynn, Tea, theJaeks, Thraq, Urman, Varifta, Vindex Terrae, Volaar, Vraith, Xalt, Xard, zakkaj Thanks everyone for your participation. We're looking forward to making this years Founders Week the best yet. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If your chapter has specific things that fit your game that aren't included in the list above, please feel free to add them to the list for your chapter to vote on. The above list will be the categories used in the community voting during Founders Week, but mentions can be made for other voting categories. When adding other voting categories, please keep the following in mind: Add them to the end of the list so this list can be kept in tact for posting here later and don't add too many categories. We don't want to voting to seem daunting Chapter voting will end on 3/20 so feel free to have your chapter leader lock the thread on 3/21. Once voting has ended, please get the votes tallied. Once you have determined the winners, please edit the initial post in the thread with the winner's for your chapters members to see who won within your chapter and reply in this thread with the voting list above copied and pasted including the winner's from your chapter. Please have the voting tallies reply in this thread no later than 3/23 so I have a couple days to get the community voting created. Thanks all for your help with Founders Week this year!
  11. Any news?

    Not sure what lack of new content you're referring to given that EE11 just came out. Lots of new stuff out there.
  12. Any news?

    Tea - check back in with Cheatle. Lots of new updates if you haven't heard yet.