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  1. Whether or not you celebrate it, hope you have a great day. Eat lots of food, quibble with family, and partake in some shennanigans
  2. oooooooooo shiny. Like that they are putting something off that they are not ready for. Good to see that kind of thinking. All the other stuff looks interesting. Would like to know more about this Master's Datacron. Cartel Market/Drop/CXP pack type of item? AND LEGACY CREDITS HAAAAZAAAAAAA
  3. Sorry to hear that you are leaving. I read the post. Most all of the points have been made by a large number of people and it's good that you are able to make make the line clearer of when to take a break from the game before hating it. It is a tough one that people tend to miss. Wish you best on future games. You know where we are if you ever decide to come back.
  4. Happy b-day buddy. 

    1. Bobby


      Thank you bud, hope you're enjoying your weekend

  5. United Forces Rewards

    oh yeah!!!! I completely forgot that they had that as an option with the DvL event. heh.
  6. All i have to say is that R2 makes a great drum. Hm ha hm hm hm ha...
  7. Forum structure changes

    I was wondering the same thing. I don't mind being a Baron though. Maybe reputation or post count titles?
  8. Good stuff. Looking forward to the Chiss content. Quick question: By Ops pass do you mean the consumable for F2P characters where they are allowed to do Ops for a week? (that may or may not make a comeback)
  9. Forum structure changes

    Is there any way to make the news ticker banner picture smaller? It's cool to look at but if it was smaller would be less scroll time.
  10. Is it sad that when we merge with the RP server, that I am seriously considering making a gunslinger called Wyatt ERP?
  11. DamisTester Member Application

    BAN HIM. lol
  12. And bring your best AOE toons too (if you have em). Whirling blow gets me all dizzy-like after a while
  13. Forum Update.

    Quick question: Is the new forum site supposed to not be SSL encrypted when logged in? --Looks good though.

    Haha. Nice. The guy in the back with the drink has the right idea though. "You going out there with your friend?" "...meh" /throw_crossbow_to_friend
  15. As you all know, on certain planets you get titles/achievements for how many player characters you defeat on a planet. We have been working on creating alliances with certain guilds to keep gen chat pugging to a minimum. Last October, we worked with another guild for the Scarebear achievement on Oricon. It was a blast. With that in mind: Unchained Wrath is putting together a PvP kill party together for CZ-198 (1980 Player kills). This is how this works. A pub side and imp side party put together an ops group and take turns killing the other side while the other side sits armor-less and does nothing. This makes it simple and easy. The liasons on both sides are communicating to know when all of their team gets the acheivement. The more people that join in on this, the faster it goes. When: Sunday 9/24 7:00 PM EST Where: CZ-198 (PvP instance) Where to reach out: Both Pub and Imp sides /cjoin wrath and ask for an invite to the cz kill party. My hopes is that we can work with more guilds to form unions to do fun stuff with.