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  1. I know this is pretty old, but you could be cheap like me and only sub once a year for a 60 day pass... in the meantime, you can FP to your hearts content and craft while hoarding credits in your escrow. Just a thought.
  2. Server Merges Announced

    Whoa... As a Preferred player, I just hope I keep whatever unlocks I have for my toons. I have carefully planned an unlock strategy ever since I started in 2.3. I got my cargo bays, inventory slots, quick slots, etc... Please don't take them away from me.
  3. No, I am not posting my referral code, so you don't have to worry about that. I did just learn something about their 7 day referral that I thought I would share, though. Take this as an FYI for those of you who are non subbers or those who are thinking of letting your subscription lapse and going to preferred (I am an expert at getting the most out of preferred, at least for me, so feel free to ask any questions you might have). I am one of those cheapskates who is f2p/preferred 99% of the time and only sub once every year or so (getting the 60 day sub), so I am not really part of the group unless we are doing conquest. My toon names are Gamma'Dub, Mulmyrn, and Jessiedub, among others. http://www.swtor.com/info/friends Above is the link to the main swtor site that is used for referring friends. They have a free 7 day sub if you use someone else's referral code. I thought "Awesome! FREE" and used one. I then noticed that all my 65 toons were still stuck at 65. I decided to use my boosted 65 token and that one was stuck at 65 (1 xp below 66). I was confused because I got the splash screen saying I was a sub, when I logged in it has "subscriber" and I am now able to join ops and all sub content. HOWEVER, if you go to that friends link above and look into the specifics, you are only a sub in name. There are TWO major things that you miss out on. 1) It says you get to try out KOTFE and only KOTET eposode 1, not the rest of them. 2) It says you gain xp at the sub rate up to level 50 (the old cap). I had bought the Hutt expansion years ago, then subbed for 60 days when the cap went to 65, so that is why I was stuck where I was. I just wanted to give you this info because it was news to me and I couldn't find it anywhere on the swtor forums (to this specific of a detail). Hope this helps!
  4. Vanguard Unhappiness

    My original toon is a DPS Vanguard. SWTOR hates nothing more than to make Vanguard DPS totally worthless, so there is that. For a short time when 3.0 came out, VG's ruled... then they realized their mistake and put us in the back of the bus. I now primarily play my commando.
  5. 2017 Roadmap

    Not bad, but still no relief for us Preferred players. I am shut out of 99% of all new content. Maybe I shouldn't be so cheap.