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  1. YOUTUBE Channel - Please subscribe

    Side note, does anyone know of a way to clip a video from youtube? I am wanting to incorporate an opening into the videos I am making.
  2. Looking for an invite ingame?

    If you need any help don't hesitate to ask, I'm basically always grinding and always welcome the company. Looking forward to playing with you. FIZ
  3. Welcome Valthrax

    Welcome. FIZ
  4. Guild videos

    Thanks, will do.
  5. YOUTUBE Channel - Please subscribe

    Hey Steelcamp, I will be working on coordinating videos from the Black Desert Online chapter. If you can, DM me some info on gettting videos to you and working with you on them. Thanks, Fizex
  6. Guild videos

    So I am starting to record videos of us and the guild doing activities. I would like to have those available to the rest of the guild and everyting. Who is in charge of that?
  7. Joining BDO (soon)

    Looking forward to you joining, if you look in the public lounge in the main page I have posted some guest passes to help get you started for free.
  8. if anyone is interested in giving Black Desert Online a shot I have some unused guest passes. If you join feel free to message any of us for CoTP for any help or advice. MPV9VIH-CCENRKJ-FSNJ0R0-JMNRH QQ4NDQ1-BB589MC-3H913A3-5841H ML606I0-4GSULFC-Q9QQPTI-NBHD6 LPP33I5-J5C1EUT-37VLHAN-ML314 11AB917-2OTQPH9-O6MLSOA-NU9FK 9436L2Q-RBIEV6H-317UHS0-1SPU8
  9. So for those in the 57-60 range, I am posting this for you. I have been leveling at Gahaz and unfortunately I don't spreadsheet like a lot of people do but these are just my thoughts and personal views. Bandits is still very good EXP​, not the best, but still very good. They are still HUMAN​ for those who don't know "Elixir of perfect Human Hunt" basically turns you into a god vs human mobs.http://bddatabase.net/us/item/671/ Low contested areas, high mob density, plenty of rotations, I have one by the cliff i adore .https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tedqlDkxHSo Plenty of loot, trash drops I average 14-18mil per hour. Plus you get plenty of crystals as well as pila fe scrolls. If you are under 185ap 250dp stay away from the Shadow of Gahaz mob. She hurts... badly. ​I'm sure I am missing some but this is just a general shot out letting you guys know you can level at other places, no desert debuff at bandits, close to shakatu, you get the villa buffs. It's an amazing spot especially for those of you between 155-180 ap. Any additions just let me know.

    There's honestly a lot of speculation as to whether or not leveling a node has any benefit, the spreadsheets I have read thus far basically state that the benefit is so minimal that you would be better off converting all that energy to potions. I'll see if I can dig up that info later.
  11. gonna be away for a while

    Well at least when you come back should have a nice little stay on the Olvia channels so don't be afraid to take advantage of all that free exp yo.
  12. MAIN class?

    Sorc for Life
  13. Welcome Haskills

    Welcome, we hope you enjoy playing with us. If you have any questions dont be afraid to ask. Fiz