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  1. Happy Birthday Amberpoleon!

  2. RIFT 4.0: Hotfix #6 12/14/2016

    I was literally cackling when I read that. :crazy: :crazy:
  3. HI

    Welcome back! If you havent done so already, please re-apply for membership. Your rank in the guild will then be bumped to member & you will have basic access to the guild bank. x
  4. Starfall Prophecy notoriety

    This is fairly straight forward for those who wish to farm their rep. MAGES OF ALITTU Invasions & Zone Events in all zones in Celestial Lands. PLANAR DEFENSE FORCE Planar Assault Adventures, lots of them. THEDEORS SPEAR Ashenfell Dailies: Close 2 rifts, enter portal, and daily rotation quest. FEILBOCAN Scatherran Forest Dailies: Close 2 rifts, enter portal, and daily rotation quest. BAILGHOL Xarth Mire Dailies: Close 2 rifts, enter portal, and planar anchors. SAINT TARANIS Gedlo Badlands Dailies: Close 2 rifts, enter portal, and daily rotation quest. HAPPY RIFTING x
  5. Starfall Prophecy achievement guide

    **SPOILERS** This is a guide for the Starfall Prophecy achievements in each zone If you would rather hunt and find them yourself, turn back now I hope these are useful to those who are either stuck on a particular achievement, or those who would rather get out & get 'em done. If you have any questions, see any mistakes, or have ideas for future forums posts, always feel free to comment. HAPPY RIFTING x
  6. Perplexing Puzzle Pieces - All Waypoints

    For those who would like to complete these but are having difficulty seeing or finding the boxes, here is an in-depth guide showing where to jump, where to look, and how to get to each puzzle box, complete with screenshots and videos. http://forums.riftgame.com/game-discussions/rift-guides-strategies/489989-perplexing-puzzle-pieces-achievement-complete-guide.html
  7. Interesting

    Hi there That is the Spirit Kite. There is a companion and a minion that are highly sought after by the completion-ists of Rift. You can find the achievement "Master of the Wild" under Achies > Zones > Rift > Planetouched Wilds. Arguably the most difficult achievement in the game so far. Have fun!
  8. Guild invite

    We are, but CotP is not in the guild finder. What is your char name, I can invite you in a moment.