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  1. RIFT 4.0: Hotfix #6 12/14/2016

    I noticed that. Nice job, Dilda! You showed them!
  2. HI

    Welcome back! If you need anything, let us know and we'll do our best to catch you up to speed!
  3. Racing Snail Codes

    Also, 60-day time cards for $9.86, though this is from a key site I shop at frequently. https://goo.gl/9CeBq2
  4. Racing Snail Codes

    Was in Mumble with a few folks and everyone was chatting about the racing snail unlocks. If you're interested, here's a link to a code seller on eBay - $1.50/key. https://goo.gl/gePXMr Please note the codes need to be redeemed by 12/31/16, so if you're interested, grab and redeem quick.
  5. Perplexing Puzzle Pieces - All Waypoints

    Scatherran Forest: (5/5) /setwaypoint 4779 6088 - Scatherran Forest Ticking Puzzle Box /setwaypoint 4884 6783 - Scatherran Forest Buzzing Puzzle Box /setwaypoint 5832 6748 - Scatherran Forest Tocking Puzzle Box /setwaypoint 5942 4540 - Scatherran Forest Humming Puzzle Box /setwaypoint 6059 5431 - Scatherran Forest Whirring Puzzle Box Gedlo Badlands: (5/5) /setwaypoint 2793 5835 - Gedlo Badlands Humming Puzzle Box /setwaypoint 3444 6389 - Gedlo Badlands Tocking Puzzle Box /setwaypoint 3462 7381 - Gedlo Badlands Ticking Puzzle Box /setwaypoint 3665 6325 - Gedlo Badlands Buzzing Puzzle Box /setwaypoint 3772 5833 - Gedlo Badlands Whirring Puzzle Box Xarth Mire: (5/5) /setwaypoint 4555 3879 - Xarth Mire Humming Puzzle Box /setwaypoint 4574 4213 - Xarth Mire Tocking Puzzle Box /setwaypoint 4577 3955 - Xarth Mire Whirring Puzzle Box /setwaypoint 4905 4077 - Xarth Mire Buzzing Puzzle Box /setwaypoint 5783 3969 - Xarth Mire Ticking Puzzle Box Ashenfell: (5/5) /setwaypoint 2279 4879 - Ashenfell Ticking Puzzle Box /setwaypoint 3124 4854 - Ashenfell Humming Puzzle Box /setwaypoint 3239 3428 - Ashenfell Tocking Puzzle Box /setwaypoint 3505 4687 - Ashenfell Buzzing Puzzle Box /setwaypoint 3588 5720 - Ashenfell Whirring Puzzle Box
  6. Starfall Prophecy - Patch Notes

    (Patch Size: 4.23 GB)
  7. Boosting A Character At Launch? Need Empyrean Bags?

    Bolt of Empyrean Silk (14) Bolt of Chiffon (12) Truehide Leather (14) Striped Leather (12) Strong Thread (12) The Truehide and Striped I have a somewhat decent handle on, but the Empyrean and Chiffon are a bit out of my current price range. Any donations towards the making of these are especially appreciated!
  8. Happy to craft Empyrean Bags for any needing them for new boosted characters. All I ask is a little help with mats and I'll be happy to craft them up for you. Just leave a note below and tell me how many bag slots you'll need filled and what your in-game character handle is and I'll do my best as time and resources permit.
  9. Interesting

    Thanks for that! Didn't know if I was staring at something I just didn't recognize or something I shouldn't yet see. Great to know!
  10. Interesting

    I go through and clear up a few artifact collections and wind up with a Fae Yule Box. Wound up with a few candy canes which transform me into Rudy. I open up the shop and on the Necro Budgie page, the model came up... different. I don't recognize it, but maybe someone else knows?
  11. Starfall Prophecy Open Beta

    For those like myself who have their game setup through Steam, the same trick can be used: Startup as normal, selecting PTS on the top right of your screen. Allow the download to start and then immediately exit. Navigate to Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\RIFT\Games\RIFT. You should see two folders, one named Live, one named PTS. Inside the Live folder, copy the folder named Assets. Paste this inside of the PTS folder, overwriting any files you may have downloaded. Restart your Glyph, ensure PTS is selected and click Play. Close the opened client and allow Glyph to update all files.
  12. Welcome Triarn