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  1. I think we all go through these phases but as long as you come back refreshed and recharged its all good! I will miss you and your 500 toons during lockouts
  2. This is awesome Star!!! I need to get my toons their SAG cards now
  3. What happened last night...

    Rotfl! If only Niallo blew up this one time.
  4. These are awesome Phyre!!!! I had such a blast!
  5. 2017 Roadmap

    I like the speeder 4 and 5 legacy perk! Also legacy unassembled components will be nice.
  6. Greetings And Salutation

    Welcome! Whisper me in game if you need any help with anythings. All my toons have "Knife" "Pocket" or "Butter" in them
  7. Thanks Imbola! I welcome all advice
  8. Niallo and Rashin naked flashpoint boss fight. I complained that healing this flashpoint was boring so they stripped down for the boss. Still learning sage healing so dont make fun of my rotation lol https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIXu16iC8Cxwg4_ES4Oi2eg
  9. It worked for me. I already had a prime membership. Once I linked I got the option to view loot and when I clicked on the swtor banner it gave me the code. I did have to exit the game and log back in to get the mount but the boost showed up right away.
  10. Thanks this worked! Now I have to decide how to use my boost
  11. Yep was lots of fun and I finally got that pet achievement!