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  1. Worth Playing

    I've played DDO in the past and found it to have a much higher learning curve as well as some more "pay-to-win" aspects to it. I would highly recommend Neverwinter over Dungeons & Dragons Online. The combat mechanics and questing systems are by far better than DDO.
  2. New Campaign Tokens are coming!

    This is going to help our alts so much. A bit expensive, but worth it in the long run.
  3. Worth Trying

    Absolutely. I have been a free player from the start. All items can be obtained in game as a free player as well, with a little more time and patience of course.
  4. Siege of Neverwinter

    The Siege of Neverwinter event is ongoing once again! Be sure to join in for stronghold vouchers, and all the epic loot that comes with the heroic encounters! See you all there!
  5. Revalation Online

    I can't recall the server I hopped into, but if some folks are still around in game I'll pop in from time to time. I still have it installed and have been thinking of playing it some more.
  6. Congratulations Knight Relaed

  7. This class is definitely one that I've grown to enjoy playing. Yes, the cleric is tough to play solo unless you put most or your power points into critical strike and power. A build like this is more designed to be played as a Divine Oracle path as you get skills to compliment the damage output. However, if you choose this route be mindful that you will be slacking in party content somewhat. Your healing ability and defense is now diminished relying mostly on buffs and debuffs to get your party through. If you take the Anointed Champion path you'll be most helpful in those dungeon runs when your party depends on your ability to heal as well as support with buffs and debuffs. The Devoted Cleric isn't for everyone and takes time to understand the difference your skills make when you cast under Divinity, and Fully Empowered to get the most out of them when the situation calls for it. For someone new to this class, understand that it is a tough class to play. But for those that don't throw in the towel, it can be very rewarding in the long run. So get in there and make a Devoted Cleric today! It'll keep you on your toes and is always fun at parties!
  8. Stronghold Influence

    Hey guys and gals. Starting next week I'll be hosting Influence runs in our Guild Stronghold. Everyone is encouraged to participate! During this time we will be taking on Heroic encounters for Influence, as well as completing your confrontation quests. It is recommended that you connect to our Mumble server during the events for a better experience, that information can be found here in our forums also. When: Tuesday's & Thursday's Time: 7:00pm - 9:00pm EST Hope to see you all there!
  9. Like I said before, I'm still learning new things everyday. But for those of you just getting started in to the campaigns and need a little guidance to get going; don't hesitate to ask me. If I'm not in game at the time just send me an in game mail and I'll get back to you as quick as I can. I'm old and my eyesight isn't the best, so if you send me a private message and I don't respond, I probably just missed it Shoot me a mail if that's easier for you, I'm sure to see that. Happy Gaming!
  10. First Artifact Facts ( Under Level 70 )

    See, I'm not the only tip giver! Some good info here peeps! And he added pictures too!!
  11. Campaign Tips

    Bryn Shander is a part of Icewynd Dale. I went there when I unlocked it and ..oh man! HAHA...rough neighborhood, but a LOT of fun! I also found that those chapter quests of the Maze Engine coincide with the Underdark campaign where you can find some of the first tier Epic sets. I'm unlocking more everyday in these tiers which are all new to me. Remember, I stopped playing on the introduction of the Elemental Evil module. I made what was then a new Oathbound Paladin and found all those past campaigns I was half finished with (Sharandar, Dread Ring, etc..) all had their difficulty level jacked up from lvl 60 to lvl 70. This broke a lot of my gameplay, made my tier 2 epic armor sets worthless, and altogether caused me to just uninstall until they balanced things out, which I'm happy to say they did..very well.
  12. Campaign Tips

    Relaed has asked me to post some tips for you guys regarding campaigns and other things toward late game. First off, don't be intimidated. The campaigns you can find in your Sword Coast Chronicles are mainly for the level 60-70 range of questing. The first area you'll head to will be Drowned Shore kicking off the Elemental Evil campaign. As with all of the campaigns your goal for each will be to earn your late game stats known as Boons, and also some pretty nice gear. Each of the areas will have daily quests to do, similar to your Stronghold quests. These quests give rewards that will allow you to progress through that campaign. To progress, simply do the same thing Sybella had you do. Open the campaign list and then open the area you're working on and work on each tier until you've completed it, and move on to the next. The last tiers will usually contain the Boon stat to unlock, so choose wisely. Below I'll list the campaigns (in order I hope) to help you get started. Tyranny of Dragons - This campaign actually begins from the first Harper quests you do in Neverdeath Graveyard and fighting the Green Dragon Charthraxis. Be sure to check Harper Boward opposite Sgt. Knox in Protector's Enclave before venturing out on these. You'll be directed further in these daily quests from there. You can find her near the Reward Agent. This campaign will eventually lead you to Well of Dragons at level 70 where you'll face off against the toughest Dragons in the game, including the Raid on Tiamat. Elemental Evil - Drowned Shore, Reclamation Rock, Fiery Pit, Spinward Rise Maze Engine - This is the addition authored by R.A. Salvatore himself from what I can tell. The items I have found here in the Maze Engine store seem to be fashion items for transmuting your gear. This campaign seems to run from level 60 onward in the form of Chapters. Sharandar - You begin this campaign by going through Old Sharandar which is a short instance to New Sharandar. This begins at level 64. Dread Ring - This one starts off running a short instance through Ashen Battlefield similar to the beginning of Sharandar. Starts at level 70. Icewynd Dale - This is where things get fun. The area of Caer Konig is where you can get started with Black Ice and some interesting late game PVP. Beware the Yetis. Some new additions to this area for me is unlocking the Sea of Moving Ice which is a part of the latest Module? Not too sure on this one, but hey..I'm still learning as well. I've unlocked a few new areas here that I will be progressing through. Storm Kings Thunder - This is an area I still need to unlock, more to come.... If I left out an area here let me know and I'll make the corrections. There are still some late game areas that are new to me that I'll be exploring in the future, so I'll do my best to update you here and in-game as well. As for the daily quests you receive in these areas, some are instance-based and could be difficult if you go solo, so bring a friend! These daily quests can be much quicker and easier to finish up with a party of two or more. Some of the items you can expect to be rewarded with range from Weapon and Armor enchants to the Marks needed to upgrade your enchantments and artifacts. So be sure not to use these Marks to refine with!! Very Important! When in doubt, read the description! Good luck and Happy Gaming! If you're stuck and not sure where to go next, asking questions is the best way to learn and I'm happy to help if I can. Hope this helps at least a little bit for someone.
  13. Hello All!

    I could use some new PC parts..lol. I'd love to continue playing with you guys, but come March 1st I'll be out-dated due to feature level 10.
  14. Hello All!

    Hi everyone, introducing myself always felt a bit strange to do but here goes. My in-game name is Krythereon on Neverwinter, but I usually go by Gr8ful (grate-ful) or just Gr8 for short. Other IGN's you can see me as are usually Triptyl, Krythe, Aojinn... just to name a few. It was suggested by another member that I add a link to my GoFundMe page somewhere in the forum, so I'll copy over my About Me section of my profile so more folks can see it. I'm basically trying to raise some money for a new PC after losing my good one. In a nutshell, I'm a 44 year old veteran that's unable to work due to my health, and have been fighting for assistance for the past 7 years. I do hope you will at least visit the page and read more about it. Copied from my profile... Many of you know I've been struggling with my old PC since my good one went on the fritz. Something I haven't mentioned to anyone is that I've been disabled for about 7 years now and still fighting for assistance. Online gaming with friends is something that keeps my spirits up everyday. I started doing LP's on YouTube a few years ago, not for the views or ratings, but because it was something that I had fun doing. I actually started a GoFundMe campaign on one my friends advice to work at getting a new PC to record and stream with. I doubt many people will read this, but if you are, I'll leave the link to it if you or someone you know would like to donate. Even reaching half of my goal would be a huge help. https://www.gofundme.com/vk-new-personal-computer
  15. Welcome Krythereon

    Thanks to everyone for the warm welcomes.