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Replacing the DPFE sensor in a 1998 F150 (MAIN CAUSE OF THE CHECK ENGINE LIGHT)

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The DPFE sensor can be found in various places in your F150 engine.  In a 97' it'll sometimes be attached to the side of the engine (same in Explorers).  In the 98' it is closer to the center just to the left of the EGR Valve and below and to the left of your intake manifold.


Your old DPFE sensor will look like this:





Your replacement DPFE sensor ($100.00 - $140.00) will look like this:




NOTE: You should never buy an after-market DPFE Sensor.  The only legitimate DPFE sensors can be purchased from your local Ford dealership and/or Ford servicing center.  This is probably the case with all DPFE sensors no matter the make and model.


The installation is simply the reverse of the removal.


1. Remove the nuts securing your DPFE sensor on both sides.  You may need a deep well socket for one or both.  You can also use a socket screwdriver if you're pretty strong.  Be aware that these are machine nuts, so they may take quite a few turns to come off.  Use magnetic sockets if you can...as these nuts are not easily retrieved when dropped into the engine.


2. Remove the rubber hoses from the bottom of the sensor (both intake and exhaust).  You may want to make a note of which hose is intake and which is exhaust (they are often slightly different in size)  These hoses may some corrosion build up on the inside part connected to the old DPFE sensor so you may have a hard time getting them off.  Just turn them from side to side until loose enough to pull off.  Do not use pliers as you will likely puncture the rubber hose can cost yourself a trip to the parts store.


3. Make sure the hoses are clean of debris that may have built up inside each.


4. After doing the inverse of the above to install your new DPFE sensor, unhook the negative charge of your battery for five minutes.  (Make sure you hook it back up after...vehicle won't go without it)


5. it takes about 40-60 miles of diverse travel (all speeds from 5 mph-65 mph) for the sensor to check off all necessary emissions before you can confirm it is working properly again.



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