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  • Guide to Ruins of the Ancient Treasures


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    Guide: Ruins of the Ancient Treasures


    How to Enter:

    Talk to Kat Rojo in Varnas Central Plaza by auction house mailbox.


    Go North of Gurla Caravan in Sascillia Steppes.



    Proceed to the Scar of Despair Camp-just ask her to teleport you and talk to Ange Rasa.


    Gather Stone Totem Fragments-get 5 stone totem fragments in the dungeon and you get 1 Ruins Investigation Team Medal. which you can turn into for rewards to Ange Rasa and one of the rewards are to run the dungeon 1 more time again in a day.


    Requirements: 30 Phirius Token Coins


    The dungeon info:

    You can't use any spells/ soulbound. If you die the game ends. Make sure you say I'm prepared and not let me go out or you will be kicked out but you can reenter if you clicked that.


    Objective: Lit 3 Elemental Candlestick.


    Cave Ghost: Blocks the entrance to the rooms and fears you for 3 seconds.

    You want to click a Purifying Candlestick which gives you a Flame of Purity effect. Purifying Candlesticks are located around the dungeon and not hard to find.



    1st spell is Invisibility which makes you invisible for 15 secs but the dogs can see through it.

    So I suggest using the 2nd spell called Snipe which one shots one of them. If you have a lot of mobs on you I also suggest to use 3rd spell called Feign Death which last for 5mins and makes you leave combat. You have to wait like 20 secs for them to go away.

    If you running away from a guard/dog use 4th spell called Binding Chains which roots them for 10 secs.


    Box of Destiny- gives you random spells that really help you with completing the dungeon.


    Azure Rejuvenation-heals for 100% of your hp.


    Poison Gas Trap-deals 2% damage of poison every 2 seconds for 10 seconds. I never do use this spell though I just run and hide from the mobs.


    Protective shield-gives 15 secs of invincibility.

    Ghost Cavalier Transformation- Transforms you into a Ghost Cavalier for 15 seconds.


    Location of Elemental Candlesticks:

    They are randomly put around the dungeon. I figured out that they are different locations everytime you run the event.


    The End: In the little room in the middle of the dungeon after you clicked on the 3 Elemental Candlestick you can open alot of treasure chests. To get out of the dungeon click the Transport Candlestick.

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    Hi Dealia,


    Great explaination on what the goals are and how to accomplish the task. I was able to come across a map which I think will help a lot. I was too lazy to post the picture, but I have a make shift symbol looking thing below that I think gives you the idea.


    /\ _______ \

    3 / _|_c \ \

    / / / c\ \ \

    |__| | | |__|

    \ \ \___/ / /

    \ \c__|___/ 4

    \_____ ___\_/



    So here is the map. You start in one of the numbered postions in the outside circle in the 1st of 3 tiers of circles. You need to open the portal to get into one of the two secondary level semi circles (as you can see they are devided down the middle around the very center area). Once you have done this light the unlight candle marked with a "c" and then proceed to the very center area. There is also a candle in that room which I marked. Then open the other gate directly across from the gate that took you into the center area. This will get you into the other semi circle which has the last candle. Once you light this the middle treasure room will open and all the very center mobs will disappear. You should be able to get this done in just 5 minute out of the 10 once you get use to it.


    Hope that helps!


    Cecil / Moody

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    Thanks D for putting this together!


    I don't mind using Moody's awesome ASCII representation which got eaten by the white space truncation forum monster, but here is the map he is probably referring to. :P



    Source: [Guide] Ancient Treasure Hunt (aka new mini game)



    Last summer I attempted to do this mini-game on a level 20 alt. YES it's doable if your a masochist!


    Starting at level 55 this mini-game becomes easier. Once you reach level 59 you'll finally be at a higher level than the roaming guards and their aggro range will start to decline even more as you increase in level. I thought it was easy at level 62, but at 65 I don't even have to worry about the dogs. I would expect some form of revamp to happen later.


    I've found it easier to work my way around the outer rooms rather than going through the center, but I'm also collecting the stone fragments. At lower levels going through the center can be difficult and cost you precious time. If you can finish the event before the 4 minute mark, you'll get another set of chests containing parts to make two possible 30 Day mounts. This event is "repeatable" once a week if you complete the stone fragment quest each day. :D




    - Even after death, a corpse of a Dog can sometimes smell you through Invisibility and Feign Death, alerting the nearby Archer. Loot the dogs after you kill them to prevent this one.


    - Mobs get x-ray vision and aggro you through walls!


    - The Feign Death ability doesn't work on Dogs or when Archers are in mid cast of fear. Where there is a Dog, there usually is an Archer close by, so be careful. This glitch was the reason for many of my earlier failures.


    - This event runs smoother since Chapter 4's release, this must be a BUG! :D




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