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Land in a 60 card deck

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Believe it or not, the math and theory behind this is very complex and rediculously involved. Ultimately you can get the hang of it from testing and working with manabases, but for most decks you can use rules of thumb to figure out what you need.


Start out assuming a 24 land manabase. This will give you a solid curve to 5 consistantly and 6 regularly enough.



If you're in more than 2 colors and have cards that have heavy color weight. Add a land.


If you depend on plays on your turn with mana open on your opponent's turn, add a land.


Now, consider the number of 6+ drops you run. If more than 3, Add a land.


If you top your curve at 4 and don't need to exceed 4 mana ever, subtract a land.


If your average cmc is under 3 subtract 1 land.


If your average cmc is under 2 subract 1 more.


If you run more than 8 free spells subtract 1 land.


This isn't perfect, but if you go by these you shouldn't end up too far off.

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