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  • Top PVP MMORPG's of All-Time?



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    1. 1. What are your top 5 favorite PVP MMORPG's of All-Time

      • Aion
      • Asheron's Call (Darktide)
      • Dark Age of Camelot
      • Darkfall
      • EVE Online
      • Everquest 1 (Zek)
      • Everquest 2
      • Guild Wars
      • Lineage II
      • Rift
      • Runes of Magic
      • Shadowbane
      • Star Wars Galaxies
      • TERA Online
      • Ultima Online
      • Vanguard
      • Warhammer Online
      • World of Tanks
      • World of Warcraft

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    • CotP Sentinel

    Eve Online and DAOC. In their own respective PvP Markets (since I see them as two very different types of PvP) they were the best PvP games that I've ever played. DAOC had such an amazing RvR system between the Frontiers with capturable objectives like towers and keeps, along with siege weapons and very well done PvP rewards. The Realm Rank (RR) system where you could advance your character beyond max level in terms of your abilities and stats is something that no other game has really done as well. This style of objection-based PvP hasn't been replicated successfully IMO, but I have high hopes for GW2 raising the bar again on that.


    EVE Online had a really well done PvP system, and even made a large portion of the universe "0.0 security" with no-holds-barred PvP. Personally I think it added a lot to the RP feel of the game to have high security systems where powerful guard NPC's would "police" you if you started PvP within the system's borders. Head on out to low or "null" (0.0) security and the systems were controlled and policed by players, corporations (guilds), and even to a larger extent - alliances. They also had an incredible concept of making people actually care about dying in PvP - you would literally lose your ship and have to rebuild it all from scratch. Sometimes you could get some friends to help you salvage a view pieces from your wreck, but usually whomever killed you "looted the ship" before taking off. You could also lose actual experience levels in the form of skill points if the enemy was able to blow up your escape pod in addition to your ship. Reverting back to your last saved clone after being podded could mean that you lost days or a week+ of Skill Points. There were no "respawn points" where you lose nothing and just run back into the action. It made PvP that much more exciting! I realize Darkfall did something along the same line with having lootable bodies, but EVE took it a step further and actually made you risk your character progression (to a point).


    Honorable mentions would be WoW, Runes of Magic, and Warhammer Online. I didn't get to Darkfall or Shadowbane before the community had already died out unfortunately, but I did hear that the PvP in those two games was really well done.

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    Well you know me I'm biased for AC darktide;)

    Note that I did not play UO (too busy with Starcraft).


    AC was the best for me because (no order):

    - my first mmo;)

    - you can kill bunnies bare hand at lvl 1

    - you can welcome and camp lvl 1

    - you can kill anyone anywhere anyhow

    - drop on death (not full but still meaningful)

    - dungeon pvp: dungeons was controlled by factions so raid/defense on the best dungeons.

    - Same with lifestone / cities (rez point)

    - MASS battles

    - beautiful and large world where you can run for hours

    - no gnome, orc or other fantasy classic monsters (ADD, Middle earth ...)

    - skill based combat mechanic

    - the higher the players skill the longer the fight

    - you can actually outrun (and stick someone running while beating him)

    - no frustrating CC, just action

    - a lot of exploits for the best of us;)

    - you level killing stuff, quest are just for items.

    - item with random properties > unique loot, it keeps you grinding

    - no classes

    - a lot of spells

    - monthly events

    - VN board

    - almost no whiners about game mechanics / balance

    - white rabbit

    - can drain behind wall

    - spells can be heard in chat

    - no chat filter

    - feudal allegiance system

    - a lot of drama both online and IRL

    - no bank nor mail, so your mules can be jumped and looted

    - lore is ok

    - the world is dynamic, some towns can be blasted (bye bye Arwic)

    - there are seasons (snow during irl winter etc ...)

    - I liked to be a male sho adventurer




    Forgot the 4 others to make a top 5 lol:

    - daoc: realms vs realms, keep

    - vanguard: nice world, open pvp but problem of balance (druids and bear shaman op !)

    - darkfall: nice open pvp but not enough polisehd imo

    - aoc: my first cotp guild hype, nice battles for keep

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    • CotP Guardian

    Just five huh?


    1) Ultima Online the grandfather of mmorpg pvp games.


    2) Shadowbane for the innovative sieges and fun.


    3) Dark Age of Camelot awesome fun.


    4) Asheron's Call pure pvp excitement and cow tipping fun.


    5) Starwars Galaxies kill them rebels!



    As I have eight, here are the others.


    1) EVE Online amazing space battles.


    2) World of tanks not really an mmorpg. Over a year of fun and still going strong!


    3) Age of Conan




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    I only voted for one and that was UO, still my fav MMO and nothing has come close since. Yeah Tera you can go red like UO but you can toggle it on and off and walk in town flagged, DOH! UO was the wild wild west baby!

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    I voted for Shadowbane, the only game with the balls IMO to have entire Open World PVP (Starting areas were the exceptions) and actually be successful. Shadowbane unfortunately was an earlier company in the MMO genre that really had an awesome game, what killed them was some really bad technical issues. That included easily hacked systems, crazy stuff from launch day (EX:You hit a button in sign up process and sometimes instead of the info you just typed, you somehow had someone else's personal information and credit card stuff....yeah.),,just a mess.


    But what made Shadowbane so good was the actual game-play. When Shadowbane worked correctly, it was awesome. Players/Guilds owned most of the towns in SB, if you wanted any decent stuff, you had to get it from a player town or through drops in game.The players ran the show, they even had GM run events..crazy events. But alas, lag, hacks, crazy technical issues, and nerf batting caused the game to fail. A lot of mistakes that MMO's learn from came from Shadowbane.


    But the most fun ever PVPing? Definitely Shadowbane.



    Dark Age of Camelot and EVE was the other two I voted for. EVE has a good PVP system a lot of people enjoy. Dark Age Of Camelot introduced the best form of consensual PVP I have ever seen. RVR, and Battlegrounds. That game paved the way for many others to follow. I find it funny that a lot of people say everything is a WOW Clone. But really most things are a DAOC clone, including WOW. WOW took the best concepts from all MMOs of its time and combined them into itself. (Kudos to them for doing it.) Ever since DAOC Battlegrounds and having realms face other realms (even if its just two) has been in most mainstream MMOs ever since.

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    I only voted for two (DAOC and Shadowbane) since you didn't list Meridian 59. Unfortunately, I missed Asheron's Call.


    Most of my treasured online memories come from DAOC and Shadowbane. Absolutely nothing can measure up to defending a relic keep in DAOC or your guild's Tree of Life in Shadowbane. My heart's beating faster just remembering. :)



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    UO got my vote. I was in a guild that made our living escorting merchant types a.e. Miners,lumberjacks, and others that might have just been traveling from thier homes to town. It actually was pretty busy til Eq and I think AC came out. Alot of fun battles and alot of typing went on in that game :).



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    Although, Shadowbane was awesome and as for UO, only played as a wee lil one. All I heard from it was from Vultar ( aka Dad ). Did seem to be awesome once upon a time.


    Darkfall does it all, just don't have the people that can do the whole hardcore these days... =)

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