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    Hey everyone. Sorry for the delayed post, life's been kinda hectic.



    So the political race has begun!!! What does this totally mean? Well for this week is for registration, all guilds that wish to run are picking where they want to go. This ends 5/25. Then next up is voting week, where we need to get everyone in the guild to vote along with people in game.


    These next two weeks we want to promote our guild in every way, we want everyone possible to vote for us. We need to put our best foot forward. I'm sure you noticed that the guild wars have stopped, this is do to the varnarch election. We are trying to keep things as friendly as possible. We are pushing the fact that we are a well established guild, have been around for 13+ years, Were friendly and helpful, and provance events. (you'll be hearing more about these events soon)


    Ways to promote our guild:


    -Be helpful, If your bored try running a group of people through a dungeon that are waiting at the door.

    -Offer to quest with people

    -Help kill reds if they are around your level and killing someone.



    We are running for vanarch in the Kaiator region. How it works is we rated each zone on which we wanted first thru fifth. Than from there the top 5 people will be elected and vanarch over a provance.

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