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Useful Macros

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Hey guys i've found that on forums and wanted to share






Pet Feeding Macro (Can be used for anything that is edible by your pet but best used with Miller Cakes)









/script for i = 1, 99, 1 do FeedPet(#) endStep 1) Change # to the pet slot of the pet you want to feed.

Step 2) Open the Pet Menu and Click on the Feed Button.

Step 3) Select the Food you want to eat.

Step 4) Click on the Macro and watch your pet gobble an entire stack within 1 second.


Greatly speeds up the process of feeding your pet especially when you want to level it up in a slightly cheaper fashion.

Entering an Open Guild Castle Macro









/script GuildHouses_VisitHouseRequest("XXX")Step 1) Change XXX to the guild of the castle you would like to join.

Step 2) Make sure you go to the Guild Manager and select the "Look Up Guild Information" button.

Step 3) Click the macro and you will join the Guild Castle.


Saves you from searching through the list of 5billion guilds to join the Guild Castle.

Getting the ID of a Title









/run ChatFrame1:AddMessage(GetCurrentTitle())Step 1) Select the title you would like to get the ID of.

Step 2) Click on the macro and it will display it's ID number in chat.

Swap Title Macro









/run mytitles = {###, ###}

/run mytitleindex = mytitleindex or 0 mytitleindex = (mytitleindex + 1) SetTitleRequest(mytitles[mytitleindex % #mytitles + 1])Step 1) Use the above macro to get the ID # of the Titles.

Step 2) Replace ### with the titles you would like to swap between.

Step 3) You can add more titles to swap between by adding a "," after each title and adding it's ID number.

Step 4) Click on the macro and it will swap between the titles.


3 Title Swap Example:





/run mytitles = {530467, 530510, 530724}

/run mytitleindex = mytitleindex or 0 mytitleindex = (mytitleindex + 1) SetTitleRequest(mytitles[mytitleindex % #mytitles + 1])Macro will swap between the "What are you looking at?" & "Vanguard Field Marshal" & "Storytelling Troupe Helper" titles.

Simple Swap Equipment & Return Pet Macro









/run SwapEquipmentItem()

/run ReturnPet(#)Step 1) Change the # in ReturnPet() to the slot number of the summoned pet you use.

Step 2) Click on the macro and you will swap your equipment & return your pet.

Buying Items Macro









/run StoreBuyItem(X, Y)Step 1) Change X to the slot number of the item within the merchant you would like to buy.

Step 2) Change Y to the amount of the item you would like to buy (1 -> 99).

Step 3) Open the Merchant Windows.

Step 4) Click on the macro and it will purchase the item in Slot X with a stack of the amount of Y.


Miller Cakes Example:




/run StoreBuyItem(1, 99)You will buy Miller Cakes with 99 pieces inside the stack.


This macro can be improved to be included inside a loop to buy multiple stacks at once (or multiple items). This is also an effective macro for buying belts from the vendor. (Look at the Pet Feeding Macro if you don't understand a loop means.)

Swapping & Using Item Set Skills Macro (not my macro.)









/script JOBINDEX=X SKILLINDEX=Y SkillSuitFrame_GetSkill_OnClick();

/wait 1

/cast XXX

/wait 1

/script JOBINDEX=X SKILLINDEX=Y SkillSuitFrame_GetSkill_OnClick()Step 1) Set X to the class category you want (first one in the Item-Set Skill list is Warrior, Second is Scout and last is Common Skills).

Step 2) Set Y to the skill's position within X's category.

Step 3) Set XXX to the name of the spell you would like to cast as it swaps.

Step 4) Click on the macro, it will swap the set-skill and cast it.






/script JOBINDEX=3 SKILLINDEX=4 SkillSuitFrame_GetSkill_OnClick();

/wait 1

/cast Yawaka's Blessing

/wait 1

/script JOBINDEX=3 SKILLINDEX=1 SkillSuitFrame_GetSkill_OnClick();What this macro does is that it replaces Escape with Yawaka's Blessing, casts it and puts Escape back. Very useful for Rogues who would like to ensure they can use more set-skills.


This can help other classes who rely on more then three set-skills.


This macro can also be used to cast Tendrils & Equip them for Scouts.

Debuff ID Macro









/run for i=1,100 do local n,_,_,id=UnitDebuff("target",i) if n then DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage(n.." = "..id) else break end endStep 1) Select target.

Step 2) Click on macro.


Once you click on the macro, you will see a list of debuffs the person you are targetting has.


(This macro is used for DIYCE to find the ID of buffs for example, Bleed or Grevious Wound etc.)


More information if you would like the buff ID's:







quote_icon.png Originally Posted by Peryl

To get the buffs instead, change UnitDebuff to UnitBuff. To get yourself instead of your target, change the "target" in that function to "player" (can also be changed to other unit types like "party1", "raid1", "focus1" etc)

Targetting Macro (posted by Peryl)







quote_icon.png Originally Posted by Peryl viewpost-right.png

A Targeting macro. This was asked a couple of times (as DIYCE code, and then recently as a macro), here's a couple of variations on the macros.


If the shift key is held down, the macro will target the previous mob/player instead of the next one (similar to how the tab key works). Put the macro on an unused action bar slot and set key bindings to it for both a normal key and a Shift+key version and you can then use it just like Tab.


Target non pets




/run for i=1,10 do TargetNearestEnemy(IsShiftKeyDown()) if not UnitMaster("target") then break end end

/run if UnitMaster("target") then TargetUnit("") endTarget only players




/run for i=1,10 do TargetNearestEnemy(IsShiftKeyDown()) if UnitIsPlayer("target") then break end end

/run if not UnitIsPlayer("target") then TargetUnit("") end

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