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  • Jedi Shadow - What's the best stat set for DPS?

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    Ok.. I've gotten waaaaaayyy to many conflicting statements about what stats are needed for Jedi Shadow DPS to be most effect at dealing damage. Some say... No Aclarity, some say you need it. Same with strength and power and all the other stats. The only stat I know for a fact that's important to this class is Willpower. Anyone care to give me the "bible" of stats for this class? Thanks.

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    Willpower > Power > Accuracy (up to 100%) > Crit > Surge


    Willpower is always your most important stat.

    Power has no diminishing returns, so stack that too.

    Get your accuracy to 100% and then no more.

    Crit - the money spot is ~35%, once you near 40% you're losing benefit from it due to diminishing returns.

    Surge is good once your crit is in the right range, but comes after all the other stats listed.

    Alacrity is a caster stat, shadows aren't casters, so you don't need any.

    Strength is the stat for Knights/Warriors, don't look for it on gear, as the other stats will benefit you far more.

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    I would go with Arlan.


    However if you're interested the current "theorycrafting" on the Jedi Shadow goes something like this, broken by talent build.



    Willpower >= Accuracy (110%) > Critical Rating (30%) = Surge Rating (75%) > Power/Force Power


    Kinetic Combat:

    Absorption Rating (50%) = Shield Rating (50%) > Defense (25%) >= Endurance > Willpower >= Accuracy (110%)



    Willpower >= Accuracy (110%) > Critical Rating (30%) = Surge Rating (75%) > Power/Force Power



    This is from "theorycrafting" and as such is only a theoritical result, it assumes that player knowledge, server response times, internet latency times, character gearing, character buffs are ALL optimal and the percentages given are the softcap limits at which point diminishing returns begins to majorly impact the value of the stat.

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    Ok. Got it. I'm setting myself as a DPS Infiltration Specialist Build (cause read, http://shadowbuilds.com, that's the DPS spec that's most effective, damage wise of all the builds). My stats are.....



    Accuracy = 93.54%

    Critical Chance = 29.96%

    Crictial Mulitplier = 74%



    Accuracy = 103.5%

    Critical Chance = 29.04%

    Crictial Mulitplier =74%


    Also, my new Rakate Dbl lightsaber has a crystal of +41 Critical, but my old one has a +41 Power. Which should I keep?


    Thanks again for all the insight you guys are giving me. :)

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    The "Magic" numbers of what you are supposed to hit are variable. they leave you to decide what you would like to do more with your character. crit chance will increase burst damage, while power increases your sustained damage. going by your stats so far, you look to be close to the butter zone on most of your stats. take a look at the end game (Rakata/Blackhole) and base your decision of crystal on what you might need with that stat base.

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