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For the foreseeable future, we'll be doing Boss runs every Friday and Sunday Night at 9p CT.
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Base raid March 1

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We have 1 more spot we can do until we hit level 3. Should be pretty easy, then we can also get a bunch of daily tasks done. 


Also want to stress to everyone to do lots of pirate runs right now. At last look we were around 25k war records short of reaching level 3. With a strong push we could be there by the end of the weekend.

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Yes, Daily tasks are pretty good things to do, but I need
help with mine. 


Worst case scenario to achieve 25,000 War Records:

With a mean known variable of 150 WR per 13 min, there would
be a total of 2,167 minutes (36 hrs) of pirate hunting to achieve our goal.  With 3 guys that’s 723 minutes (12 hrs) per
guys. Each guy needs to run pirates for 4 hours each day. 

That is the worst case scenario, based off the worst skills
in the guild.  I think if we dedicate it
based off all variables including variances used with players higher up (
200WR/15min), 3.8 members can finish the task by Sunday by doing pirate runs
for 2.3 hrs each day. 

It looks like a good night to run dailies, and to get
everyone else caught up with the regular task pirate runs, I know there are
others that do not have them done.  Maybe
we could join “the one” or maybe we could announce in guild chat to get
everyone in the guild involved. 


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