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    Covenant of the Phoenix


    Guild Focus
    We have a good mix of gaming styles from the casual to the hard-core, with our focus being to provide opportunities for all our members to participate in end-game events.
    We don't force members to raid or play "x" amount of hours per week. Our community has an established and sustainable mix of style, talent and ability which allow us to accomplish our goals without burning out any particular group.
    Diplomatic Relationships
    All Diplomatic discussion are done in private.  Please contact one of our Ambassadors if you wish to discuss potential alliances, friendships or have any complaints.

    Communication Department:

    Forum / Mumble Admin:




    • We use mumble for voice communication within CotP. It is a resource for all members to use while playing. See the mumble forum for instructions on setting up and connecting to mumble: Mumble forum
    • Mumble use is generally not required but highly encouraged during normal play.
    • The first time you log in to mumble, you will need a Paladin or above to grant you full access, please speak to an officer in game to help you out.

    Weekly Events

    • To be determined.

    Current Officers

    CotP Policies
    First and foremost we follow the CotP Charter: Guild Charter

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